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Before diving into what I’ve planned to accomplish with my goals this year, I’d like to say I genuinely will make every effort to help you shape your life and business, but this will be a way for me to deliver on my promise to you and also stay accountable and responsible.

No matter where you are in life you can do something. Start your business and take control of your finances and future. You sure dream of an Amazing Life where you have money to take care of all your expenses and a life of freedom. Maybe you want to run your own business or leave your corporate job in pursuit of a free lifestyle.

Get ready for an Amazing year where you can start running a successful online business that generates money for you.

Stay until the end where you can check out amazing resources that will help you get started.

Goals for 2018:

Here is the list of goals that I’ve thought of accomplishing this year.

  1. I will provide high-quality helpful content around online business building, entrepreneurship, content marketing and digital marketing and sales.
  2. I want to help 1000 people build a successful online business by at least generating $1000 from their blog.
  3. My personal business goal is to generate at least $4000-$5000 by 31st, December 2018. I will share my progress monthly along with the actions taken. I will also teach you how to do the same.
  4. I will be releasing a course that will help you get everything you need to get a successful online blog running.
  5. I will be providing a “Get Started Guide” this February 2018. It will help you successfully start your online business and also look for ways to profit from it soon.
  6. I will also be implementing and sharing more about affiliate marketing strategies that work in 2018 and so you can learn about it and implement them in your business.
  7. I will be trying out some entrepreneurial experiments and will share more about it and how it worked out to help you learn from my experiments.
  8. In between, I’ll also share about personal development, mindset and some inspirational stuff and tips that will help you going even when it is tough to follow through.


Below is the list of people who have inspired me to start my online business. They are entrepreneurs in their own field. I’ve learned a lot from their YouTube Videos and Social Media content.

Project Life Mastery:

For over 2 years I’ve been following Stefan James from ProjectLifeMastery.com and I’ve been seeing him help a lot of people create successful online businesses. You can check out his YouTube Channel. I was inspired by how he moved out of his friend’s couch and went ahead and started making passive income online. He shares a lot of valuable content online that covers online business, passive income and life mastery covering all areas of life.

Stefan James - Project Life Mastery

He also teaches a course on how you can write Kindle books to make passive income. You will learn how you can find out hot topics in your favourite niche and write them with ease. The best part is you’ll learn how to market it in such a way that you make passive income from your books. His strategies will teach you how to sell on Kindle platforms. (Great idea for a successful online business and making passive income from Day 1 of launch).

Learn how to write a book by Stefan James.

Gary Vaynerchuk:

I got into Gary Vaynerchuk way back in 2016 September. He is a very famous entrepreneur and a great businessman. All throughout 2017, I kept following his content and getting myself into the right mindset. I learned a lot about how things work out in the entrepreneurship and business world. It took a lot of time for me, but once you will follow his content you will learn more about entrepreneurship, online marketing, hustle and business in general. You should definitely check out his videos on YouTube.


Ever since I was inspired, I looked out the way he interviews people, I learnt a lot and I still learn from him. He is more looked upon in the entrepreneurship world. You should definitely read his amazing books that are his New York Times Bestsellers Crush It: Why Now is the Time to cash in on your passion!Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World and Thank You Economy. You will learn everything about turning your passion into a profitable business, how to use social media marketing for your business and why this current economy is the time for you to cash in on your passion and build a thriving business all through the above-mentioned books.

Want to succeed? Grab those books mentioned and start reading. I assure you it will help and teach you a lot. Also, his new book Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too just came out January 30, 2018. Lookout for that as well.

If you don’t prefer physical books, read them on Kindle for a very low price and get instant access to them.

Andy Frisella:

I always like to learn from the best entrepreneurs who have actually made it in business and life. So I discovered Andy Frisella while I was browsing through youtube about entrepreneurship and success mindset. Then I landed on one of his videos.

Andy Frisella

He made over $100M in Sales from his wildly successful supplement brand called 1st Phorm International. He also runs a wildly successful podcast called The MFCEO Project. He literally went from knowing nothing to become a top successful entrepreneur.

You can read about his success on this Forbes article. I follow his Instagram content where he gives little nuggets of wisdom through his posts and short videos. They are powerful and will help you shape your mindset and beliefs.

