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Why You Should Use Cart Subtotal Based Discount On Your WooCommerce Store

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Are you running discounts on our WooCommerce store? Well, today want to give you an idea on why you should consider using cart subtotal based discount rather than individual discounts on each product.

We all know that discounts can help or persuade customers to close the sale on the items they’re purchasing on your store. But there’s a way to go about giving discounts on the overall cart value based total.

You may not know of a way to use cart subtotal based discount, because generally WooCommerce doesn’t have any, that’s why we’re introducing you to use Wholesale Suite Plugin.

Wholesale Suite plugins is the best in the business and it’s ultimate aim is to help you best serve your customers allowing you to carryout the most flexible wholesale business operations.

Wholesale Suite plugin has a brand new feature under their WooCommerce Wholesale Prices, called “Cart Subtotal Based Discounts”. That feature is going to help you be able carry out cart subtotal based discounts.

Since there have been no other plugin in the market, wholesale suite plugin has created this feature upon heavily requested feedback. This way you can take your store income to the whole new level.

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Why You Should Use Cart Subtotal Based Discount On Your WooCommerce Store

What Are Cart Subtotal Based Discounts & Why Should We Use It For A Wholesale Store?

Cart Subtotal Based Discounts is when you can offer additional discounts to the wholesale customer when they place an order by applying that discount over the entire order.

What this does for you as an online store owner is that you can choose where you want that cart subtotal based discount to be applied and in the backend the system will take care of your customer’s order cart and apply the discount if it is an eligible order. This takes most of the manual work away.

Wholesale Pricing is also the same feature where the wholesale customer has to have a user account on your backend when they place an order or create an account. Now based on their behaviors you have the option to apply different types of discounts based on their order value and level with your business.

Let’s say you’ve categorized a group of wholesale customers who order more products at higher volume from you, you name them as “Wholesale Platinum”. Now, since these customers are heavy buyers, you can reward them by offering cart subtotal based discounts.

The normal regular customers won’t get to experience this option as they don’t do a lot of business with you. This makes the others also become aware that when they order at higher volumes, they become a wholesale platinum customer and can avail discounts at high prices.

Where To Find The Cart Subtotal Based Discount Feature?

In order to find the cart subtotal based discount feature, you’ll have to login to your WordPress dashboard, click on the Wholesale Suite Plugin on the left panel, scroll down to wholesale prices settings tab and then it’s on the discounts page.

Below is an image to show you where the cart subtotal based discounts are on the backend.

Why You Should Use Cart Subtotal Based Discount On Your WooCommerce Store

If you want to use this new feature, just click on the “Add Mapping” button and it will add it to the table.

Now all you’ve got to do is to select the wholesale role that you want to give that discount to. Like we said earlier, it can be “Wholesale Platinum” customers only. Then you’ll have to enter the subtotal amount where the discount price should apply to, then go ahead and choose your discount. There are two types of discount – Percentage based and Price based. Just by naming them, it becomes easier to remember and also you can use this same operation again.

Now that you’ve added the mapping to the table, the backend of the plugin system will work for you, It will start to monitor the wholesale customer’s cart checkout prices and once it detects that it reaches the criteria entered on the backend, it starts to apply the additional discount.

You also have the option to control if they should get a discount or not based on their minimum order criteria. You have the power to do so for some customers if you like, but always stick to your policy. I hope you understood the power of this control, it means that even if those wholesale customers don’t meet your requirements on the cart checkout page, you have the option to grant them or deny them that additional discount.

If you do all the settings right, you’ll be able to make this work. Don’t worry about the front end where your customers can see the discount being applied automatically once they hit that requirement or criteria you’ve set in the backend. So now, I hope you got the idea.

Below is an example to help you understand how it will look like for the customer.

Why You Should Use Cart Subtotal Based Discount On Your WooCommerce Store

How To Make Wholesale Customers To Order More Using The Cart Subtotal Based Discounts Feature?

Once your wholesale customers start seeing discounts on the cart checkout page, they’ll want to avail more of it so it saves them some money. So if you use these additional cart subtotal discount you will push new or even the best customers to purchase more from your store. This way they’ll see that placing a larger order saves them more money.

If more wholesale customers order in larger volumes, you as a business owner gets to increase your business’ revenue. Because they’ve ordered, they will come back to order more because of habit. Most of the discount theory is psychological based. It works even on me and it will work on your customers. You only need to be there to provide it when they need them most.

It is always important to mention when these additional discounts will get activated. You should mention them in your store’s terms.

I’m sure you’re already aware of who are the top customers, why not send them an email or even prefer speaking to them in person or over video call to ensure they’re taken care of or aware of this.

Most of your sale begins at the awareness stage, that’s why start there and work your ways to other methods.

Conclusion & Where To Learn More About Wholesale Suite Plugin.

What we love about Wholesale Suite plugin is that they’ve built it up with a great knowledge base for you to reference anytime.

Only when you try out this feature, you’ll get to experience it in real-time just as your customers are going to experience.

Just go give you a quick recap, you have to find this new feature for cart subtotal discount on your WooCommerce settings, head over to WooCommerce >> Settings, Wholesale Prices tab, Discounts page. After that you can configure the deals and discounts as you please for your customers.

We want you to take advantage of this new feature.

Click here to get started your Wholesale Suite Plugin license and do crazy discounts for your customers.

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Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena helps people make money, save money & design their lifestyle. The #1 problem for most people is making money and if they can learn how to do so, they can change their whole course of life. Here is a free resource that teaches you how to make money:

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