How To Create Landing Pages In WordPress (Landing Page Examples You Can Model)

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Landing pages are different from regular webpages because it allows you to direct your reader or visitor to do one particular activity in your online business. All the other pages on your website have these menus and footers which can cause distractions. But landing pages serve one purpose only – One call to action.

The reader or visitor has to take one call to action which is to click on the button or enter their contact information. In this blog post, you’ll learn all about landing pages but also you’ll get to see some landing page examples which can serve as inspiration for your business.

Purpose of Landing Pages.

The purpose of landing pages is to have the reader or visitor be taken to a separate page which is free form all distractions so that the user can take only one action on that page.

That one call to action can be:

Click on a button

Enter Name and Email Address

When you click on the CTA, it allows you to collect the subscriber details.

Landing Page Example - Collect Info Image 1

Landing Page Example - Collect Info Image 2

These calls to action are important because everything serves one purpose only. Get the user to take one action on the landing page.

Download the Landing Page Checklist that will help you put together everything you need to make sure your landing page converts.

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Types of Landing Pages.

There are 3 Important types of landing pages that you’ll be needing in your online business.

  1. Lead Generation Page.
  2. Tripwire Page.
  3. Sales Page.

Lead Generation Page.

Lead Generation pages are landing pages where the only goal is to generate leads for your business. The reader or visitor has to enter their contact details to get what you’re offering.

It is important to start generating leads for your business because it will become easier to follow up with them in order to persuade them to buy something that your business offers.

Here are great landing page examples of a lead generation page:

Landing Page Example - Lead Generation Page

Tripwire Page.

A tripwire page is there to actually a great landing page where you’re offering something of value to your visitor as a quick transaction immediately as soon as they opt-in to your freebie.

Usually, a tripwire landing page is created with a small call to action for the reader to purchase something that the page offers. It can be selling a small product from $7-$49. Tripwire pages.

Tripwire pages are connected to an opt-in page so when a visitor opts-in they are immediately redirected to a tripwire page where they have the opportunity to grab a special offer.

Here are examples of a landing page for a tripwire page:

Tripwire Example Landing Page

Sales Page.

The purpose of the sales page is to sell a product or service. Usually, sales pages can be in various formats. They can be a long-form sales page, short-form sales page or it could even be a video sales page.

The core thing about a sales page is that it allows you to actually make the visitor or reader do one thing and one thing only – Buy that product. If they haven’t bought the product you can easily follow up with them via email marketing. I use GetResponse. You can also signup for a 30-Day Trial here.

Here are examples of a sales page:

Sales Page - Landing Page Example

Special Offer: If you want to grow your email list to over 10,000 subscribers, GetResponse is offering a 90 Day Step by step training how you can do that. Sign up here.

Creating Landing Pages in WordPress.

There are many ways you can create landing pages. There are thousands of tools out there in the market. There’s LeadPages, Thrive Landing Pages, Unbouce, Instapage, etc

But in this post, we’ll cover how to create landing pages in WordPress. We’ll go over 3 options you can try so you can get your landing pages created or designed, ready to go so you can promote your freebie or sell your products.

Option #1: Use Page Builder Tools

If you don’t have money to invest in a landing page builder or tool. You can literally create a landing page by modeling other landing pages out there.

If you’re using Elementor or Divi on your website, it becomes easier to create a landing page. The only thing you need to know is what you’re actually going to give or sell.

My best advice would be to model other landing pages out there.

Here’s a landing page example I’ve created using Elementor on my website to promote my Free Course.

Note – If you’re interested to sign up and learn how to grow your online business, you can signup here.

Option #2: Use Pre-built Landing Pages.

Using pre-built landing pages is a great and easier way to build your landing pages.

Using tools like LeadPages, Thrive Architect, can help you achieve that. It would just cost you a little bit of money to get their plans but you can easily create them. They offer lots of templates that you can click and import to build your landing pages.

Here’s a great landing page example from LeadPages which you can model.

Landing Page

Option #3: Use Landing Pages From GetResponse.

Another option would be to use landing pages inside GetResponse. It comes with the same package as the GetResponse email marketing plan allowing you to save hundreds of dollars.

GetResponse package offersEmail Marketing, Landing Pages, Forms, Autoresponder, Surveys, Sales Pipeline, CRM, Webinar Hosting Platform & Ability to create or use pre-built landing pages to grow your email list or sell or do anything with your online business.

Initially, it would be good to use the GetResponse landing pages to create your landing pages because they are pre-built and it becomes easier to create your pages. Later, as your business grows you can choose to invest in a premium landing page creator that’s specifically tailored towards landing pages.

GetResponse offers 30 Day Trial – Click here to get your access.

Download the Landing Page Checklist that will help you put together everything you need to make sure your landing page converts.

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