Patrick Bet David:

I landed on Patrick Bet David again when I was looking at the YouTube Channel of Entrepreneur.com where he was explaining about how to increase net worth and then I headed over to his channel to learn more about him.

Here is the video:

His content will give you practical tips on managing your money, creating wealth, growing your influence, leveraging networks and making an impact as a human as well as an entrepreneur.

He runs an insurance company called PHP. He originally is from the Iran and he moved to the United States he was able to turn his life around from all the poverty and tough life he and his family had over there.

There is so much value in his content and most of them are practical tips to get things going. One of his famous books that you need to grab a hold of is his Doing The Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing The Impossible.

You can also check out the other Amazing Books which I suggest every entrepreneur read – Drop Out and Get Schooled: The Case for Thinking Twice about College and The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages: There’s an Amazing Story Behind Every Story.

Pejman Ghadimi:

I came across Pejman Ghadimi yet again while I was browsing through his YouTube researching for the best people to learn from.

So he is the Founder of Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks, and Exotic Watches. His story is also a big inspiration to anybody So his story also goes way back to the early days when his parents had left the middle east during the war times and they moved to America. Ever since he was little boy he worked his way from washing cars to working in Corporate banks and all the way becoming a successful entrepreneur who turned his life around. Even when he was an immigrant he had to go through all the hurdles to become what he is today – A Millionaire.

He teaches how to become a millionaire in his academy – Secret Entourage.


I’ve read his book Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation which reveals the birth of entrepreneurship, he also provides you with a reflection of yourself through the different stages you will go through in life in order to become an entrepreneur. After reading this book you will walk away understanding how much more of life you have control of than you actually think.

And in book Radius which talks the 5 pillars of RADIUS which are the checkpoints that each and every business has an opportunity to cross. It will break down for you not only all these important business concepts but also give you an inside look into his own companies and how he effectively used a system to scale his businesses to over 50M in revenue across multiple unrelated industries.

Recommendations: Take Radius Course – Understand how you can transition from novice to a super successful entrepreneur

Peng Joon:

He is a top internet marketer from Malaysia. He became rich by first selling his e-book on the famous Facebook game Farmville. He also went from leaving a corporate job that paid very little to venturing out on his own to learn about marketing on the internet.

peng-joonHe has a famous online course called internet income intensive. It will teach you how to create systems and make money online. You can read more about him on his personal website. www.pengjoon.com

He became a millionaire by launching affiliate products and selling them to people who needed it, from a huge internet platform called Clickbank. He then became a millionaire doing that. He is one of the first youngest “ClickBank Millionaire”. I follow his content for tips and strategies.

Although his programs are expensive, you can follow his content on youtube where he shares a little bit of strategy and wisdom from his experience of marketing and selling online.

Chase Jarvis:

I don’t remember how I landed over Chase Jarvis. But he is an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. He runs his own company Creative Live. Creative Live has online classes covering a variety of topics ranging from arts, music, photography to entrepreneurship and business.

chase jarvisBut what you can benefit from his is, you can learn from his interviews where he interviews top people in the industry on what they have learned and how they have gotten to where they are now and what they wanted to do in life. Watch his 30 Days of Genius interview series here. Bookmark it to watch it later as well. Good inspiration for you as well.

Marie Forleo:

I was inspired by how Marie Forleo the founder of Marie TV a famous YouTube Channel. I love her story too. She went from trying different things in life from working in corporate America, leaving that and sometimes bartending, sometimes being a dance instructor and then taking up coaching business. She is a multi-passionate woman and she got the opportunity to speak at Oprah’s Soul Winning Sessions.

marie forleo

She also interviews Top Industry experts in various fields in business, marketing, personal development and other areas of life. She also leads “B School” which teaches about real life entrepreneurship and marketing.

Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins an Entrepreneur who is a Strategist for mindset, business, and personal development. I’ve learned a lot from watching his free videos on YouTube.

Tony Robbins

If you watch his videos on YouTube or even read his books – Money Master The Game, The Science of Achievement and Unshakeable. It will be more than enough to get into the right mindset and perspective.

