How To Quickly Create Exit Popups For Your E-Commerce Store

How To Quickly Create Exit Popups For Your E-Commerce Store
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Did you know that by creating exit popups on your e-commerce store that you’d be able to increase the revenue or sales of your business?

Well, if you’ve never heard of exit-intent popups, let me introduce you to them because they do so much wonders when you install them on your website or e-commerce store like it magically helps your store increase sales.

I want to ask you if you’re just like most people who are blindly hoping your customers click through to checkout? Or are you actively strategizing to get the most revenue possible?

Unfortunately, most people are blindly expecting their customers to go through to the checkout page.

That’s why in today’s blog post, you’ll learn this one specific strategy of using exit popups on your store that will boost your sales and will help you generate more revenue.

So, in today’s tutorial we’re covering:

  • What exit popups are and why you need to use them.
  • Why you should use OptinMonster to build your exit intent popup.
  • How to create a exit intent popup for E-Commerce Store.
By the end of this article, you’ll have gotten all the knowledge on how you can do all of them and start seeing a boost in sales with your e-commerce store traffic.

What Are Exit Popups & Why Should You Use Them?

Exit Popups are popups that popup on the screen when the customer tries to leave the website or store.

This happens where the popup dim the website’s content in order to draw complete attention to your opt-in, campaign, or promotion within that popup.

Here’s a simple example if you don’t know.

Exit Pop up for e-commerce store

What’s so good about this method is that the website’s content is still in the background so people don’t feel like they’ve been redirected to another website. And, the campaign is clearly at the forefront of their attention.

So what we’re going to do is to use this one powerful strategy with Exit-Intent® technology. What this means is that as people try to leave your website, they’ll get some kind of deal or promotion popup to keep them a little longer.

So what should be in those exit popups?

It’s about what you offer. Your value proposition should be good enough, and this could get them to stay a lot longer.

One company – Medstar Media started implementing exit-intent popups and watched their conversion rate increase by 500%.

The truth is that if you’re not using an exit popup on your E-Commerce store with Exit-Intent® technology, you’re missing out on one of your best chances to convert your store’s visitors into customers.

Because one thing that OptinMonster knows for sure is that, it’s that exit intent popups worked when it came to preventing people from leaving. Their customers have used their signature Exit-Intent® technology to:

  • Grow their email list 900% each month.
  • Recover 53% of visitors.
  • Increase conversions by 125%.

Now, there are a lot of strategies to capture the attention of exiting visitors. But the best way to do that is with a coupon.

Exit Popups Use Of Coupon Case Study.

In fact, just last year, about 80% of consumers said that a coupon changes their shopping behavior in some way:

So, what does this mean?

It means that most shoppers will be willing to join your email list if there’s a discount waiting for them on the other side. And once they’ve subscribed, you’ll have more chances to work your magic on them with new email marketing campaigns.

But what’s even more interesting is that you can put together your E-commerce exit intent popup right now with the help of OptinMonster in a matter of minutes.

Why Use OptinMonster For An Exit Popup on Store?

The single biggest reason you must use OptinMonster for your Exit Intent popup is that they have an advanced Exit-Intent® Technology that ensures visitors see the coupon just before they leave your website.

Actually, this is the perfect time to grab their attention and persuade them to buy products that they’ve already been browsing. This is what makes it the best!

OptinMonster also helps/allows you in the following ways:

  • Target different coupons on different pages with your store-specific display rules, increasing the relevance of your offers and making sales.
  • Stop annoying your visitors by making sure that these coupon based popups are less intrusive with as they can be timed for display control and with scroll trigger functions.
  • Create follow up campaigns with onsite retargeting to get more business from visitors.

But the best part is that you don’t need any additional apps for popups, because OptinMonster already has an integration for every kind of e-commerce platform that your store is set up in.

How To Create a Exit Popup For Your E-Commerce Store?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a exit popup for your E-Commerce store (Here we’ll use Shopify store for example, you can also find other integrations within OptinMonster) to offer a coupon that accomplishes two goals at once:

  • It is an incentive for customers to subscribe to your email list.
  • It can be used to reduce cart abandonment if you show the exit popup at checkout.

Here’s how the final coupon will look:


So here are the steps:

Step 1. Create a Campaign.

In this step you’ll need to get an OptinMonster Pro account if you don’t have one already. It has to be a Pro level account (or higher) if you want to use Exit-Intent®.

