Formidable Forms Review + Guide – Best Advanced Form Builder (2021)

Formidable Forms Review + Guide - Best Advanced Form Builder (2021)
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Formidable Forms Review + Guide: Is It The Best Advanced Form Builder For WordPress?

Are you looking for an advanced form builder for your WordPress website? Formidable Forms is an advanced WordPress form builder plugin that does so much more than a regular form builder plugin. In this Formidable Forms Review article, we uncover everything there is to know about Formidable Forms so that you can make an informed decision if you’d like to go ahead and purchase it or not.

formidable forms review
Formidable Forms Review + Guide - Best Advanced Form Builder (2021)

About Formidable Forms.

Formidable Forms is a WordPress form builder that lets you easily build advanced forms without having to hire a developer. From simple contact form to complex multi-page forms, you can build any type of web form you can imagine with Formidable Forms.

The lite version of the this plugin is also available to download for free from the repository. However, the lite version only lets you build a basic contact form. For advanced forms, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

Formidable Forms Review + Guide - Best Advanced Form Builder (2021) Pin
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Summary: Formidable Forms


From $49 to $399 per year.

Free Trial

Yes. There is a free basic version or a 14-day money-back guarantee.


A free version – The free version of Formidable Forms gives you a good idea of whether the full product will work for you or not.

Drag and drop form designer – Drag and drop allows users of all skill levels to create attractive forms.

Conditional logic – Being able to create interactive forms that adjust according to answers is an intelligent way to capture data.

Form designer – The ability to create a form and then tweak its appearance adds a real sense of professionalism to a site.

Calculated Fields – The ability to add calculations to a form opens up a whole new world for websites.

Pricing Fields – you can now add eCommerce and pricing forms which opens up endless possibilities without requiring additional plugins.

Multi-Step Forms – with multi-step forms your forms can be split into a number of different pages with a progress bar.


Learning curve – Formidable Forms takes as much work as possible out of creating forms but there is still a lot to learn.

Requires some HTML and CSS knowledge – Some aspects of form creation do require HTML or CSS knowledge.

Pricing – You do get a lot for your money with Formidable Forms but it is more expensive than some of the competition.

Data retention and GDPR is entirely up to you – This isn’t unique to Formidable Forms but is a definite downside.

Ease of use






Value for money




Formidable Forms Review

What Is Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms Review - What Is Formidable Forms
Formidable Forms Review: This is What Formidable Forms Is!

Formidable Forms is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create quizzes, surveys, calculators, timesheets, multi-page application forms, and other form-based features. It has a built-in drag and drop form designer and allows you to create feature-rich forms. It comes both in free and premium versions.

Why Use A WordPress Form Builder?

A WordPress form builder such as Formidable Forms makes capturing data easier and simpler. You can use it to create simple contact forms or take it much, much further and build complex forms for your website. Building forms takes a lot of time and that’s why it comes with a drag and drop form designer, you can use it to create advanced data capturing forms without needing to know how any of it works or hiring a developer to do so. It looks and feels just like any WordPress plugin and behaves like one too!

What we love is that it allows you to maintain your brand, design and build a whole range of forms just from that single plugin. It works like a page builder so creating forms becomes a breeze. It’s so easy to add your fields, add the conditions, add your brand or any design or function that you want to add to the page right within your forms. While form creation can be a lot of work, the process is very straightforward unlike other form builders. Literally anyone who knows how to use a WordPress website will be able to create advanced forms with this plugin.

Give Formidable Forms a try.


Formidable Forms Review - Best Features
Formidable Forms Review: Best Features of Formidable Forms
Formidable Forms Review - Popular Features
Formidable Forms Review: Here are the most popular features.

If you’re going to charge people to use a forms plugin when there are lots of free options out there, it better have all the features. Fortunately for us, Formidable Forms does not disappoint!

Let’s take a look at what’s available for us:

1. Formidable Views:

Formidable Views are like mini dashboards which you can create to display form answers on your website. You can also show them publicly, for example by displaying the answers if you were hosting a poll or survey, or privately within an admin page if you’re dealing with more confidential information. You can format them to show all data or just specific fields using simple HTML which allows full customization of the View.

2. File upload forms:

Formidable Forms has a specific mechanism for allowing file uploads as part of your form. For example, allowing a CV upload as part of a job application or entries into a competition. The file upload element will allow the entrant to upload as many files as they like and they will be stored until you need them.