You can know more about his personal story here. Getting to know people who went from nothing to becoming something in life and achieving high levels of success and then transforming so many people’s lives is a big accomplishment. Tony’s story is also one of them.

Make sure to learn from experts on being the best at what you are doing.

Tai Lopez:

Another Multi-millionaire entrepreneur who went from nothing to being a successful person who invested in various companies and is a social media influencer who dominates the Social Media World.

He has the largest bookstore or library of books from all the best people in the world alive or dead. Also he has a lot of luxury cars in his garage. He is always up to date on what’s happening in the business world and he also speaks about the good life. His videos on YouTube or even the free live streams are more than enough to transform your life. He gives so much value. You will have the potential to run a business or learn from him if you take his advice and implement it.

He had millionaire mentors in his early days and likes to learn from successful people from all industries. His knowledge and skill set is what made him stand apart. He is extremely smart and picks the best people to teach or learn from.

Watch his latest interview with Tom Bilyeu on YouTube. He says you need to work smart and not hard. If you need other resources let me know.

Watch it here:

Grant Cardone:

I came across rant Cardone when I was watching his interview on YouTube where he shared about how he went from being an addict and coming out of it and turning his life around. He was in sales. He didn’t like it much, but he later decided that he would get good at it. He went to be the Top Sales guy who brings in big money in millions for every deal he closes. You can watch the YouTube interview here.

I love his approach towards life, business, and mindset. If you haven’t gotten into the 10X Mindset you should read his 10X Rule Book, Sell or Be Sold and Be obsessed or Be Average.

In Business you have to sell, to get your mind in the right frame, you should definitely check out his Sales Fundamentals Training. It is vital for everyone. Even if you are not selling in a company you are actually selling in every conversation you have with people.

Dan Lok:

He is the one who went broke from China to Canada in search of a better life. He was extremely poor. He wanted to have the Good Life. He moved to Canada and started learning about internet marketing. You can read about his personal story through his book F.U Money.


Now he is one of the highest paid consultants. He is called the king of High Ticket sales. He closes big deals. Watching his videos will also open your eyes to what’s possible. He has gone the road ahead of you and will teach you so much you didn’t know.

Review of What Happened in 2017

So as I said above I was hooked on the content that these top entrepreneurs were posting. I knew that I now had to take the step to execute. Then I realized I need to get things done in order to have a business and life that I love. So I had to start blogging because I loved the concept that it helps a lot of people and also it helps you make massive passive income when your readers list increases.

Digital Deepak:

It is a blog created and run by Deepak Kanagaraju. He is a blogger who teaches about Digital Marketing in his blog Digital Deepak. It took him almost 7 years to get it to where it is today. A large base of readers from all over India and over the world. And a large community of more than 50K followers.

If you also want to learn about blogging to create passive income you should check out his 100 Day blogging course, which is a step by step blogging guide video series where you will learn about blogging as well as digital marketing. I’ve enrolled already in that course.

Apart from that, I’m taking other courses from him as well. It is good to learn from experts who have gone ahead of you and are successful at this.


It is a blog run by Pardeep Goyal. I got into this online business thing primarily because of the inspiration and reading his blog articles. He primarily blogs at Cashoverflow.in and has another blog called startupkarma.com. He has other blogs as well. The thing I love about him is his heart to serve and help his readers and equip them to start their online business journey.

Also, I wanted to learn content marketing that’s why I’ve enrolled in his Content Marketing That Works Course. For now, he has closed the enrollment. If you are interested to learn let me know.

But what I like about him is that he has a Paid Newsletter Program where only the inner circle members will get access to high-quality actionable items. If you are interested I can ask him to enroll you. Just let me know. You will get tons of high-quality actionable items that you can receive from him every week.

He also runs 10K challenges and other experiments on Content Marketing and building a successful business using blogging.

Ultimate Bundles:

I enrolled in the Ultimate Bundles Program to get a glimpse of how other bloggers all around the world do their business blogging. (Now I’ve given you the work at home link). Genius Blogger’s Toolkit will be available from November. The biggest thing about this is that you get a bundle which has over 91 different e-courses, e-books and printables valued at more than $5200 for just a price of $99 only covering all the topics on blogging, sales, marketing, business building and making money online and so much more. And this is a year time access. Totally helpful for any stage of Blogging, Vlogging, and online business creators.