Now we’re going to be creating the exit popup for your Shopify store, now you need to login to your OptinMonster dashboard and click on the Create Campaign button:



Now you’ve got to choose your campaign type. We’ll use the Popup type of campaign which achieves high conversions.

Now you’ll choose from one of the many pre-built templates. For this tutorial, let’s use Checkout:

Now you can name your campaign, then click on Start Building. You will then be able to select the website you’re going to use for your coupon now, or choose to add it later:

(Refer image below).

After you’ve named your campaign, you’ll be taken into OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder and see the default, professionally-designed campaign like this below.

Step 2. Edit the Campaign.

Now our next step is to edit the campaign and design it your liking.

If you’ve noticed above, the campaign that’s being used could be used just as it is with very few changes to it. What we’re going to do in this tutorial is to show you how to do basic edits to the campaign. (You can customize it however you see fit).

Since you’ve got an account, you have the complete liberty to experiment on your own.

Now, we’ll add some colors to the image on the left of the popup. To do that, click directly on the image in the live preview to bring up the editing tools.

Next, you can use a product image from your library or upload a new one.

The default campaign includes a headline and body text. So you’ll want to edit that to make it right for your store.

You can also edit text on your popups the same way you changed the image: simply click on the text you want to change on the live preview to bring up the editing tools on the left. Then, you can edit your text however you want.

Refer image below to see what I mean.

Now you’ll have to make sure to regularly save your lightbox popup campaign by clicking on the Save button in the top right corner of the builder.

If you want to change the look or wording on the submit button, you just simply have to click the button element on the live preview to bring up the editing tools. Then select the Button tab at the top of the left-hand side menu and edit it.

Step 3. Set Up Coupon Delivery.

Our next step is to set up the Coupon system.

After you’ve designed your exit popup opt-in the way you want it, you can head over to the Success view to set up coupon delivery system. The best recommend advice I’d say is to give your subscribers immediate access to the coupon code on the success view, as well as sending the coupon by email (in case they don’t purchase right away).

This actually boosts sales because the customers can see it in real time and use it then and there.

All you need to do is to edit and customize the success view the same way you did with the exit popup optin, so please go ahead and do that now.

Now, we’re also going to change the Button Click Action to Redirect to a url. So you’l want to add your Shopify coupon URL so that it’s automatically applied when new subscribers go to your store.

Step 4. Choose Display Rules.

For our next step, we’re going to be setting the display rules.

Because we’re creating an Exit-Intent® exit popup for Shopify store, we’ll have to go to Display Rules and set a condition to If exit detected. This is to make sure it exit popup works when customers exit the store. Then you’ll have to select the level of sensitivity you want: Low, Medium or High.

Refer to the image below if you’ve not getting what I mean:

Most people simply keep the default Medium exit-intent® intensity. But you can choose the one you want, to be more or less aggressive.

You can also offer a coupon to engage visitors who haven’t interacted with your website but have left the window open. So in that case, you can use the InactivitySensor™ (Seconds of Inactivity) rule found within the same section:

Refer to the image below to see what I mean:

Step 5. Choose Your Email List.

Our next step is to connect it to your email service provider.

Earlier I had mentioned that one of the benefits of creating a exit popup for your Store is to collect emails and save them. You can do all that within OptinMonster using Monster Leads.

Because most of the sales happens after the customer leaves the website or store that’s why collecting emails can bring in a lot of business for your store. And now is why I recommend that you connect OptinMonster to your email service provider.

Go to your OptinMonster campaign editor and click Integrations » Add New Integration:

Choose whatever email service provider you’re using and connect them.

I’m using ConvertKit – They’ve been the best so far in my experience.

Step 6. Publish the Campaign to Shopify.

Our final step is to publish the campaign using the Publish tab, but you must link OptinMonster and Shopify using this easy-to-follow Shopify integration instructions. 

Now, you can change the Status of your exit popup for the Shopify store from Paused to Live and save your campaign.

That’s it! This is how it’s done.

Now you have a exit intent popup for your e-commerce store that can:

  • Grow your email list.
  • Make new customers feel more welcome.
  • Retain customers trying to leave your site.
  • Engage inactive users.
  • Reward your most loyal customers.
  • Run seasonal promotions.
  • And, well… pretty much anything else you want.

This is how you can make exit popups work on your website. So if you master the exit popup method, you’ll be able to increase your revenue and boost your sales.

If you haven’t gotten OptinMonster don’t wait, and join the OptinMonster family today!

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