Recommended Courses On Blogging

The Blog Startup

This course teaches you everything you need to know about blogging and how to get started right on the right foot. Everything you need to know as a newbie as well all the way to getting your first income in 90 days with a plan of execution holding you step by step along the way.

100 Day Blogging Course

This course is going to teach you everything right from the basics of WordPress Installation all the way content creation, marketing, setting up your website for digital marketing. It is taught by one of the leading Digital Marketers in the Country. More value for a super affordable price.

Recommended Courses on Traffic & Email Marketing

Grow Your List on Autopilot

This Course teaches you how you can actually grow your email list. It focuses on teaching you different ways you can skyrocket your list growth. If you’re a beginner or struggle with growing your list, then this course can teach you those steps in an easy to do manner.

Boost Your Blog Traffic

This is an eBook that written by Ana from The She Approach who has a solid grasp on what you should be doing on your blog and website to make sure that your blog traffic is also growing and your list as well. Some of the strategies mentioned in the eBook will open your eyes to make those necessary tweaks on your blog or website.

Ultimate Email Marketing Template

Ultimate Email Marketing Template is such a solid resource of swipe files that come in really handy for bloggers and internet marketers. You just copy paste them and make some tweaks and set up your email marketing so that it works on automation for your blog and business. Worth getting it at such a low price ever.

Recommended Courses On Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Boot Camp Summit 2019

If you’re just a beginner or intermediate at affiliate marketing then this is a must go through training program where you learn everything from offers, to pricing to sales and follow up. I have never found such a comprehensive course on Affiliate Marketing especially to make sales on the Internet. It’s really affordable as you get back 10X your ROI for jumping into this training.

Affiliate Affluence

Affiliate Affluence is another beginners guide to affiliate marketing but it teaches you new strategies that you might not have heard of on how to make affiliate marketing work for your blog. Most people only blog and try to make sales via affiliate marketing, but this course teaches you 7 other ways you can use right away to get those extra sales coming in.

From Zero To Super Hero - Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Bloggers

This Course is purely for beginners to understand the basics of affiliate marketing and also how you can make sure you make money via affiliate marketing even if you’re new to it. Plus a great starting point for beginner bloggers. It teaches you how to make it work with Pinterest as a traffic source.


This course shows how you can rock your affiliate marketing with Pinterest. Elise made her affiliate sale in 24 hours and then all her students were also able to make those sales happen. Even though some took a bit of time, but they were able to make their first affiliate sale. Your first income on the internet says its all possible. I can’t reveal the strategies because it would be wrong to disclose them. Why not get it for yourself and see it.

Affiliate Programs Masterlist

Bloggers find it hard to find affiliate programs to promote on the internet. This has a collection of over 100+ Affiliate programs you can join regardless of the niche your blog is in. Join and take advantage of them, so you can start making those affiliate sales right from the start with your blog and grow your income.


The most comprehensive course on affiliate marketing taught by an expert who struggled for years to make money online. But once he tested what he learned about affiliate marketing which worked, he went on to make over 7 Figures doing multiple launches and generating millions of revenue via affiliate marketing. Now he teaches how you can do too, by breaking your myths and wrong beliefs about affiliate marketing. He is as honest as he can be. Join free Masterclass.

Recommended Course & Books on Internet Marketing

Dot Com Secrets (Free Book)

You probably don’t much about Internet Marketing. This book is free, you just pay shipping and handling. But this book is the foundation of how things work online. How people sell things online, how you can build funnels, leverage systems and unknown sources of traffic to make sure your business works like a well oiled machine.

Grab this book, it will change your life.

Expert Secrets New (Free Book)

This book teaches you how to choose your niche, build an audience, a tribe of sorts, find your loyal followers, find customers who will rave about your business. Learn about how the experts use to leverage communities and build thriving businesses that are not only built to last but creates an impact.

This is a continuation of the Dot Com Secrets Book. Want to grow online? Then this book is for you.

One Funnel Away Challenge

Most people who are new to building an online business or have an online business struggle a lot because they don’t know certain things like offers, pricing, how to add value to a customers life, how to solve problems, etc. This challenge alone will save your life. It will teach you everything from the start right from the fundamentals to make sure you have systems, traffic, offer and your funnels are ready to make sales happen everyday.

Perfect Webinar

Have you heard of webinars? It’s a presentation of sorts but you do it online to thousands of people who are situated across the globe. You ask them to show up at your webinar presentation and then you provide immense value and show them how you can help them. Perfect Webinar teaches both newbies as well as experienced folks how to make sure webinar is worth it. It also teaches you how to pitch your products and services. If you’ve been screwing up your webinar pitches or need to learn how it’s done from the expert of online marketing take a look at this.

Recommended Courses on Social Media Marketing, E-commerce Selling & Digital Products

Facebook Ads Training

You might or might not know that paid advertising especially the ones you spend on Facebook bring in 7X to 10X returns. People who know these secrets on how to take a complete stranger all way to making a sale make way more money than the one who doesn’t leverage Facebook Advertising. Attend the Free Masterclass Webinar to learn those secrets.

Amazon FBA Complete Training

The people who have taken this training have made over 100K or so in their first month of their Amazon FBA Business. You won’t learn these secrets anywhere. I’ve seen other people struggle so much with Amazon FBA because they choose the wrong products and then they have cash flow problems. Learn the right way to maximize your sales and revenue. Attend the free training by clicking the button below.

Shopify Training

If you ever want to do drop shipping, then this training is a must for you. Without the right mentor, you won’t progress faster nor go in the right direction. You will learn everything right from the basics all the way to scaling your business in the free masterclass training. When the products are not yours to manage or the inventory is of someone else, but you’re making more sales and generating 6 Figure revenue from your store, you’ll have the freedom to quit your job or leave everything you’re doing in life. This will be your ultimate freedom ticket.

Digital Course Secrets

Did you know that people are making huge income online packaging their knowledge and know-how into digital information products? Once you make sales from your digital information products, you can skyrocket it with the help of Facebook Ads training mentioned on this page.

Digital Course Secrets teaches you how to do it right but also make sure you’re sales and income skyrockets. Make 6 Figures by learning extra techniques in the masterclass.