Beautiful Typeform Alternative For WordPress [WPForms]

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In this article we’ll find out an alternative builder plugin for that can help you build conversational forms that feel more human.

Before you choose any form builder software, you need to make sure it has the following.

  • Ease of use that is beginner friendly.
  • User reviews and ratings to try the product.
  • Available integrations to integrate with other applications.
  • Timely support with simple and easy documentations.
  • Affordable pricing plans for everyone.

So, let’s look why WPForms is the best alternative for TypeForms.

Table of Contents

What is WPForms?

WpForms is the most beginner friendly drag and drop WordPress form plugin that can help you beautiful responsive online forms in minutes.

It is one of the easy and most powerful WordPress form builder plugin.

WPForms Features

WPForms has features like

  • Drag and drop form builder where you easily create conversational forms in minutes without having to code.
  • Pre-built form template that you easily start with.
  • Mobile friendly responsive that works on mobile phones, tablets and desktop.
  • Smart conditional logic that helps to create high performance forms.
  • Instant notifications features to respond to leads quickly.
  • Entry management system to manage all leads in one place with a streamline flow.
  • Multiple forms to boost user experience.
  • Instant file uploads during form submissions.
  • Create custom WordPress registration forms based on the user.
  • Smart captcha that prevents from spam submissions.

WPForms Integrations

WPForms helps you sell your services, generate leads and build email lists with easy add-ons so that you can connect your online forms with other applications and services online.

With Paypal and Stripe add-ons you can easily collect payments and order online.

The Premium version of WPForms helps you integrate with email buildign softwares like

Creating Conversational Forms in WPForms

In order to avoid lengthy and boring forms with multiple form fields, WPForms have come out with conversational interactive in nature forms that are designed with from completion and customer conversion.

The WPForms conversational form feature helps you boost your form completion rates for customer feedbacks, surveys and user registrations.

Here is Conversational Forms demo of the WPForms that you can check out.

Conversational Forms Demo

You can start filling the form by pressing the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard. Once you get started with the form, you can see how easy it is to use.

And the fun part is, you could do everything with your keyboard alone by scrolling, choosing the options, filling in the data etc. 

You can insert the conversational form into your WordPress posts and pages using shortcodes.

On top of that, WPForms also offers advanced features like

  • Custom captcha questions, in order to protect from spam user.
  • Geolocation data to know more about your user’s locations.

WPForms also give you the add-on feature of post submission, so that other bloggers can submit guest blog post in your WordPress.

Also, it gives you the benefit receiving online signatures from other business owners.

 Moreover, it also helps you create landing pages that can boost your conversions.

And the best thing is that helps to save user’s data and submit it even during offline.

Finally it allows you to lock your WordPress forms.



WPForms is the best alternative form builder plugin because it is easy to use.

And most importantly it is beginner friendly with all integration features that can help you effortlessly grow your business.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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