Interested to join? Get on the waitlist. I will let you know when it opens.

Mapplinks Academy:

This is run by Rishabh Dev who runs an SEO Mastery Course for 2018 and also runs Growth Hacking Courses. Learning about the latest SEO Techniques is a need of the hour. Also learning it in a step by step method helps.

I enrolled in his course to learn the top tips on SEO which works. SEO is primarily to get your website or blog article ranked on the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.

I’m a part of his training. I can get lifetime access to his courses.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez:

I discovered Kimberly Ann Jimenez through Social Media. I wanted to learn about running a blog as a Business and but more than that I needed a mentor to actually push me forward. Her membership program called The Business Lounge is where I’m enrolled now. I take regular lessons on running a business.

If you want the whole package I highly recommend you enroll yourself in the program. I basically took this because I see potential and I know that her program covers the stages required to scale it to a million dollar company. This program takes you through different stages in business and helps you maintain accountability. Take the 7 Day $1 Trial here.

Also, the major reason why I opted into the program was that I can get personalized mentoring from her on any business question and also the supporting and engaging community inside the members only forum. You can get into this program which is equivalent to the price of tea totaled for a month.

Meera Kothand:

I follow her blog. She blogs under her own name. Her content is absolutely fantastic. The biggest bonus is you get special emails on email marketing and other tips and strategies through her emails. I find them so much valuable and actionable. I love her story of being able to go from sub-zero level in blogging to earning a lot from her blog in over one years time. You should definitely check out her blog startup course.

If you are a newbie or need help in the initial stages of business you should check out her blog startup course. Since she is an email marketing expert you should check out her Email marketing swipe files, which is extremely helpful.

Elize McDowell:

She is from New Zealand and she runs a blog based business at House of Brazen. The thing I love about her is her story of leaving a corporate job and the struggle she had to go through to become a blogger and business owner who is able to earn consistent money from that and how she runs her business.

If you love to learn how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours she is the go-to person. Check out here e-book here.

Note: There were a lot of people who have inspired me but I think you should start somewhere in life to make things happen for you. You should build your own online business and live your lifestyle.

Interested to start your online business? Sign Up below.

Tools in My Arsenal:

Website Hosting: Siteground

The most reliable hosting solution to start and host your blog.

Try Siteground.

Email Marketing Software System: Convertkit

Connect with your audience through email. Help them and you will build your online business.

Try ConvertKit.

Professional Website Themes: StudioPress or WP-Themes.

Your blog needs a good looking theme so that you feel good as well as your readers.

Try Genesis themes



Thrive Themes: Thrive Landing Pages.

This is used to get more people to sign up for a program or a course you have created or yet to create.

Landing pages allow you to get your readers to know about what you have in store for them. It allows you to educate them by creating an overview of a course or an ebook. Then you can get them into your program and help them.


Resource Vault #1:

Here is a list of programs and courses I highly recommend you check out below:

  1. Blog Startup Course – Meera Kothand – Learn about blogging from scratch through an e-book or a worksheet. If you can do it on your own grab the blog startup course here.
  2. 100 Day Blogging Course – Digital Deepak – If you need a step by step walkthrough, you need a person to guide you through all the way this is the course I recommend.
  3. The Business Lounge – Kimberly Ann Jimenez. – If you want a course + a mentor + a community of entrepreneurs and online creators, try the business lounge here.

Resource Vault #2:

List of books you can read to begin your journey as an entrepreneur or online marketer:

  1. Ditch your average Job and start a successful business – Rich20Something.
  2. The Power of Broke – Daymond John.
  3. 10X Rule – Grant Cardone.
  4. Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone.
  5. Be Obsessed or Be Average – Grant Cardone.
  6. Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk.
  7. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk.
  8. Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk.

Bonus resource to check out:

  1. How to make your affiliate sale in 24 Hours – House of Brazen.
  2. How to make passive income selling Kindle Books – Project life Mastery.

Start now and in a years time you can be in a different place in life and have an income from different online sources. So signup along where ever you find a signup form and I’ll send you goodies and other things that will help you become a successful Digital Entreprenuer.


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