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Boost Website Speed

How To: Easy Hack To Boost Website Speed

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Boosting Website Speed is every business’ goal isn’t it? But do you actually know how to boost your website speed? We have an easy hack that will help you boost website speed that we’ll cover in this article today.

If you have an established website, you’d have installed the Google Analytics script on the backend of your website so that it keeps track of all website activity and tracks everything under Google Analytics Data. That’s what everyone did at first.

But did you know that actually Google Analytics script slows down your website? Yes, there is script that’s running on the backend of your website and that’s the one slowing down your website.

Good thing that MonsterInsights company has analyzed that issue and found a fix that will help you fix or restore your website speed. Page load speeds is one of the essential scores that’s counted for under the Google’s latest update Core Web Vitals Score.

So, now that this solution has been found, your website and your pages will load at lightning fast because of this, but only if you apply this fix.

In order to make the website perform at such a high speed they’ve done some performance enhancement changes to their performance addon that helps makes this possible. What this performance addon does is it allows your website to host the “gtag.js” script files to load directly from your own server.

That was the latest update which makes sure that everyone using MonsterInsights can get their website up to speed.

Loading files such as these scripts can help you make your website load time faster or in other words as you can load your website in as little time as possible. Typically it should be a few seconds. Now that this performance addon is also updated by MonsterInsights, it will go and fetch the latest gtag.js script from google every 24 hours so that it’s sure that this is the latest update.

Let me explain even more so you understand in depth.

Understanding Core Web Vitals Score - Boost Website Speed.

What is the Core Web Vitals Score? That’s the most asked question by a lot of people in this sphere or people who are trying to rank their websites or make sure their websites load faster.

Core Web Vitals are a set of specific things that Google uses into consideration for ranking a website. And in essence, website speed is one of the critical factors.

Basically Google is trying to make sure that the user experience is good when they land on your website. So what get’s accounted for under this Core Web Vitals Score:

  • Load Time.
  • User Interactivity.
  • Visual Stability of Content.

There are many websites that are kinda sketchy. They what to prevent people from accidently clicking on things that they didn’t want to, but accidentally lead them somewhere else. For example, when you land on a page, you click a link, a popup appears, or even some pages or elements of the page take longer to load than the others. Those kind of things affect the user experience.

So Google thought it would be wise to add these elements to the Core Web Vitals score to make sure that any user’s page experience, which includes mobile-friendliness, safe browsing experience, has HTTP-security, and follows other SEO guidelines. This update was added to the core algorithm on June 2021. 

So if you want the user experience to be great, you need to take care of certain core web vitals that affect your website rankings. So fixing page load speed was one of the ways to get your things back on track to rank higher with good user experience.

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What Causes Delays In Website Loading Speed?

You might be wondering what exactly causes website loading speed delays.

Your website is built with code in the background, loaded with scripts to make things work faster and smoother. Besides that there are other things you’ve added onto your website such as images, text, extra javascript codes you’ve pasted to make thing work such as popups, button clicks, etc.

All these things causes a delay in your website loading speed.

Your theme can cause a website speed loading delay. Your plugins too can cause this issue. Since there are many factors that delay your website loading speed, you cannot actively go and figure out what that is to fix your website speed.

One way to fix them would be to use only the essential things on the website.

But most of your website is loaded with javascripts that you can figure out when your website is connected to Google Analytics. You can easily track all your website activity and speed in Google Analytics.

If you don’t want to head over to Google Analytics every time, you can Install MonsterInsights plugin and connect your Google Analytics account and track it from the backend of our website.

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Faster Website Script Loading Fixes.

The cure to fixing your website loading issues or to boost website speed is to take care of all the scripts that are being loaded that cause delays in your website loading speed.

Remember that Google’s page experience is one of the number one ranking or deciding factors under this Core Web Vitals Update that happened recently in June 2021.

As per this update, Core Web Vitals score was very important and is the top new ranking factor. So if you run the update and your website didn’t pass this new Core Web Vitals score, you’re website wouldn’t rank higher.

And, most of your website loading speed is affected by the Google Analytics tracking script that is slowing down your website. MonsterInsights team have discovered this to be the issue, not your content on your website. So therefore, if you fix your core Web Vitals score, you’ll have optimized your website for higher ranking and higher performance.

So the cure for this is Install MonsterInsights plugin and turn on this performance addon feature.

MonsterInsights have taken this latest update into consideration and fixed how this script affects the website loading speed.

Performance Addon Feature To Load Websites Faster.

In order to make your website load faster this plugin update will make sure the scripts on your website loads faster. This core plugin update from MonsterInsights will make sure your website loads quickly and your website is now ready to join the Core Web Vitals Score league.

So in order to load the scripts at a faster speed, there is this performance addon feature inside this plugin that you need to add or install. This will give you the option to host all the gtag.js, basically the google analytics tracking script on your own server.

So since it loads from your server, the load times becomes as short as possible. Now it reduces the number of external resources a website has to take into consideration to even load.

Did you know that Google Analytics by default has about a 2 hour cache time? This means the script already on your website takes way longer to load. But if your scripts load locally, then you have full control over the cache thing that happens, now your website speed or load time goes up.

So now go to the backend, and install this performance addon if you’re newly installing MonsterInsights.

If you already have installed MonsterInsights, update the plugin now and click on this addon feature update. This will automatically fetch the latest gtag.js files from google every 24 hours and always make sure that it’s loading the latest content on your website.

Here’s what you should do as in the image below.

Boost Website Speed - Website Load Speed - Performance Addon Feature MonsterInsights


As you’ve learned that Google Analytics Tracking Script is the reason why your website loading speed gets affected, will you please go and make sure that your website loading speed is sorted out.

More and more people will not visit your website, if there are tons of things popup up, the content not loading, etc.

Core Web Vitals Score on website loading speed and user experience is one of the key determining factors for website ranking higher in the search engines and gaining traffic.

This is how you boost website speed. This easy hack alone will get you higher up in the search engines.

Get your website speed sorted out with MonsterInsights Performance Addon. Install it here!

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