Have you started a blog and wanted to make some income from your blog?

Do you know that you could be promoting other people’s products and making an income to support your blog?

Or you could be trying really hard to make your first dollar online. Do you know what you must be doing? No Idea? Then this post is worth reading.

A lot of bloggers and online business owners try out promoting other people’s products by signing up as an affiliate but make no sales.

There could be many reasons. You don’t know what’s missing or what’s even happening right?


You may be asking what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other people’s products to interested buyers in exchange for commissions for the sales generated.

That’s the simplest way I can put it out there for you.

Let’s say you find a product someone is selling. You then find out if they have an affiliate program.

Next, if they do have an affiliate program, you will signup as an affiliate under their program.

Usually, most affiliate programs are free to sign up.

If someone asks you to pay for signing up unless it is a verified source, do not pay for affiliate signup. Some affiliate programs have zero barriers to signup while others have certain criteria you need to meet before getting approved as an affiliate.

How much Can I make with Affiliate Marketing?

The income you can make with affiliate marketing is really limitless.

There is no cap on how much you can earn using affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are there both in physical and digital products.

Usually, digital products pay from 30% to over 75% commissions.

So practically I would recommend a digital product over a physical product.

No problem in recommending in a physical product unless it is required to add it to your blog post.

A physical product would generally get you commissions less than 10%.

Unless your blog gets a ton of traffic every month your affiliate marketing efforts won’t be able to generate desired income with physical products.

You know most people try out physical products from Amazon, but you get pennies even after a few sales which are so disappointing.

Now when you promote a digital product they would start giving out 30% commissions.

So let’s take a $50 digital product, and if you can sell out 50 products in a month, 30% commissions on a $50 product is $15 x 50 = $ 750.

That’s more money than a physical product which sells mostly for less than $30 on Amazon. But there are techniques to sell on Amazon too.


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  4. Affiliate Marketing Case Studies – These case studies will give you an insight into the strategy so you can see what worked and what didn’t, what steps you have to take and in what order. You will also get a full breakdown of:

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