So you want to grow your Instagram following right? Great, that’s a great goal to have!

Most people who start out with the goal of growing a following on Instagram think if I just post something on the gram and I’ll get a rush of followers immediately.

But in reality, that’s not the case. Your content has to be appealing. It has to speak to an audience you are trying to connect with.

It shouldn’t be just about you. Although you can share about what you do, but most of the time it’s about what value you bring to your audience.

People follow accounts because they like what’s being posted also they are interested in something that they want to know or learn more about.

Now if you are on Instagram you might have experienced changes in the algorithm, your posts not getting enough reach or you might not be seeing any such results at all.

In this post, I’ll explain certain things you must do in order to grow your Instagram account.



I can tell you that the main reason why I had success on my Instagram account to go from 500 followers to over 1770 followers is that I posted consistently.

I made up my mind that I would post regularly to grow my Instagram account.

When I realized that people use Instagram as a business tool, I thought “wow I too can use it to grow my account and bring in business”. Just imagine being able to do business with your Instagram account and getting paid through it.

So I went out and consistently posted every day. I started to research and find out how to actually grow an account, although everyone teaches different strategies every time I tried to implement the ones I could.

Later I decided to enroll myself into a social media mastermind and now because of it, I learned a lot about Instagram and other social media strategies.

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It allows you to create and schedule content ahead of time so it saves you more time when you try to create and post content every day.


Most people who post on Instagram, don’t always write engaging captions. There is a place below your photos or posts where you can write engaging captions that will provide value.

Think of your caption area as a mini-blog. You can only write so much but you will learn how to speak to people on a certain subject. These captions are the ones that will create engagement on your account.

If you are wondering what to talk about in your captions, you can just share your thoughts on the photo or post image you’ve just uploaded to be posted, share about what you’ve learned, how your reader can take some action or take one key learning away from your account.

You could even ask them to follow your account or drop a comment below so that involves them engaging with your account.

Before you write engaging captions you have to know that your account has to be for business and not pleasure.

This means your account has to be focused on a certain niche – People need to know whom you are talking to, whom you are serving and your content has to be focused on serving the people in that niche.

I can give you a simple step formula that will help you write engaging captions:

  1. Give a heading or a problem people are facing in your niche.
  2. Narrate a story of what people are doing and what results it is bringing them.
  3. Give a counter-solution explaining to people that if they didn’t get the results what they were looking for they could consider your solution.
  4. Briefly describe your solution and give a call to action.

Your Call To Action has to be something that will help them take action on the post.

It could be either a comment on the post or sending you a DM or sharing the post on their story. Or even better scheduling a call or buying your product or service.


You might be posting some content online but if you are not using hashtags in your posts, you are probably not allowing your posts or even your account to be discovered by others.

From now onwards you should start using hashtags in your posts. These hashtags make your posts discoverable. If you fail to add them you won’t be seen. You might not be a celebrity to have a lot of followers liking and commenting on your posts.

Normal people like you and me can actually grow an account by being consistent, writing engaging captions, making videos and posting and using the right hashtags for the niche that we are operating in.

Now that I’ve told you that you have to use hashtags, understand that Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post.

Now you might be asking what hashtags to use. Well, it basically depends on the account followers count, the engagement rate and the visibility of your content.

But make sure you use 30 hashtags. 10 of them can be from the range of 1 Million to 50 Million, 10 can be in the range of 50,000 to 1 Million and the last 10 hashtags can be in the range of 50,000 to 500,000 hashtags.

The idea here is to pick 10 hashtags in each size range by looking up the keyword followed by #keyword in the Instagram search bar.

Collect and store them in a notes app to use them on your posts.

If you really want to learn the in-depth strategy of picking your hashtags that will actually attract your ideal audience to your posts and following your account, then I highly recommend you to go through “Hashtag Hero Course“. It is a complete in-depth course by my friend Alex Tooby who explains to you how to find the right hashtags to increase engagement on your posts and get your account discoverable.

Hashtag Hero Course is by far the best-recommended course I can guide you towards. You know you want to increase your engagement or grow your following at the same time, then this is where you start.

Without the use of the right hashtags, you will struggle a lot. Let me tell you that upfront. Want to understand the basics of Instagram? Check out the free Instagram Authority Course.


You might have seen many people use Instagram Stories. You might be wondering how well they do that and how is it that their stories are so engaging and good. Well, they are just using Instagram stories to their advantage.

Instagram stories are a way for other people to actually discover you as a person.

On your Instagram stories, you can share about yourself, tell people to buy something from you, you can provide value in the form of video and audio content to your followers, ask them a question or get them to take action on something.

People’s account gets discovered through Instagram where you can actually use hashtags on certain topics.

Now your job is to use Gary Vaynerchuck’s strategy of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.

This means you provide value, value, value, value and once in a while you ask.

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You can actually see what I’m doing over there. You won’t learn all this until you do the work yourself and see how well it works out for your account.

The only thing is to be consistent and post on your account as well as your story regularly. To help you with your Instagram success on your stories I would recommend you enroll in success by story course.

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Now that it’s very clear to you that you have to post regularly, write engaging captions, use the right hashtags and present yourself on the Instagram story, you can also invest in running paid ads that will drive visitors to your profile.

Try Ads when having the budget to do them. You can google out how to run paid Instagram ads to your profile anytime.

Note that doing all the above steps are the first step of the equation of your Instagram account success.

The next crucial step is to get into your community and engage with other posts and leave a meaningful and thoughtful comment. When you begin to engage with the people in your community, you will begin to see that people start noticing you and you will be seen as the go-to person.

This will drive followers to your account. There is an old strategy that people used to do: The follow and unfollow approach. What they do here is go to the account of the Influencers in your industry and follow the people following them. This is not a great strategy but it worked for a while.

Unless you actually bring value to the audience, they are not going to want to follow you. Everyone wants followers but no one wants to do the work.

If all of the steps and procedures above seems too much of a work to do and you want the step by step action step that you can follow at your own pace, then I highly recommend you to take Infamous To Influential Course. This course is also by Alex Tooby and this course is designed to teach users how to grow a targeted, engaged and loyal following on Instagram.

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