Why You Should Add Wholesale To Your WooCommerce Store

Why You Should Add Wholesale To Your WooCommerce Store
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If you’re running an online store that’s setup on your WordPress website using WooCommerce then you must consider adding Wholesale to your existing WooCommerce store. 

What I love about WooCommerce is that it’s flexible enough to set up a store that works like an online retail store and it allows you to scale your sales faster. But if you’re planning to go wholesale with your store, you’re going to need a lot of features that the typical WooCommerce plugin features doesn’t normally offer.

Here’s a quick example to help you understand. Based on your product pricing (or transaction size in dollars) whether they are big or small you won’t be able to offer specific discounts to specific customers who do that using WooCommerce. People would like discounts when they order in bulk or when their order size is big. WooCommerce plugin limits that possibility. You also won’t be able to create a customer role for those kinds of customers. I’ll explain why later in this blog post.

There are some drawbacks for the typical WooCommerce plugin. In order to fix that, you can use Wholesale Plugin to help you sort that out.


What Exactly Is Wholesale?

For those who are new to Wholesale let me help you understand what Wholesale is. Wholesale can be explained by two types of business models.

One, a business will buy goods in large quantities directly from it’s manufacturers, warehouse them, and resell them. 

Second, Wholesale is a business that produces it’s own products and sells them directly to it’s retailers, who will then sell them to the end user.

I hope the basics have been cleared out for you.

In this blog post, I’m explain how to add wholesale to your online WooCommerce store.

Is Wholesale Cheaper Than Retail?

A typical question that often comes from people who are looking to get into the business is “Is Wholesale cheaper than retail?”.

Let me help you understand that: If you’re planning to sell to the end buyers in smaller amount with the expectancy of a lot of profit then that’s Retail.

So doing business in retail means smaller transaction size, lesser order, etc. All these vary across customers demand.

When you’re doing business as a wholesaler, your business becomes cheaper because of larger volumes of order you can deliver to your customers thereby offering discounts, etc. This means the transaction size in comparison to retail is much higher because of usually bulk ordering, etc.

So yeah, wholesale prices of goods are cheaper than retails. But for you as a business owner, it’s much more profitable than single or smaller transaction size on your WooCommerce store.

Why You Should Add Wholesale To Your WooCommerce Store?

Let me give you a few reasons why you must consider setting up Wholesale to your WooCommerce store.

1. You Can Set Custom Wholesale Prices For Each Item.

With your WooCommerce plugin enabled on your store, if you have to set up custom prices you’ll have to modify them every single time. It’s going to be a hazard if you have to do that for your entire store. The typical WooCommerce plugin doesn’t offer you a lot of options when it comes so pricing changes such as this.

This pricing change where we do show different price points to a product despite the original one we set is called “Dynamic Pricing”.

What happens here is that you’ll be able to modify the prices for specific customers who order in bulk. You can assign them some special and unique user roles and be able to offer them special discounts because they order more from your store.

There is also an easy way around this. You can use coupons, you can give coupons to offer discounts to those specific customers. You can use the advanced coupons plugin and given them specific discounts based on their order size.

The Advanced Coupons plugin allows you to offer all sorts of discounts and coupons for your online store. So you can consider implementing them for your Wholesale customers.

Here’s an example: When you use the Advanced Coupons plugin, you can offer special prices to your customers when they order over a certain amount. You can trigger that kind of a feature in the backend based on their shopping cart. 

Here’s an example of what I meant when customers add over X amount to their shopping cart:

Wholesale Plugin Product Quantity Coupon

What’s so good about this is that you can configure this based on two types of customers who’ll shop from your online store. The regular retail customers and the wholesale customers.

If you see the example image above you’ll see a regular customer and the last customer user role to be a Wholesale customer. 

So in order to show Wholesale Prices you can use the Wholesale Suit Plugin.

Wholesale Plugin WooCommerce

What I love about this plugin is that, you can setup custom wholesale prices for any of your WooCommerce products.

Simply refer to the image below to help you understand better.


The above prices will only work if the customer fits the category of the Wholesale customer. The regular customers won’t have this access to price drop or discounts.

The wholesale customer can get a special price from your store. They obviously will order in bulk so that’s more revenue for your business.

