5 Reasons WPForms Is The Best Form Builder

5 Reasons WPForms Is The Best Form Builder
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Are you looking to add a form to your website or blog? Then this blog post should convince you that WPForms is the best form builder for your website or blog.

I’m going to give you 5 Reasons why WPForms is the best form builder you can have on your website or blog.

But, let’s talk a little bit about why you should use contact forms on your website first.

If you have a WordPress website by now you know that every WordPress website requires a contact forms plugin, regardless of its traffic or niche. A plugin like WPForms can do much more than just being a contact forms plugin. We’ll learn about that later in this blog post.

By using a contact form like WPForms on your website or blog you’ll be able to protect your website from spammers and hackers. You can also keep your WordPress website even more secure by using a contact form instead of just displaying your email address for people to email you. This way, you’re not only protecting your email from spammers who can send unwanted offers and phishing emails but you’re putting a gate or a way for them to reach you.

WPForms becomes the best form builder just by doing this additional step when creating forms on your website or blog (Filtering Email Spams).

By actually using forms on your website you actually save time. But when you’re using a contact form, you can specify what necessary details you’ll need to collect from your visitors and potential customers when they start reaching out to you.

What I love about WPForms is that it is more than a WordPress form plugin that allows you to integrate into some extra features such as an email newsletter subscription checkbox right within your contact form. Meaning when someone submits the contact form, you can add them to your email list.

I use ConvertKit as my email marketing service provider. Click here to sign up for your free account (1000 subscribers).

Now this will help you to follow up with your prospects and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Now, let’s get into the Top 5 reasons why I’m recommending WPForms to be the best form builder.

Reason #1 Why WPForms Is The Best Form Builder:

You Can Create Any Kind of Form In Minutes.

There are so many form builders out there in the marketplace but what’s so easy and great about WPForms is that with WPForms’ easy-to-use drag and drop builder, you can create any kind of forms in just a few minutes without having to touch a line of code.

Adding and removing form fields can be done in just with a single click. Plus, the benefit is that you can easily rearrange the fields according to your needs with drag and drop builder.

Reason #2 Why WPForms Is The Best Form Builder:

Hundreds of Form Templates to Choose From.

What I love about WPForms is that you don’t necessarily need to create WordPress forms from scratch. The core plugin in itself comes bundled with several pre-built form templates to choose from, such as the following:

  • Blank Form
  • Simple Contact Form
  • Request a Quote Form
  • Donation Form
  • Billing / Order Form
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Poll and Survey Form
  • And a lot more…

If you’re looking to create a WordPress form tailored to your industry or niche without having to build it from the ground up then you’ll have to install the Form Templates Pack addon.

The Form Templates Pack addon lets you choose from a huge variety of pre-built templates for every industry. What this means is that regardless of your industry, you can easily find the right form template within WPForms and use it immediately. This saves you a lot of time as you don’t always have to build a form from the ground up.

Take advantage of them.


Here’s how you go about using the form templates, you just simply search for the form template that you want to use and once it appears, click on it, and it gets added to your website (With just one click). Your form gets created instantly in a matter of seconds. You can also choose to make changes on the forms after you’ve clicked on it. After making the necessary changes, you can go ahead and publish the form.

Now you’re getting pre-built forms but also customization options that will help you get what you need out of it.

Reason #3 Why WPForms Is The Best Form Builder:

Easy To Embed Your Forms Into Any Post/Page Editor.

To embed a form in a post or a page, generally we copy and paste the shortcode into the particular area of the website or blog post. But this is not required at all, you don’t have to do any of that manually. Instead you can just head over to your post/page editor where you want to publish your form, click the Add Form button that you can find just above the text editor. And a modal popup will appear asking you to choose the right form from a list of forms you’ve created. Now you can go ahead and select the right form and hit the Add Form button.

This is how easily you can add your forms to your page/post.


Reason #4 Why WPForms Is The Best Form Builder:

Allows You To Build Advanced Forms in Minutes, Not Hours.

With WPForms they’ve taken your needs into consideration and have gone far beyond what you can expect and they have taken care of all the advanced needs that you have in your business. They have made building an advanced form on your WordPress site a breeze. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how WPForms enables you to build advanced WordPress forms quickly and easily.

Below are a few form examples to help you understand.


Survey / Poll Form.

If you want to create a survey or a poll, you can use the survey/poll addon to create your form. You don’t have to worry about the tech at all. The Survey or Polls addon allows you to quickly create a survey or poll on your WordPress website when you install it and publish it. Also, you also get best-in-class survey reports that are found within WPForms library.

best form builder

You can do advanced things like combining form data with conditional logic, you can even personalize your survey questions based on your users’ responses. How cool is that?

WPForms also allows you to publicly share those results on your website or with your followers on social media. Another cool feature, yay!

Custom Login or Registration Form.

