5 Reasons You Need A WordPress Survey, Now

5 Reasons You Need a WordPress Survey, Now
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In this article we are look at 5 Reasons why you need to have a WordPress Survey in order to visualize the results and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Let’s take a look at what they are;

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Beautiful Visual Reports that You can Customize

WPForms has the real-time insights features which automatically builds a beautiful report with the best visualizations selected for each type of question.

Moreover, you also have the option to change the visualization type that best suits your need.

Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms

One of the reasons why WPForms converts existing form fields into smart survey fields is to help you retroactively enable survey reporting on your older forms.

To do that you have to simply edit any existing form and enable Survey Reporting from the settings tab. And this way you don’t have use the same questions for your users again.


Real-time Polls Report

With WPForms real-time polls report, you can show the results to each user immediately after they submit the form.

Also, you can embed your polls in your WordPress sidebar widgets, inside a post, page, or basically any other area of your WordPress site.


Export / Share Individual Charts

As you know that sharing your survey results is very important whether it is internally in company presentations or publicly on your website/ social media profiles. WPForms helps you share your presentations.

Aside from being able to export the entire survey report, you have the option to export individual charts as PDF or JPG with a single click.

And this makes it super easy so that you can use these beautiful charts in your presentations, blog posts, or on social media posts.

Customizable Print Styles

When you’re working on a written proposal and you need to print the reports, WPForms helps you do that as well.

Also, WPForm survey add-on comes with beautiful print-styles, so you can easily print your survey reports.

Moreover, you can also customize your print report by selecting specific questions and graph / visualization styles.

Survey print report

WPForms help you easily customize your prints in your own style.


I would suggest you to definitely try out WPForms because you can not get beautiful visual reports, new survey reports, real-time poll reports, individual presentation charts and also your own customizable print styles.

So, go check out WPForms if you want to grow your business.

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