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How To Run An Effective End Of Season Sale On Your WooCommerce Store

How To Run An Effective End Of Season Sale On Your WooCommerce Store

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If you’re looking to learn how to run an effective end of season sale on your WooCommerce store, then you’re in the right place.

An end of season sale is a great opportunity to generate more revenue for your business. Because it’s the end of a season, people will generally be up for picking up products at a discount. This allows you to have some extra cash before moving on to the next season. In the online space, there’s a ton of competition and we’re here to help you address that issue – If people do ever buy or not!

There are a few tactics that you can instantly implement and start creating a profitable end of season sale but you need the Advanced Coupons Plugin to help you with it. It can help you create coupon codes, show discounts for products on your store and make sure it truly is the end of season sale for your WooCommerce store.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about those 4 tactics that will help you have a great end of season sale whenever you have one on your WooCommerce store.

Let’s get into it and you’ll be blown away when you implement it right away.

First things first, download Advanced Coupons Plugin and install + activate it.

How To Run An Effective End Of Season Sale On Your WooCommerce Store
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Some Thoughts On Running An End of Season Sale.

Every business whether it’s online or offline has to clear out stock from their shelves and end of season sale is the best way to make space for these new products to show up on your store. This will encourage shoppers who are looking for them to buy it off when it’s almost about to be sold out. Plus, by offering discounts you’re making sure that sales can happen and you’re making way for your business to grow the next season.

Below is an example of end of season sale on an WooCommerce store.

If you want your end of season sale to be a success, you’ve got to make sure you plan at the right time. Look for the right end of season sale dates and get it up there running early.

Below you’ll find an end of season sale where there’s a huge discount on the store.

You’ve got to be careful of the end of season on different hemispheres. Being aware of what season shows up during your sale will greatly impact your business’ revenue. It can be spring or summer and fall or winter.

How To Run An Effective End of Season Sale On Your WooCommerce Store. (4 Tactics)

Below are 4 different tactics you can follow when you’re planning to run an effective end of season sale this year.

1. Make Use of Affiliate Marketers.

One of the most powerful tactic is to use or recruit affiliate marketers to drive traffic and revenue. Because you’re tapping into other people’s audiences, it’s been known to be a powerful advertisement method.

You want all the traffic you can get that’s why Affiliate Marketing helps you get faster traffic to your store.

In order to be successful using affiliate marketing, you’ll have to prepare for the sale using this specific strategy: Alert your affiliate marketers on which items are going to be on sale, what kind of discounts you’re offering and what their customers can expect to happen on the day of the sale. 

Now you have to use Advanced Coupons Plugin to execute it.

Head over to Coupons >> Add New to create your coupon, right in the backend of your website dashboard. Below that you’ll see the coupon data section where you can click on Add Products tab.

Look for the product and set the product discount value to 100%, and then click on the Add button. (Refer to the image below for help).

Now that your coupon code is created, you can share this will all the affiliates. This free 100% discount is the starter for driving lots of sales.

Now the affiliates will use this to create content and then share with their audience, which will then drive you that instant traffic on your end of season sale launch date.

2. Don't Add New Products To Your End of Season Sale.

The second tactic is very important. Almost everybody wants to offer discounts so that they can start generating sales quickly, but when you offer discounts too early, your brand/store’s value instantly drops, meaning people think you’re cheap.

So if you offer discounts too early, you actually train them subconsciously to wait for discounts and because of that they’ll show up only during times of discount. You should train them to pay the full price, that’s how big companies make their mark in the customer’s eyes.

Offering discounts is not a good strategy here. Offering it to your loyalty program customers will work. If customers spend a lot of money on your store, you can offer some new discounts to persuade them to purchase more. Discounts should be primarily used to generate revenue and a customer not lower revenue for the entire store.

In order apply discounts in percentages, you need to create a new coupon. 

Use percentage discount – under discount type.

