Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out The Popular Google ReCaptacha Alternative: hCaptcha

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Do you use Google Captcha on your website or blog? Sometimes you may get annoyed using Google Captcha, that’s why I’d like to introduce you to Google ReCaptcha alternative hCaptcha.

This is going to make your life even better.

hCaptcha (the “h” stands for human) is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA. It’s also free! 

Here’s the link to hCaptach:

Google ReCaptcha Alternative.

Keeping your website forms secure is an important thing. I’m sure if you’re using contact forms or any other kind of form on your website you want to make sure that it’s being filled by humans and not bots.

We recommend you to use WPForms to create your Contact Forms.

Because in this blog post, we’ll show you how to enable hCaptcha integration on your forms so that you have a better alternative.

About hCaptcha.

hCaptcha is an alternative to the popular Google Captcha that’s meant to prevent your forms from being filled by bots.

This prevention of forms from being attacked or filled by bots ensures that your contact information privacy is protected. So in order to do that, the user will be presented with the following challenges as in the picture below.

Only humans can solve them. Bots cannot.

Google ReCaptcha Alternative: hCaptcha

Sometimes you’ll be presented with a challenge like the following image when you’ve created your form. You can choose or control them in the backend.

Google ReCaptcha Alternative: hCaptcha

How To Secure Your Forms With hCaptcha.

We all want to secure our forms that we have on our blog or website. And hCaptcha is a great alternative to help you.

Sometimes you may not feel that Google ReCaptcha is that effective or that you may not have any control on the Captcha feels to the user. This is where we use hCaptcha.

hCaptcha is actually a free tool that is built to keep any kind of spam or bots from filling out your forms by answering simple questions or challenges that only humans can answer. These questions are built using sophisticated machine learning and AI to prevent spam bots of any kind to scrape through the coding and infiltrate your form.

Here’s what I want you to know about hCaptcha – It is one of the most popular alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA, the main focus is on privacy of your user or subscriber data. It has a privacy policy template that favors with the regulations of GDPR and CCPA.

Most people have a Google account but what you’re concerned here is that there are privacy issues and other sorts of conflict that comes in the way to block all kinds of spam and bot traffic coming to your website primarily your forms that you have on your website. hCaptcha is a free service that is there for you to easily get started with it.

So if you’re using hCaptcha with your forms, here’s a process you can follow to enable them on your web forms.

So if you’re using WPForms here are the settings you can follow.

Install WPForms if you want to enable hCaptcha and follow along.

So, we’re in the backend of your website where you’ll see WPForms. So when you click on WPForms settings, you’ll be able to see hCaptcha under the CAPTCHA tab.

You are free to choose which of these Captcha you want. For purposes of this tutorial, you need to choose hCaptcha.

Now if you choose hCaptcha as in the image above, you’ll be able to start having a seamless experience like the one’s I’ve mentioned above. They’ll be presented with challenges that are fun and only humans can answer them. Not robots.

Here’s where most people go wrong. So you don’t want to use Google’s reCaptcha. Google’s reCaptcha is bad because it isn’t strong enough to protect your forms and any other thing on your website. Bots, spam and any other malicious things can break-in while messing with the original human information that may come from real users.

After you’ve enabled it, this is what you’ll be able to see on the front end of your forms.

(Refer to the image below).

So if you’re doing this on your contact form, you’ll be able to adjust the settings that can help you adjust Fail Message, enable No-Conflict Mode, and other sorts of things.

You’ll be able to see the preview of how the CAPTCHA displays on your forms. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t affect the front end coding display.

Since you’re using WPForms as your form builder the form will look clean and your Captch option would stay right in it’s place. It won’t mess around with any other features that your form requires of your users. Paying web developers to build this is costly.

So whenever you’re creating any other form, you can simply head over the backend where you’re building your forms under WPForms. In this example, we’re using our Contact Form. And after you’ve laid out the form, you can find the hCaptcha button the left. Simply drag them under below the contact form for it to show up.

This way your form will show the hCaptcha option on your live form. Just hit SAVE when you’re done.

For all the other forms that you may have on your website, you should find the hCaptcha option and drag it to the form field on the right and place it right above the Submit button.

There you have it, you can select the hCaptcha option on the backend of your WPForms plugin settings, and it’ll show on the front end of your website where your contact form is shown above.

Make sure to use this great alternative to Google reCaptcha – hCaptcha. This is built for humans and totally avoids bot and spam traffic entering your forms.

Google ReCaptacha Alternative - hCaptcha Pin
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The conclusion of this whole thing is that you can use the Google ReCaptcha alternative: hCaptcha instead of Google Captcha that you might or might not have any control over your forms.

hCaptcha is free and you can easily integrate it with your forms such as WPForms.

If you’re using other form builders you need to look up for the integration alternative procedures.

However, if you’d like to use WPForms to integrate hCaptcha on all your forms, you can get WPForms here.

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