Because of this separation from a regular customer, you must assign specific customer roles for your wholesale customers only. We can do that in the backend.

Let’s take a look at how to do that in our next step.


2. You Can Add Multiple Wholesale Customer User Roles On The Backend.

If you log into the backend of your Website, you can see all the available roles on your website.

When you choose to go Wholesale you’ll want to install the Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce plugin, and it will automatically set up a wholesale customer user role on the backend of your website.

Now you can choose that to create your customer roles.

Wholesale Plugin User Roles

Since this is the default option that gets created when you install that plugin you’ll want to create more targeted customer user roles because your customer base will grow and you’ll find it handy that time.

It will become harder to manage using this one user role alone.

Sometimes in the future there’ll be customers who order products by the dozen and some customers who order products in the hundreds. If you want to handle them easily, your best bet would be to create a tiered wholesale system so that you can manage them easily.

That way you won’t lose on the profits. Custom orders need custom attention requirements.

If you’re choosing the go full time wholesale with your WooCommerce store you can install the Wholesale Suite Plugin. It allows you to easily create multiple dedicated wholesale customer roles so you do business easily. It also has a ton of features than the free Wholesale suite plugin.

Like I said earlier, when you install the Wholesale Suite plugin, you’ll be able to add as many dedicated user roles. There won’t be any restrictions on price that you set for your products or trouble in managing user roles.

It makes handling customers on your WooCommerce store a breeze.

Since there’s going to be more purchases it also comes with the ability to generate custom wholesale registration forms to take them through a separate buyers journey. 

You can customize their registration forms to your liking, like the one below. All done in the backend.

Wholesale Plugin Lead

Apart from your regular wholesale customers you can choose to approve the new wholesale customers manually. 

Doing this will help you know who is a wholesale customer and who is a regular customer. The wholesale customers have to submit a documentation before they can purchase from you because this allows you to know they are legit and they require legit orders of that quantity and order size.

Now, let’s talk about the next point.

3. You Can Streamline The Wholesale Ordering Process For Your Store.

Now that you have wholesale customers coming to do business with you, you can take this even further by making sure they have the best experience with you. 

So if you want them to stick around for longer make sure you have the whole wholesale ordering process streamlined.

We are talking about customers who order in bulk, by bulk I mean in the order volume of dozen or even hundreds from your store. So the best way to go about this would be to optimize your store. Take a look at their ordering page and checkout pages, it’s processes and see what can you do to make their experience smoother and better.

They will be in their tiered ordering system. So you should customize accordingly.

There are many ways to streamline their ordering process. And if you’re already using the Wholesale Suite plugin, you’ll already have access to the Order Form plugin. 

What this plugin does is it allows you to display your entire store’s catalog within a single page. This makes it easily searchable and easy to order without much navigation.

Have a look at the image below.

Wholesale Backend Order Form Section

One of the best things I love about this is that it can show you how many items you have in stock. Customers will love that. This is so useful because when you’re running a Wholesale store you don’t want to run out of stock and you can see them immediately and replenish them.

Also once your wholesale customers add products to the cart you can let them know if they want to order via the regular WooCommerce payment gateways or they have to submit a personalized invoice.

There’s this WooCommerce Invoice Gateway plugin, which will allow you to invoice customers with your chosen or preferred invoicing software that you’re using.

Woo Invoices Plugin - WooCommerce Wholesale

So whatever process your customers choose you can offer then that kind of an invoicing. Since you’ll be selling in bulk most people don’t prefer the traditional payment gateways.  But you can do what’s best suited for your store and business.

How To Setup Wholesale On Your WooCommerce Store.

In order to setup Wholesale on your WooCommerce Store you need to install the Wholesale plugin on the backend and configure it with your WooCommerce store.

If you’re new, please follow the guidelines in the ebook below.

Quickstart Guide - How To Setup Wholesale On Your WooCommerce Store - Wholesale Suite
Access Your Free Guide - Click The Image Above.

By downloading this guide, you’re going to learn how to add a wholesale ordering on your WooCommerce store.

This guide is a step-by-step guide so you’ll learn so many things that will help increase your store’s reach, make amazing connections with other retailers and more.

Click the button below to grab your free copy of the Wholesale guide.
Why You Should Add Wholesale To Your WooCommerce Store Pin
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