7 Must-Have Plugins With A New WordPress Site

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site
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If you’ve just started a new WordPress website then here are 7 must-have plugins that you must use with a new WordPress site.

These plugins will not only allow you to run your website with ease but also help in a lot. So, let’s dive into it without any further ado.

7 Must-Have Plugins With A New WordPress Site.

1. MonsterInsights:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Monster Insights

Monster Insights is the #1 plugin you must install as soon as you launch your website. This plugin is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress Websites. Over 2,000,000+ Professionals use MonsterInsights to Grow their Business with Confidence.

Do you know that you need google analytics to track the website visitors and what they’re doing on your site to better understand your audience? If you need to learn how to do so, here’s a tutorial on how to set up Google Analytics on your website.

Click here to get Monster Insights.

Here are some reasons why you need monster insights:

  • Setup Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site in Minutes (without writing any code).
  • Get to Know Your Website Visitors in a Whole New Way.
  • See Exactly How People Find & Use Your Website.
  • Focus on the Content that Matters.
  • See All Your Important Store Metrics in One Place.

You’ll be able to see so much of what’s happening with your WordPress Website.

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Monster Insights

Here’s how your business can benefit from Monster Insights:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Monster Insights

Click here to get Monster Insights.

2. Yoast SEO:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is the #1 plugin that allows you to optimize your website’s SEO, usability and conversion. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your website for search engines allows you to rank for keywords and phrases people are actively searching for on Google and other search engines.

Click here to get Yoast SEO.

You want your business and website to be seen by your Ideal clients right? Then you need Yoast SEO plugin that will help you optimize your webpages as well as your blog posts so that everything on your website can be found by your ideal client.

Yoast SEO Plugin allows you to optimize your entire website, Improve Video Views (if you have any), Boost your local visibility, Optimize for Google news and Optimize your entire online shop.

The reason you need the Yoast SEO Plugin is the following

Yoast SEO is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to:

  • Get more visitors from Google and Bing.
  • Attract more visitors from social media.
  • Increase your readers’ engagement.

Click here to get Yoast SEO.

3. WPForms:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - WPForms

WPForms is the #1 Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder for WordPress websites. Over 2,000,000+ Professionals are using WPForms to build smarter forms and surveys.

Does your website need a contact form or any other type of form? Then WPForms is the solution because it’s easy to build, has a drag and drop feature, allows you to collect payments, build conversational forms and more.

Click here to get WPForms.

Here’s a list of the features that are available in WPForms:

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

Top 4 Reasons Why People Love WPForms:

  • Build Online Forms in minutes, not hours.
  • Smarter Workflows that make Complex Forms Easy.
  • All the Fields & Features that You Need to Succeed.
  • Easy to Customize and Adapt to your needs.

Hope this explains why you need WPForms for your WordPress Website. Want to learn more? Click here.

Click here to get WPForms.

4. OptinMonster:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Optin Monster

Did you know that if your website visitors leave, then you don’t have any other chance to capture them unless you’re a strong brand in the market where you are constantly advertising to your customers?

OptinMonster is the solution that allows you to convert visitors who land on your site. You will be able to capture their attention using forms that will pop-up on the screen, show forms to capture leads when they’re reading your blog posts.

That’s why Optin Monster is called the #1 Lead Generation Software for Online Business Owners. Over 700,000+ websites are using OptinMonster to get more subscribers and customers.

Click here to get OptinMonster.

Here’s what Optin Monster will help you with:

  • Convert and Monetize Your Website Traffic.
  • Instantly grow your email list.
  • Get more leads and increase sales.

Here’s the effect of Optin Monster when you get it installed on your website.

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Optin Monster

Click here to get OptinMonster.

5. WP Smush:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - WP Smush
Source: WPBeginner.com

WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing quality. WP Smush is very easy to use, and you can optimize your images on the fly as you upload them to your WordPress site.

The most important benefit of using WPSmush is that it preserves image quality. Some image compression tools destroy images with as much as a 30% loss in quality. WP Smush servers strip the hidden bulky information from the images and reduce file size without affecting the appearance.

Click here to get WP Smush.

Your website will load faster when you optimize your images using WP Smush. The #1 mistake most beginner entrepreneurs or online business owners make is not optimizing the images they put on their website. This causes your website to take forever to load.

People don’t like websites that load slowly. And most of your website speed is tied to the images that are present on your blogs and pages. You can optimize them if you grab the WPSmush plugin and install it. It will run through your media folder and optimize your images.

Smush meticulously scans every image you upload – or have already added to your site – cuts all the unnecessary data and scales it for you before adding it to your media library.

So when you’re adding another image to your website, smush will detect it and start compressing it. It won’t affect the size or quality it will only reduce the file size on your website and server allowing you to load websites faster.

Click here to get WP Smush.

6. WP Rocket:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - WP Rocket

Most times you will find your website slowing down in its speed. This is because there are old files stored to allow your websites to load faster. You will need to clear them so that your website can load faster with new files received from your server or host.

WP Rocket is the one I would recommend which allows you to speed up your WordPress website, drive more traffic, conversions and make money with WP Rocket caching plugin.

It’s the perfect caching plugin that clears out the residual files that may exist in your browser and your server. I recommend WP Rocket because it makes WordPress websites load faster in a few clicks.

Click here to get WP Rocket.

Here’s why you should get WP Rocket:

  • Minimal Configuration, Immediate Results. Don’t waste your time struggling with complex plugin settings. WP Rocket launches upon activation. Simplicity & Speed.
  • Page Caching – Caching creates an ultra-fast load time, essential for improving Search Engine Optimization and increasing conversions. When you turn on WP Rocket, page caching is immediately activated.
  • Cache Preloading – Because our crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache, the indexing of your website by search engines is instantly improved.
  • Static Files Compression – WP Rocket reduces the weight of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files through minification. Lighter files mean faster load time!
  • Images on Request – Images are loaded only as your visitor scrolls down the page, improving the load time of the page. YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and other major websites are using this technique. Now yours can too.
  • Developer Friendly – WP Rocket’s code is developed according to WordPress best practices. It is clean, commented and has loads of hooks so developers can easily make advanced customizations.

Click here to get WP Rocket.

7. WooCommerce:

7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site - Woocommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress Websites.

You’ll need to sell stuff on even if you’re running a blog or running an online store, so Woocommerce is the best solution that I can recommend to you.

With 77,828,902 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores. Even I use on my website. WooCommerce gives you the control to sell anything, anywhere, beautifully.

Click here to get WooCommerce.

If you’re looking to sell anything online you need a store, whether that’s a physical product or a digital product (virtual product) you will need a platform or a plugin that enables you to do so. This is where Woocommerce comes into the picture.

It enables you to easily set up an online store in a matter of minutes. You can add your products, upload your pictures, set your prices, connect to a payment processor like Paypal or Stripe and launch your store.

Once your store is launched you can drive visitors using various traffic strategies and you’ll be able to make sales online easily.

Click here to get WooCommerce.


These are the 7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site. If you’ve launched your website or still looking to do so, please go and get these plugins as they will save your life.

You will thank me later because these plugins will not only help you overcome those difficulties but also help you do business better.

You can be a blogger(publisher) or even an agency owner or an online store manager. If you’re looking to skyrocket your business, generate leads and generate more sales, then these 7 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site is your go-to guide.

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Jehoyakim Jena

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