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Quick & Easy - How To Set Up Form Conversion Tracking In Google Analytics

Quick & Easy: How To Set Up Form Conversion Tracking In Google Analytics

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I bet you are looking for how to set up form conversion tracking in google analytics, otherwise you won’t be reading this, right? Usually people fill a form on your website or blog whether that’s a contact form, a registration form, etc. but how do you know what is actually happening with those forms?

Say you have a bunch of people filling your forms and you can’t even tell any kind of data other than form entries on the backend. There’s no specific way to tell the conversion percentage unless you’re willing to calculate manually.

Most people don’t have the time to calculate form conversions manually, it’s a lot of work. The best way would be to track every form conversions in google analytics, so you’ll know how many landed on your form page and how many successfully filled the form.

What about trying to know the source of people who’ve actually completed that form on your website? Filling forms is one way to generate leads for your business. If you want to find the value of your leads, you at least should know where they’re coming from.

So if we set up this lead generating tracking for your forms on your website, you’ll be able get an insight into what’s happening with all your leads like where they came from, what websites did they come from, who referred them, etc.

So today in this blog post, you’ll learn how to set up form conversion tracking in Google Analytics

How To Setup Tracking Form Conversion Source in Google Analytics.

Generally if you’re trying to track form conversion is going to be tedious work and so time-consuming. The general process for tracking a form’s conversions would involve publishing a form, then setting up a goal inside Google Analytics and then placing a tracking code that tracks what’s happening with the form on the backend of your website.

To solve that you can use the MonsterInsights plugin that solves all your WordPress Analytics problems. Click the button below to grab yours.

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Analytics plugin.

Imagine how difficult, tedious it’s gonna be for you if you have to place that same form in various locations on your website or blog. Tracking them is gonna be even more harder.

Take the easy way and set up form conversion tracking in Google Analytics using MonsterInsights and you’ll be able to automatically track all your form conversions. What’s good about this method is that you won’t have to keep adding more codes to every page you add a form. You can set this up one time as an event and get it done.


After you install MonsterInsights plugin, make sure to install and activate the MonsterInsights Forms addon. Doing this will help you easily connect your Google Analytics account directly with your forms. No messing around or touching them needed.

Once you’ve installed the MonsterInsights plugin simply connect it with Google Analytics,  then you’ll need to go to Insights >> Addons and then click on the Install button found under the Forms addon section.

Take a look at the picture below to help you complete this process.


After you’ve installed this plugin and click on the Activate button. Just make sure that the addon is active and is ready to use on your forms.

Below is a picture to help you confirm the process I meant.


Now, MonsterInsights plugin will allow you to record every single data from your forms. It does that automatically and shows you a report for you to know what’s going on. To access your reports just go to Insights >> Reports >> Forms.

Hope you’re able to view your form reports. Let me know if you have any questions so far.

If you take a look at the forms you’ve created you’ll be able to see every single data that’s needed to know what’s happening with it: impressions, conversions, and conversion rate.

Take a look at the image below to follow along.


Tracking The Source Of your Leads In Google Analytics.

If you’re here, you’ve done the basic steps and now let’s actually set up conversion tracking for your forms inside Google Analytics.  We’ve just connected Google Analytics only in the previous step but have not set up a goal or done anything to track where’s the source of your leads. If you don’t have this set up you’ll not know where the lead came from. You won’t know it’s source.

With the MonsterInsights plugin installed, you’ll be able to see how your forms are performing and which one is converting the best. But if you’re going to have to find where the leads are coming from, then you’ve got to set that up inside Google Analytics.

So just head over to your Google Analytics account, go to Behavior >> Events >> Top Events that you can find on the left panel menu. This is how you’re forms conversion tracking will be saved as an event category. To view that you need to click on Form.

Below is an image to see what I’m referring to.


In the events menu, take a look at the top menu you’ll see Event Action. If you click on that you’ll be able to see the total impressions and conversions they’re getting.

Now our goal is to view the source where all these people (leads) came from. so you’ll have to click on conversions. This will show only the conversions that has happened with your forms. We don’t want impressions. Impressions are how many people saw it.

Focus on Conversions.

Refer to the image below.


After you clicked on that link, you’ll be able to see all the forms on your website or blog. You can also see the source of those leads.

If you have your contact form, or a quotation form or any other kind of lead gen form. This is where you track them.

Below is an image to help you understand what I’m referring to.



After you’ve picked the form that you want to view, we should set up secondary dimension.

Secondary dimension allows us to set up the source or the medium from where they came from.

