Grow Your Email List To 10,000 Subscribers With GetResponse Email Marketing Platform

Email List Building Program - GetResponse
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Email List Building is so dang important for any kind of Online Business, whether you’re a freelancer, a service provider, a coach or a consultant or even a Digital Product Creator. Email List Building applies to all types of Internet-Based Businesses.

In the previous post, I covered a step by step plan to grow your email list when you’re starting an online business. It will help you grow your list easily as I’ve broken it down into steps that are easy to implement.

Email List Building Tool: GetResponse (Highly Recommended).

Before we get into the email list building ideas, I want you to understand that in order to grow your email list you need an email list building tool. I use GetResponse.

Get Response All In One Solution - Email List Building Tool

There are many other email list building platforms out there like AWeber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Mailerlite. But the only reason why I have picked GetResponse was that it had so many features that it saves you the cost of buying your email autoresponder, landing page builder and other online CRM tools.

I want you to watch this video to understand why I Picked GetResponse.

Earlier I was using Mailerlite (It has Free Plan up to 1000 subscribers) but I realized if you need to grow an online business, you need way more tools and buying each tool separately would cost you over $500 but by getting GetResponse you have 100s of tools in one platform helping you to succeed in growing your online business.

Features Inside GetResponse.

GetResponse is amazing because of the many amazing features that are available inside the platform.

In short here are some of the top things your online business needs and it covers them all:

  • Create Forms.
  • Create a Landing Page.
  • Create Lead Magnets.
  • Create an Autoresponder.
  • Create a Survey.
  • Create & Schedule Newsletters.
  • Sell Directly Inside GetResponder.
  • Host Webinars & Presentations.
  • Manage Leads & Sales.
  • Handle Sales Pipeline.

Get Response Email List Building Tool

If you’re fairly new, you may not understand why do we need all of them, but remember that in order to start, build and grow your online business, you‘ll need to attract readers, turn them into subscribers, nurture them to build trust & relationships with you and eventually sell stuff.

And to do it all GetResponse has all the features you’re looking for in an online business growth tool.

Let’s take a look an in-depth look at its features.

Email Marketing

GetResponse is basically designed and known as an email marketing tool. It’s got an amazing email marketing system that allows you to create & design emails with either their beautifully designed email marketing templates or create one from scratch.

Get Response Email List Building & MarketingTool


Selling Made Easy

Did you know that you can sell stuff through email marketing? Most people especially bloggers aren’t even aware of this. GetResponse has this amazing feature which helps you build a powerful funnel that allows you to sell right from inside their system. It leads a subscriber through a process which helps them becomes customers at the end of the funnel.

GetResponse Email List Building & AutoFunnel Tool

Landing Pages

You must use landing pages in your website to collect leads (email subscribers) or even make a sale. GetResponse allows you to build landing pages within their platform. You can use their pre-built landing pages to customize and create your landing pages. You won’t need to buy another landing page tool for your business. You can even integrate it with your autoresponder which will send automated emails for you.

GetResponse Email List Building & Landing Page Tool


Most online business owners have things to sell. Well, that’s the point of having an online business actually. So if you’ve things you’d like to sell, you can use the tool inside GetResponse. They allow you to upload files you’d like to sell, collect payments, and do other cool things.

GetResponse Email List Building Tool & Ecommerce Store

Traffic Generation

GetResponse has so many amazing tools that will help you drive traffic to your blog post, sales page, landing pages or even your products. They are basically giving you stuff that will help you explode your traffic. If you’re new to building a business, a blog or any kind of online store you need traffic (people who can become customers) to your business. GetResponse does the amazing job of helping you provide tools to generate traffic to your business.

GetResponse Email List Building Tool & Traffic Generation Tools

Marketing Automation

If you truly want to live the digital lifestyle, you need to incorporate marketing automation in your business. Without marketing automation, you’ll struggle a lot, but lucky you that you’ve got GetResponse that will help you solve your problems with automation. You can set up automation not only for your emails but also to send automation for every single thing right from sales automation, webinar followup automation, react to completed purchases, abandoned carts, and so much more.

It helps you take care of your customer journeys overall.

GetResponse Email List Building Tool & Marketing Automation Tool


If you’re planning to do an online presentation or webinar before you present/pitch your products or services to your audience, GetResponse has an in-built feature to host your webinars inside their platform.

GetResponse Email List Building Tool & Webinar Hosting Tool

A Complete List Of All The Features Inside GetResponse.

Here is the complete list of all the features that you’ll get inside GetResponse.

GetResponse Features List - Email List Building Tool

Email List Building Ideas.

Email List Building is very important for the growth of your business. Here are some ideas that you can use to grow your list.

  • Create A Free PDF.
  • Checklist.
  • A Free Course.
  • Content Upgrades for every blog post.
  • Exclusive Access to your resources pages.
  • Discounted Offer to a product or service.

Likewise, there are many ideas you can use to grow your email. But trying to implement all these ideas in one shot is not what you should be doing. You need to pick one that will be relevant to your business and work from there.

Another Tool To Build Your Email List Today.


Get ConvertPlus Here!

This is another amazing plugin for WordPress website users that you can use to grow your email list on your website. It has so many different types of list building forms and mats that will help you collect your reader’s email addresses when they’re on your website.

You can do so many things: Build Email Lists, Share Updates, Detect Exit Intent, Offer Discounts, Grow Social Followers, Promote Videos, Personalize Offers, Redirect Traffic.

ConvertPlug - Email List Building WordPress Plugin

Essentially it helps you generate more subscribers & sales conversions using popups, header & footer bars, slide-in forms, sidebar widgets, in-line forms, social buttons — all in one plugin!


Get ConvertPlus Here!


Email List Building Success Needs.

In order to succeed in your email list building efforts, you just need

  • A Lead Magnet.
  • Nurture Sequence.
  • More Frequent Promotions.
  • Add Sales Sequence Followed by Welcome Sequence (Make Money).

We’ll cover more of this another blog post. Till then you can enroll in the GetResponse List Building Program that they teach you to build your list to 10,000 subscribers in 90 days.

Enroll in GetResponse List Building Program (Grow Your List To 10,000 Subs in 90 Days)

GetResponse has a 90 Day List Building Program that will help you grow your email list to 10,000 subscribers.

This is a free course as part of using their system.

Why should you join the GetResponse List Building Program?

  1. The program is designed to help GetResponse users build an engaged email list and increase sales – in just 90 days. For free.
  2. By the time you complete it, you should have an eager audience of 1,000 subscribers – or more!
  3. After completing the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges you as an expert in list building techniques

Click the image below to sign up for the Email List Building Program.

Get Response Email List Building Program

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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