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5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Succeed In 2020

5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Succeed in 2020

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  1. Set Goals (For Yourself & Your Business).
  2. Create A Plan (Solid Strategy On How You’re Going To Get There).
  3. Breakdown Your Plan ( Into Daily Actionable Tasks & Fill them in your calendar).
  4. Take Action (By Showing Up Daily & Doing The Work.)
  5. Celebrate Your Wins (Both Weekly & Monthly).

The new year has already started and everyone talks about how they will crush this year with their goals. But only less than 10% percent end up actually making that statement come true. Part of the reason why some people are so successful is that they’ve set goals, created a plan, and done everything that’s needed to help them achieve their goals.

Have you heard these phrases:

“Without a plan, you plan to fail”.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work”.

“Even an idiot with a plan beats the genius without a plan” – Warren Buffet”

These statements are true. So write them down in BIG Bold letters on a chart paper and stick them to your wall somewhere in front of you.

So if you really must succeed this year then these are the 5 things you must do: 

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1. Set Goals (For Yourself & Your Business):

Setting Goals is the first thing you must-do if you really want to make something happen this year. Without a goal, you will get nowhere.

Have you heard of SMART Goals Setting Method?

SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

S – Specific like “I want to make $1000 in my new business”.

M – Measurable like “I want to make a $1000”. It’s measurable.

A – Achievable. Ask yourself Is it achievable by you? If not set a smaller achievable goal.

R – Realistic. $1000/month sounds realistic before you say you want to make a Million Dollars.

T – Timely. “Saying that you want to make $1000/month in 90 days is far more realistic than any goal that’s out of reach for you, because you’ve now set a timeframe of 90 days to make $1000 which is your deadline.”

Now that you know the SMART method of setting goals, you must then start setting SMART goals for every other area of your business and life.

This will help you be clear on what it is you want and will help you figure out strategies and techniques you need to have in place to achieve it.


2. Create A Plan (Solid Strategy On How You’re Going To Get There):

When you know your goals the next step is to create a plan or a strategy on how you’re going to achieve that.

Most people just set goals and do nothing about it. Personally, I’ve made this mistake earlier.

Once you know your goals, come up with a plan and create a solid strategy. Keep it simple. The simpler it is, the easy it is to understand and actually follow through.

Let’s say you’re planning to start a side hustle and your goal is to make $5000/month by June. That’s about 6 months from now.

Now you need to ask yourself what side hustle am I going to start that will help me achieve this goal. Let’s say you want to provide content writing services to clients.

These are the questions you should ask to create a plan:

Which Side Hustle should I start?  Freelance Content Writing.
How am I going to find Clients? Cold Email Them, Find Them On Job Boards, Find Them on LinkedIn.
What do I need to do to showcase my expertise? A Website, Some Writing Samples and Updated Profile on LinkedIn showcasing my work.
What niche am I going to work with? Technology Niche.
What Am I Going To Charge For My Work? $100 – $250 per blog post.
How many clients do I need to make my first $1000? 10 Clients to reach $1000 at $100 per blog post.
How can I reach my goal of $5000/month by June 2020? I’ll raise my rates or I’ll increase my client count every month.

 Creating a simple strategic plan is the answer to achieving your goals. Start by asking the right questions in a logical manner and you’ll find the answer.


3. Breakdown Your Plan ( Into Daily Actionable Tasks):

Now that you have a plan, you must break them down into daily actionable tasks.

Write down a list of tasks that needs to get done to achieve your goal and schedule them on your calendar. Spread them out as evenly possible as you can so you’ll know what needs to be done when.

Having your calendar filled is what will help you get clear on what you need to do each day.

Your job is to complete each and every task for that day. Don’t procrastinate or put anything off for later. Doing things then and there is what will help you achieve your goals this year.

Every day you need to open up your calendar with the list of tasks you need to accomplish for that day and do it. These tasks can be sending out 15 cold emails every day for 5 days. It can be updating LinkedIn profile in 2 days. Or it could be creating a website in 4 days.

Whatever it is, write them all in the sequential order and spread them out on your calendar and block some time every day for doing them.


4. Take Action (By Showing Up Daily & Doing The Work):

Once you know what you need to do every day, you just need to show up and start doing the work that will help you get to your goal.

Taking action requires you to show up daily and do the task 

If you miss a day you are delaying yourself from achieving your goal.

The best thing to do is to write your goals down every day on a piece of paper. It will remind you of your goals.

Remember the phrase “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work”.

Without work nothing happens, you will not expect magic to happen in your business or your side-hustle.

So do the work daily because you now have a clear plan to get to your goals.


5. Celebrate Your Wins (Weekly & Monthly):

Now, whenever you achieve each day’s task or goal you need to celebrate. If you reward yourself for your achievements every day or every week you’ll more likely to continue doing the work the next day.

Now if you’ve completed a month and have achieved your goals for that month, celebrate and treat yourself. This will keep you motivated and make you do the work because there’s a reward in the end.

Most people fail or flat out give up because they don’t set a reward in place if they achieve a goal. Everyone wants instant success but that’s not how things work in the real world.

Setting goals, achieving them and then celebrating them by rewarding yourself will help you a long way.

So now that you’ve understood how to set goals, create a plan, breakdown the plan, commit to showing daily and doing the work & finally choosing to celebrate your wins you are set to achieve your goals in 2020.

Your task now is to go out and immediately implement this without thinking too much about it. Even a rough plan is a great start, slowly start polishing them and make them final so that you will stick to it and make sure it happens.

People who stick to their plans are the ones who achieve them. Others who wander around from one thing to another always end up failing. Make one thing work over a certain period of time before you jump to another thing.

This is what you need to learn about the 5 Things you must-do if you want to succeed in 2020.

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Jehoyakim Jena helps people make money, save money & design their lifestyle. The #1 problem for most people is making money and if they can learn how to do so, they can change their whole course of life. Here is a free resource that teaches you how to make money:

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Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena helps people make money, save money & design their lifestyle. The #1 problem for most people is making money and if they can learn how to do so, they can change their whole course of life. Here is a free resource that teaches you how to make money:

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