To set that up you’ll be able to see the Secondary dimension dropdown menu on the top so now you just have to select Source / Medium as the option we want for our goal

You can also find that under Acquisition tab on the left hand panel. You can also just search for it using the search bar.

Below is your reference image.



Doing this step would start to show all the sources where your form visitors came from and the ones who’ve completed the form. 

An example, you can view how many people came from search engines and how many came from other social traffic sources, etc.

If you take a look at the image below you’ll see what I’m referring to.



If you want to see even more data than this, you can go one step even further. Go and set up an advanced filter. With the help of an advanced filter you’ll be able to see other sources of traffic like what other websites are sending to your form page. Basically it will fall under the referrals category.

You can also use the advanced filter to narrow down the data you want to view: Like if you want to only view referrals as a source, you can do that as well. So if that’s what you want you need to click on advanced link which is next to the search bar on the top.

This will then ask you to select things even further. Select Include >> Source / Medium >> Containing and then type in the world referral” in the last field as in the picture below. After you’ve entered these details, just click on the Apply button below.

For more information, refer the image below to follow along.

What this filter will do is it will start to display referral sources for your completed forms. You can use the same process and do advanced filter options if you want to see other sources too.

Below is an image to help you understand what I mean.


How To Setup Tracking Form Conversions In WPForms.

Most people use different types of forms on their websites and blogs. But if you’re using WPForms here’s your approach to setup tracking form conversions. 

What’s cool about WPForms plugin is that it’s User Journey Addon is able to record and tell you exactly the path your visitor took before submitting that form on your website.

So, let me help you set up form conversion tracking in WPForms. Just install WPForms plugin and activate User Journey Addon first.

You’ll be able to do all this if you get the Pro or higher plan if you want to use this. You can view the reports. Just get it and you’ll be able to make data driven decisions from the reports you get with this.

After you’ve installed WPForms, go to the your WordPress website backend dashboard and head over to WPForms on the left panel and click on Addons. So if you scroll down you can find the User Journey Addon, click on Install Addon. This installs and activates this addon to make this process work.

Below in what it looks like.


After you’ve activated the addon, just head over to WPForms >> Entries. This is where you can see the user journey. Just select that specific form and you’ll be able to see it all.

Below is an image to help you for reference.

WPForms Tracking

Let’s say you have a lot of form, but you want to view all the entries. 

You’ll have to click on the the View link so now you can see everything.

click-the-view-button Backend

Now we want to see that visitor’s journey. So, click on User Journey and see all the steps that visitor took to land on your form that’s on your website. What’s even more cooler is that this report will show you every single page that visitor viewed, the time, the date and how long they were on it.

Below is an example of what I mean.

Want to see the source of that lead click on the info icon (i icon), you’ll be able to see the URL parameter. Basically the source that you’re looking for.

UTM Parameter

If you’re thinking what to do with this data, follow along the next part.

How To Use The Data From The Form Conversion Source Tracking.

If you want to succeed you must be able to make data driven decisions. You need more traffic and more conversions to make that decisions as a marketer. 

The best way is to track the source of your leads which we covered before.

Whether you’re a single website business or an agency you need to be able to measure the success rates of your forms. Just take a look at the number of leads you’ve generated from those filled out forms.

If you’ve set up all that I’ve mentioned above you’ll be able to see their sources as well.

Now that you have your sources of these leads, take this idea even further to grow your business like finding new partnership opportunities or finding other channels to promote that you think are weak or needs improving.

Find New Partnership Opportunities To Grow Your Business.

If you find that you’re getting a lot of traffic from certain websites you can partner with them based on the data you’ve received from your tracking data.

Why don’t you strike a deal with them to drive more traffic so you can get more conversions and this setup will help you grow your business.

You can consider affiliate partnerships too. You can promote other people’s products or tools if they complete the form. This way you’re getting the opportunity to make money.

You can brainstorm and come up with business opportunities that will help your business grow based on the data on the backend.

Identify Best Channels So You Can Promote Your Lead Generation Campaigns.

Because you’ve been tracking the lead’s source, you’ll be able to identify the best channels you should promote and drive traffic.

You can also fix the weak areas if you want to.

Let’s say that you want to track your social media marketing campaigns results, if you would have set this up, you’ll be able to get a good read on the data you’ve generated and work on the most profitable one to promote and make your campaign a success. Based on the results and data you see on the backend you’ll be able know how much to spend and what your results would look like if you worked on those winning campaigns extensively.

That’s how you go about setting up form conversion tracking in google analytics and also being able to see the source/medium and also check the form entries, plus the user journey they have taken so far to complete your form.

So, grab your copy of MonsterInsights plugin by clicking the button below.


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If there are any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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