All membership based websites need a custom login form or a registration form. So If you’re running a community-powered site like membership websites, forums, niche social networks, or any other sites that require users to register an account, then you will need a custom login form for your membership website. You can create that here too without going into all the backend PHP codes and stuff. The main benefit of creating a custom login or registration form is that you can embed it anywhere on your website.

You can create one like that and then embed it on your website or a webpage for people to start registering.


best form builder

This way you don’t have to direct people to the default login page. That looks weird and cringy for some of us. So by creating a custom login page, you can display a consistent brand on your website and this give a more professional appearance. (Without all the tech headache that comes along with it)

So I’ve saved you about 30 to 40 hours of your time.

(Get WPForms here if you have a membership website or you’re looking to create one).

Collect Payments Within Your Form.

What I love about WPForms is that it allows you to collect payments as well right within your form. Sometimes you’ll want to accept online donations if you’re a nonprofit or want to collect payments if you’re selling digital products, WPForms makes all that easy for you. (Just connect it to the payment provider of your choice in the backend). Done!

You can accept payments via PayPal Standard or Stripe integration. If you’d like to use other payment methods you can reach out to their support. But you might already know that Stripe and PayPal are standard payment processors people use worldwide.

Another fun thing you should know: WPForms even also allows you to display images of your products right within your order form, giving people who want to purchase them a visual look at what they’re actually ordering.

All products need images to convince the potential customers to close the sale.

You can create cool graphics on Canva (A free platform) or hire someone at Fiverr.

Post Submission Form.

Sometimes you’ve written a blog post and you might think of collecting some feedback or some kind of survey from your readers, in that case this works too. So if you’re looking to collect data from them, use the post submission form.

With WPForms’ Post Submission addon, you can accept any kind of data from your readers/customers, etc, like guest articles, user reviews, testimonials right within your website without having to provide backend access to each and everyone. So when a post is submitted through your post submission form, it will appear in the post editor for you to review as a new pending post.

Once you install this, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

best form builder

Now you can choose to anything with that. You can choose to use it, make the necessary changes and then publish it or even discard it.

Reason #5 Why WPForms Is The Best Form Builder:

Dozens of Integrations With Add-ons.

What takes WPForms to a whole another level is that WPForms has a wide variety of add-ons that lets you extend its built-in functionalities and integrate with other popular email marketing tools and cloud apps. I’ve not seen that with other competitors in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of its add-ons so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Email Marketing Integrations: You can automatically add subscribers to your email list from any form. 

WPForms integrates with the following email marketing tools:

Custom Captcha: Combat spam form submissions by enabling Custom Captcha. You can specify either your own questions or random math questions. (Fight Spams).

Geolocation: Collect and store your website visitors’ location data along with their form entry. (Need to know where the users are from).

Payment Processors: Create donation forms or order forms by integrating PayPal and Stripe with your form. (Your payment problems solved).

Post Submissions: Create a post submissions form and start accepting content requests like guest posts, user reviews, and more without your visitors having to log in. (Saves so much time, but all this can be done with WPForms).

Signature: Create a contract form or agreement form and allow users to sign it online with their mouse or touch screen. (New stuff you’ve never seen before).

User Registration: Create a custom user registration form and embed it on the most convenient location, so users can create an account on your site without visiting the default login page. (This saves you a lot of time approx. 30-40 hours).

Zapier: Connect your form with 500+ web apps. With this addon, the integration possibilities are endless. (Zapier is an automation tool people use, dig it you’ll love it).

Surveys and Polls: Build surveys and forms and analyze the data with interactive reports. (You need a survey or a poll, WPForms has your back).

Form Abandonment: Connect with your leads even if they abandoned the form halfway. (I bet you didn’t know so many leads you’ve lost on your website or blog – Use this and you’ll know what’s actually happening with your lost leads – leaving a lot of money on the table).

Offline Forms: Save forms data in the browser while offline and submit the data when the internet is restored. (I bet you didn’t know this feature existed, WPForms has got your back, data won’t be lost even when you’re offline)

Form Templates Pack: Choose from a huge variety of pre-built templates to save you time. (Templates are gonna save you time, WPForms has so many templates for every Industry you can think of. Also you can customized it without requiring any coding skills at all – it has a drag and drop builder to help you do anything with it.)


All in all, WPForms is the best form builder out there in the marketplace. You’ll get 24/7 support from them and their pricing is so affordable because you’ll be paying a fraction of the price in comparison to other form builders, survey creators, payment collectors, etc.

Most other form and survey collectors have data stored on their servers and as you increase the survey counts you’ll have to pay more. But with WPForms, you can collect unlimited form responses and surveys and do so much more. It all happens in their paid plans (which is just a fraction of their cost that you’ll be paying for other form creators.

If I’ve provided so much value to you, please support our blog by getting WPForms below using my affiliate link. Thank you.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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