Hi there!

My name is Jehoyakim Jena and I’m an Online Business Strategist that helps new entrepreneurs start, build and grow an online business around their passion.

What's your story?

I hated working for people who leveraged my strengths to build their business. I knew that building my own online business can give back my freedom and allow me to work for myself. So I decided to start my own online business that gives me freedom, time and flexibility to work and have a fulfilling life.

Why did you start my digital yard?

So that I can help new entrepreneurs:

  • Start an online business. (with the necessary tools)
  • Build it to $1000/month business. (So that your business is off the ground and now you can invest and grow it)
  • Grow it to $10,000/month business (to give enough flexibility and freedom in their lives)
  • Scale it all the way to $100,000/month business. (Now your business is operating like a plane on the air running on systems and autopilot)

What drives you?

The desire to have a freedom based online business which brings $10,000/mo income so that I can live a stress-free life, travel to different places and buy expensive things I couldn’t afford that most people only dream of doing in their lifetime.

What's your stand out lane?

I help you build your online business step by step and give you an easy to follow path to build a profitable business with the right tools and resources.

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