3. Conditional logic:

Conditional logic enables you to create dynamic forms that adjust themselves depending on the answers provided. For example, if you’re setting up a service request form, the secondary questions will adjust themselves depending on the previous answers. It’s an effective way to keep forms short and relevant. Two key elements for successful engagement.

Formidable Forms Review - Conditional Logic

4. Cascading dropdown menus:

Cascading dropdown menus are a very effective way of building a form. We see them all the time in programs or on the web. Click a button and a dropdown menu appears with all your answer options. Select one and the form adjusts to the next question. They are simple but very effective ways to build forms.

5. Form scheduling:

Form scheduling allows you to offer quizzes for a limited time, design forms in advance of a product release or special offer application or anything that does not require a form be on display permanently. You can schedule the hours, days and compose a message from within the Formidable Forms dashboard.

6. Repeater fields:

Repeater fields are selectable answer sections within a form where an applicant can add extra fields. These can be relevant for job applications where someone might be asked to add qualifications or previous roles. You can offer an initial field for completion and a selectable button to add more fields to extend or add more data to the answer.

Formidable Forms Review - Repeater Fields

7. Calculator forms:

Calculator forms are one of the most powerful features of Formidable Forms. They can be used as currency converters, sales tax calculators, mileage calculators, weight and measure converters or something else completely. Using a calculator field is the same as adding any other field, all you need to do is add it, add the calculation type and you’re good to go.

8. Custom post submission:

Custom post submission is a powerful feature that lets you build form elements that are not covered by the form builder. That form builder is very comprehensive but for everything else, you can build a custom field using HTML.

9. Multi-page forms with progress bar:

Multi-page forms are not the best for engagement but are sometimes necessary. Job applications, loan applications, course registration, property applications and other more involved interactions may require multi-page forms. You can build great looking forms here while providing an accurate progress bar to help the applicant complete the form.

10. Surveys and polls:

Surveys and polls are incredibly effective forms of customer engagement and can be used for everything from product feedback to service design. You can build simple surveys and polls and either keep the data to yourself or display some or all the results using Formidable Views.

11. Visual form styler:

The visual form styler is like a WordPress page builder but for forms. Change colours, fonts, spacing, field sizes, backgrounds, borders and more and watch the form change as you adjust. It’s a very simple way to make a form fit into your site theme or brand.

12. Unlimited forms:

All Formidable Forms premium plans include unlimited forms within your website. Use as few or as many as you like, in whatever format you like.

13. Unlimited entries:

Make your forms as long and as involved or as short and concise as you need. All subscriptions allow total freedom to build forms in the format you think your audience will engage with most.

14. eCommerce fields:

As of February 2020, Formidable Forms supports custom eCommerce fields. You can pricing, currencies, automatic calculations and perform other eCommerce operations WITHOUT requiring a full-blown eCommerce plugin. This is a game-changer!

Formidable Forms Review - Ecommerce Fields

15. Multi-step Forms:

Another recently released feature (April 2020) is multi-step forms. This is great because rather than show a very-long form that will lower down your conversion rate, you split the form into several steps (which are much shorter). This increases conversion for two reasons. The first is that the user sees a short form. The second is that once they start a form, they will want to see the progress bar get to end!

Formidable Forms Review - Multi Step Form


How To Install Formidable Forms.

Installing Formidable Forms uses the same process as installing any WordPress plugin.

  1. Log into your WordPress website as an administrator.
  2. Select Plugins from the side menu and select Add New.
  3. Select to upload a file and Add File.
  4. Select the downloaded Formidable Forms zip file on your computer.
  5. Select Upload and Install Now.
  6. Select Activate once uploaded.

Once activated you should see the Formidable Forms side menu option appear in your WordPress dashboard. You’re now ready to begin building your first form. You will need to paste in the licence key you were given when you set up your account and then you gain access to all the features of the plugin. Navigate to Formidable and Global Settings to enter the key.

Formidable Forms Review - How To Install Formidable Forms

User Experience.

Formidable Forms is very straightforward to get to grips with. The form builder makes short work of designing forms of all kinds and covers most scenarios you will likely come across. That said, some elements such as setting up Views or some form elements will need some HTML knowledge.

Formidable Forms Review - User Experience

You don’t need to be a developer to get the most out of the plugin but some coding knowledge, or at least some idea of how HTML and CSS influence a web page and how WordPress builds a page would be useful.

