For the past 2 years (2017 & 2018)I have followed a lot of bloggers and saw them start their blogs knowing nothing about blogging and turn it into a full-fledged thriving online business.

So this year I wanted to start and do the same – Take my blog from $0 to over $9,000 per month.

You may feel this wouldn’t be possible but I say that it is possible. Anything really is possible when you believe and act on it.

Most bloggers who failed to achieve their goals in the last 2 years of my observation had a few things missing that the successful ones had.


  1. Did not set Goals or struggled to set goals.
  2. Did not have a plan in place to guide them to achieve their goals.
  3. Were not executing on the plan.
  4. Were not consistently showing up all throughout the year.

Now I’m sure you too want to achieve something big this year with your blogs.

I’m sure you have a blog, if not you can start a blog now then follow along.

Whether you have been trying to grow your blog or you don’t know what to do next this post will help you think about your blog’s growth.

I will help you understand how to set your goals, the work you need to do, the metrics you need to focus on, how to grow your email list and how you can start focusing on blog income and also get more done with your limited time & efforts.

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Let me tell you about the Blog Planner for 2019. This will help you take a look at your blog as a business and understand what will make your blog succeed.

Basically, I’ve made this for myself and It will definitely help you.

You can also find out the best process that will help you grow your blog.

Here are the blog goals I’ve set for 2019

In order for you to set realistic goals, you have to first answer the question of what is that you want from your blog.

For me, I’d like to tell you that I’d like to help/educate/train at least 5000 people this year start their blog and make their first income online.

So here’s how my goals will break down:

Email List Goals: 5,000

Income Goals: $9000/Month by December 2019

Traffic Goals: 25,000 Page Views by December 2019

Blog Posts: 4 to 12 Blogs Each Month (Yours can be different).

Recommended Course: The Blog Startup Course

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How You Can Set Your Blog Goals for 2019

You first need to set your blog goals first on where you want to go with your blog.

Say in a years time by December 2019 where do you want to reach with your blog.

Current State ——————>>>> Future State

Here is an example of how I’ve set targets for my blog.

Here are the 4 Important Blog Metrics that will determine your blog’s success:

Email List Size: No of People on your email list.

Blog Traffic: The amount of traffic you bring to your blog.

Blog Posts: The more content you write the better you can help accelerate your blog in the eyes of Google or Pinterest (when you are choosing to use Pinterest for driving traffic).

Income: The amount of Income you are able to generate either via affiliate product sales or using your own product/service sales (eBooks, courses, or consulting).

Let me explain how each one plays a role in your blog’s growth.

Email List Size:

You may be asking how an email list is important for a blog?

You should run your blog like a business.

A business always has customers – Your email list that you collect and grow is your customer base.

They are going to buy it from you. That’s why you should collect their email addresses.

Blog Traffic:

Without traffic coming to your blog every day you will not be able to do the above step of collecting email subscribers.

You have to focus on building your blog in such a way that you actually are providing value for your readers or customers and they are able to find your blog.

Having consistent traffic is important for the survival of your blog and business.

So how you measure your blog traffic is by connecting your blog with google analytics.

I will write a blog post on how to start using google analytics later.

Blog Posts:

The only reason why I want you to work on content (writing helpful blog posts) is that when you are able to articulate and solve problems via words, you are building trust with a reader.

Now when you’ve built trust, the reader trusts you and listens to you when you ask them for taking any action on your blog.

Blog posts are just like the first touch point with your blog.

Putting a lot of blog posts out there initially will help both Google and Pinterest to understand that you are putting out more into the eco-system and they will reward you.

The content you post now if optimized will start ranking for keywords on google in about 6 to 9 months time.

Then it will bring consistent traffic.

Meanwhile, traffic from Pinterest can help you meet your traffic goals.

Most readers from Pinterest convert into subscribers actually.

Income Goals:

Remember you are running a business and a business has to make money to survive or else it dies.

So when you have blog posts, you promote them to your target audience, they read your blog (traffic comes in and increases over time), next after you’ve built trust they opt-in to your freebies, you collect email addresses.

Now when they are on your list, you build a relationship with them and ask them what problems would they need to be solved.

Based on that you can create a product and sell them.

Now you start making an income from your blog (your online business).

Please ask me questions in the comments below and I will we happy to answer you.

Get the planner and plan yourself for success and income in 2019. This will change your life.