5 Reasons You Need a WordPress Survey, Now

5 Reasons You Need a WordPress Survey, Now
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Are you using a WordPress website that doesn’t have a survey yet?

Then it’s high time you got thinking about it. If you already have a sizable audience and you get daily visitors who love your content, raving fans and followers who are eager to ask your help every time you email them, then you need to think about adding a survey form to your WordPress Website.

#1. Survey New Visitors To Identify Interests & Capture New Leads.

If you’re starting a blog, a website, or an online store in WordPress you definitely need a survey.

Surveying new visitors immediately as soon as they land on your website, or grab your free offering helps you get to know them immediately because you can design your survey to help understand what interests got them to your site and what they are expecting from you.

This is a great opportunity to also proactively list out things you’re an expert in and you give the options that they can choose to work with you.

You can be a coach, a consultant, a blogger, a social media manager, etc but no matter what your new visitors will have an option to take the survey so you’ll collect some data from them.

And at the end, you can collect their name and email address as a lead who’s interested in a certain topic you’re covering in your website.

You can also use your survey to handout something as a gift or incentive for taking the survey. This allows you to generate a bunch of leads for your business.

Lead generation or growing your email list is one of the main concerns of most online business owners. This is a great way to capture them into your business and get to know their interests and nurture them.

#2. Survey Existing Audiences To Cater To Their Needs.

If you’ve been in business for a while you can use surveys in your WordPress site to find out more about your audience’s needs and interests.

This allows you to stay in touch with their needs and create content, provide resources, offer the necessary coaching or product they need.

Surveys can be added to your existing blog posts as a way to loop them and take them in a certain direction you want them to take.

Then maybe you could introduce them to an offer, or make them help you decide if they need a coaching call, a workshop, or some needed help that will get them off their situation to move them closer to their business goals.

Surveying existing audiences reveals new insights about their deepest core beliefs they’ve been holding and gather as much data as possible so you can know for yourself what is the most desired action you need to take.

Creating a two-step survey isn’t enough in most cases. Allow them to take a conversational survey that you can do in WPForms which works well on a WordPress website.

You’re reading: 5 Reasons You Need a WordPress Survey, Now

#3. Launch A New Offer To Your Audience.

Whenever you plan to launch a new offer a survey is the one where you can ask your audience what they are looking for.

It’s a great place to find out what they are interested in, help them make the decision on what it is they are willing to learn at this stage, then make them pick the right price according to the value you’re offering in the product or service.

Creating a survey in free survey platforms has its own limitations. But choosing to create a survey in WPForms for WordPress sites allows you to be able to take the data and get your results in a chart that is way better than free survey sites.

This allows you to host the survey on your own WordPress website and immediately deploy the offer or set up pre-order forms to confirm the launch of your offers.

You know that till people pay with their credit cards you can’t guarantee the launch of your offer.

You need a guaranteed pre-orders to confirm or validate a successful launch.

Use WPForms on your WordPress website to create amazing surveys.

#4. Track the satisfaction levels of your customers, readers and social media audience.

Surveys are helpful to track the satisfaction level of your readers and customers.

Most business owners don’t know much about their audience until they get data from a survey they send out to their audience.

This data will reveal a lot of areas that are lacking or they might not know of was their audience’s problem.

Now if you had launched a product or service, a survey would be a great fit to ask for customer feedback, gauge their satisfaction levels, and learn more about them.

WPForms would be the best one where it allows you to create surveys, polls, conversational quizzes, and do so much more where you can take your customers from boring surveys to creative surveys where they answer your questions like having a conversation, and you get all the information you need.

#5. Surveys help you to break down your audience segments and cater to them.

One of the benefits of surveys is that the data that you acquire after the survey is done allows you to study more about your audience.

Your audience demographics, their burning problems, their questions, their feedback, etc all will help you understand what to do with them.

Also creating surveys with WPForms allows you to visually analyze data that gives you a good view of the problems you need to address.

Data is the key to fueling your business. Most business owners fail to analyze data, as it’s as important as talking to customers for improving their customer experience.

Doing things online will help you make the right moves in your business.

Data gives you direction and it provides clarity for your business.


In conclusion, if you’re running a business you need to use a reputable survey platform that can be done right within your WordPress website.

WPForms allows you to do just that. It also does so many other things as it’s also a drag and drop form builder filled with pre-built templates to customize or create from scratch.

This allows you to create surveys where you can tap into your audience and extract data which can lead to more improvement in your business. Data from surveys give you clarity in your business.

Click here to get WPForms.

The 5 Reasons you need a WordPress Survey now list must convince you of the same.

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