Click on Usage restriction tab on the left hand side. Now you can go ahead and add the products you want or even add categories. (See the exact field where to add them).

Refer to the image below if you need help.

Then you need to scroll down to Cart Conditions.

There you need to select Total Customer Spend, then you’ll have to select the options from the drop down menu and enter values as below.

In the example below, the setting or value entered is that the coupon will apply only if the customer has spent at least $500 on the store in the past year.

This way you’re offering discounts to buying customers, not new customers. For new customers there’s a different strategy that applies.

Repeat customers buy, new customers haven’t proven themselves to buy yet.

3. Showcase A Sense of Urgency On Your Store.

This tactic is highly effective one. If you there’s a limited time only offer, people act because of the fear of missing out. Creating this sense of urgency for sale happens if you happen to show that on your store.

One of the most effective tactics is to only show limited stocks available during this end of season sale. It shows scarcity and motivates the urgent shopper to buy it now. This works on all online stores. If you’re not planning to sell that again, it would be even more persuasive if you mentioned that right next to the product.

If you start adding coupon limits which you can do inside the Advanced Coupons plugin, you’ll motivate people to use the coupon and shop at your store.

So to use this tactic, head over to Coupons >> Add New.

Then you’ll be able to see the coupon data section. Select percentage discount and offer them a discount. In the example here, we’re offering them a 25% discount.

If you scroll down, you’ll be able to see the Usage Limits tab, click on it and enter the usage limits as per the image below.

Now in the example here, we’ve set the usage limit to only 100 coupons. That means, it expires after that.

Another tactic is to use the “next order coupon”, where you’re persuading your customers to grab the coupon and use it for their order with a good discount.

Because of this coupon, they’ll come and shop again on your store.

To apply this tactic, you’ll need to create a coupon, then head over to the General tab. Select the type of discount you’re offering.

Now if you scroll down, you’ll see the Cart Conditions section. You’ll be able to see a drop down menu where you need to select Within Hours After Customer Last Order option and then click on the Add button next to it.

Refer to the image below to understand.

Now this coupon will only lasts for a few hours. So this pushes them to purchase before it expires.

Below in the example, it’s set to 720 hours – that’s about 1 month.

Coupons help you close the deal easily on your store.

Once you’re done, click on Save Cart Conditions button.

4. Offer Big Discounts Over Time.

Our last tactic would work great because you’ll be able to offer a good discount then, again push them to buy even more. If you struggle with offering a great deal vs trying to move out inventory, you can use this tactic and it will work just fine.

To apply this tactic, you ‘ll have to schedule your discounts in advance so that it works at the right time without manual work. It’s completely possible inside Advanced Coupons Plugin.

So, create this coupon, head over to the general settings section, click on the scheduler tab. Now you can fill all the dates when this coupon should work and expire.

Refer to the image below.

The smoother way to execute this tactic is to offer a smaller discount in the first few days and then offer another coupon with a bigger discount so that people pick it up and they come back to use it before the entire end of season sale expires.

One of the key components to making this work is to Enable auto apply for this coupon option on the Auto Apply coupon section. (It’s on the right side).

Create more coupons if you have inventory left and also use coupons to make sure abandoned cart users to complete their purchase.

This should help you have an effective and successful end of season sale for your WooCommerce store.


So the end of season sale is one of the best times where you can profit a lot from your business. This will allow you to push out old inventory and generate revenue with ease.

You cannot do that just with the regular WooCommerce plugin, you’ll need the Advanced Coupons Plugin to help you make sure you have the coupons to work at the right time, right moment, right dates, etc. so that your end of season sale is successful.

So if the above tips have helped you, let us know what you’d like to learn in the comments below.

Click here to grab the Advanced Coupons Plugin and skyrocket your end of season sale.

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Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena helps people make money, save money & design their lifestyle. The #1 problem for most people is making money and if they can learn how to do so, they can change their whole course of life. Here is a free resource that teaches you how to make money:

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