The form templates do help and can offer simple select and drop forms to add to a page though.

Formidable Forms Review: Creating A Basic Form

Creating a Basic Form is easier because it has a drag and drop builder. Follow along so you can learn how to build a basic contact form with the help of Formidable Forms and understand how it works.

Most of Formidable Forms’ looks similar to that of Gravity Forms.

Take a look at the image below.


formidable forms review - formidable-forms-builder

You can use all the fields from the right-hand panel. If you’d like to learn more about this form builder you’ll be able to find step by step instructions within their builder itself.

If you want to add a form field to your builder, you can simply click on any field on the right-hand panel and drag & drop it onto the page. To change the layout of the form, you can click on the Layouts tab. You will then be prompted to choose from a variety of different form layouts that you can use to build your forms.

After your form is created, you’ll be taken to the General Settings page. This is where you can choose a custom thank you message that you want to show on the next screen, you can also choose your own styles, choose your buttons, and do so much more for your forms to look good.

You will also be shown prompts when and wherever needed. (Refer image below)

Formidable Forms Review: Creating Advanced Forms Using Formidable Forms.

The good thing about Formidable Forms is that you no matter you what forms you want to build you can create them. If you want to build just a basic form or create one complex online application, Formidable Forms has the potential to do just that  without you having to touch a single line of code. The interface to build your forms is user-friendly if you’re both a beginner or an advanced user. 

Let’s see what are some advanced features available within Formidable Forms Pro:


1. Choose a Different Layout:


You can always choose a different layout with your forms. Or you can customize any layout template.

formidable forms review - css-layout_sidebar

Formidable Forms comes pre-built with multiple layout templates that look great and they fit perfectly for any WordPress theme. So you can find the Layout tab next to the Fields tab in the right-hand panel. And from there you can start changing your layouts.

Take a look at the animation above to change the layouts of your forms.

2. Advanced Fields:

The Formidable Forms Pro version comes with a ton of advanced form fields that you can use while creating your forms, such as File Upload, Rich Text, Password, Credit Card, etc.

All these things also come with other forms but they do provide them for your as well. You can use them to create any kind of form you need to create for your website.

3. Advanced Features:

Let’s take a look at some of the advanced features that’s available within them.

Below is just an example of it’s usage.

formidable forms review - create-view_calendar

Formidable Forms Pro versions comes with a wide variety of unique advanced form features, like the following:

  • Display data on frontend: Formidable Forms is the only form builder plugin that lets you display form data on the frontend of your website.
  • Multi-page form: You can reduce form abandonment rate just by building a multi-page form with a progress bar on top of it.
  • Graph and chart: You can show form data with complex data trends using graphs and charts.
  • Calculation: You’ll also be able to perform advanced numeric calculations – they come in handy if you have an eCommerce store.

Formidable Forms Review: Pricing and Support

Formidable Forms has a free version, which is available to download from the plugins directory. The free version lets you build a basic contact form on your website with ease too.

Here are the pricing plans you need to know.


If you’re going to build complex forms or any kind of online application using Formidable Forms, you’ll have to purchase the pro version because it comes with the right features for your needs. The pro version is available with 4 different pricing plans:

Personal: For the $49 plan, you’ll be able to get the premium 1-year license with 1 year of standard support.

Creator: For the $99 plan, you can use the plugin on up to 3 sites only. You’ll also get addons that allow you to work with MailChimp, MailPoet, Bootstrap, and also help with user tracking and locations.

Business: For the $199 plan, you’ll get priority support and powerful addons such as PayPal Standard, Zapier, user registration, AWeber, etc.

Enterprise: For the $399 plan, you’ll get the unlimited site license, elite support, and advanced addons, including Stripe, WooCommerce, and so much more.

Our Conclusion On Using Formidable Forms On Your WordPress Website.

Formidable Forms is perfect for people who want to build advanced forms with ease.

This plugin comes with all the essential features you’d expect from an advanced WordPress form builder. So go get it!

We highly recommend Formidable Forms to any users who want to create user submitted forms, display form data on the frontend, perform powerful calculations, and more.

We give it 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s the breakdown of our review scores:


Ease of Use

Hope you’ve liked our review on formidable forms. If you’ve enjoyed our formidable forms review article, please support us by getting the plugin by clicking the button below.

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