How To Set Up Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site By MonsterInsights

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Do you want to learn how to track your blog authors on your WordPress Site by MonsterInsights? If your blog or website has multiple authors writing content on your blog, you’ll need to track them individually to find out the best performers and see what’s performing well.

Even if you don’t have blog authors writing for your website, you will think of opening up guest posting on your blog sometime down in the future. So this blog article can help you immensely.

It will help you learn about how to set it up and then once the blog author submits their posts and it’s updated on the site, you’ll get to know what’s working, what content Ideas need to be touched upon, what kind of articles your audience interacts with the most and all in all you can learn a lot about your audience.

Author tracking in Google Analytics gives you valuable insights into the performance of your blog authors. With author tracking, you can…

  • discover the most popular author of your blog.
  • sort page views for articles by the author.
  • see which author’s posts keep visitors on your site by analyzing the bounce rate.
  • get instant WordPress author stats for optimization.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up author tracking on your WordPress Site by MonsterInsights.

Step 1 – Install MonsterInsights.

The first step in author tracking in google analytics using MonsterInsights is to install MonsterInsights.

Click here to install MonsterInsights.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, you need to install it on your site.

Head over to Plugins> Add New. And click on “Upload”. Now you can go ahead, select “Choose File” and install the MonsterInsights from your computer.

How to Create A Form with Payment Options

Once it’s selected, you can click Install Now and click Activate.

By default, there’re no settings in Google Analytics to track your blog authors. You’ll need to add custom settings for enabling author tracking.

Using the MonsterInsights plugin is the easiest way to enable author tracking on your WordPress site. MonsterInsights is the #1 best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

After you enable the tracking, you’ll be able to get amazing reports about the page views, bounce rates, and the most popular author of your blog. You can also add extra settings like other custom dimensions to track the authors in WordPress Website.

Step 2 – Set Up Author Tracking In Google Analytics.

After you’ve installed it, go to Insights> Addons to install and activate the Dimensions addon.

Next, you’ll have to connect Google Analytics with your WordPress Website. If you don’t have a Google Analytics Account, you can easily create them. Click here to read how to create a Google Analytics Account.

Now you will head over to your MonsterInsights account and copy the license key. Next, go to Insights -> Settings in your WordPress blog.

Under the License Key field, you will have to paste the key and click on the Verify Key button.

Verify license key monsterinsights

Step 3 – Add Custom Dimensions.

Once you have verified it, click the Tracking tab from the top section. From there, you’ll need to click on Custom Dimensions in the left-hand menu.

tracking - monsterinsights

On the page that opens, you need to click on Add new custom dimensions link and it will display a dropdown. From this dropdown, you’ll need to select the Author as your custom dimension.

select author - monsterinsights

Click on the Save Changes button to save these settings.

Then, log into your Google Analytics account and open your blog link to add custom dimensions for author tracking.

After you’ve opened it, you will have to go to the Admin tab from the left menu. Under this Custom Definitions column, you’ll need to click on Custom Dimensions.

click-custom-dimensions - monsterinsights

Now, click on the New Custom Dimension button on the table.

new-custom-dimension - MonsterInsights

It’ll open the form to create a new custom dimension. In the Name field, you’ll need to add Author and click on the Create button. Keep all the other settings without changing anything.

Finally, you will need to match the index number of Google Analytics with Custom Dimension ID that’s available in your WordPress MonsterInsights settings.

You can see the index number for Author under the Index column in Google Analytics. You just need to note this index number.

author-tracking - monsterinsights

Now in order to find out the content performance and track them, you need to follow this procedure.

First, you’ll need to visit Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages. From here choose any primary dimension and go to the Secondary Dimension dropdown below it.

Under the Custom Dimensions, you have to click on the Author option to view the custom reports with other primary dimensions.

This will add the new author column and display the author’s name next to each blog title. That way you can view more personalized reports for authors.

Now we’ve made author tracking easier on Google Analytics which is then tracked on your MonsterInsights Dashboard.

Step 4 – Start Posting Blog Posts.

Now that your blog author settings are saved in your Google Analytics account you can go ahead and start posting content on your WordPress Website.

Make sure to give each author a unique value or index number so that you can keep track of their content performance in the backend.

Publish more blog posts to boost the content performance of your website and start tracking them in your Analytics Dashboard.

All your tracking will get captured on your MonsterInsights Plugin Dashboard.

Why You Should Use MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Website. I have written a lot of articles about how to set up Google Analytics – click here to read it.

More than 2,000,000+ Professionals who use MonsterInsights to Grow their Business with Confidence.

MonsterInsights Info

I hope you were able to learn how to use author tracking using google analytics with MonsterInsights on your WordPress Site. In this article, we have covered how to install MonsterInsights in your WordPress site, how to set up Author Tracking in Google Analytics, add custom dimensions and discussed how to use MonsterInsights, the #1 Google Analytics Plugin for their WordPress site to track the author’s blog posts.

Now, this should help you greatly in being able to track the best-performing articles and see what needs to be done to fix or improve your site.

Click here to download MonsterInsights For Your WordPress Website.


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