How To Build An Email List (Essential Things You Must Have To Grow Your Email List)

How To Build An Email List
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Building an email list is so essential to the survival of your blog and business.

You can’t keep blogging like a mad person day in and day out unless you’re a full-fledged media company with staff being able to crank out content daily.

The success of your blog and business relies totally on your email list.

The email list is a list of people who’ve shown interest in what you have to offer whether it’s a paid content or a free content.

They had a problem and they found you online when they came across your content.

This allows you the content creator and blogger to build an email list of potential buyers.

In this blog post, I’ll give you essential tips on how to build an email list.

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How To Build An Email List For Your Blog & Business.

How To Build An Email List

The most essential things you need to build an email list are the following:

– A Lead Magnet or an Opt-in Freebie.

– An Email Autoresponder.

– Traffic to grow your email list.

There are two ways you can build your email list when you have a blog.

#1. Using Content Upgrades:

Content Upgrades are just upgrades that add even more value to a reader and the way the reader has to get those upgrades are using an opt-in form.

That form collects:

– Their Name.

– Their Email Address.

These content upgrades can be anything that supplements that blog post.

Both Content Upgrade and Lead Magnets mean the same thing.

Types of Lead Magnet:

– A Cheatsheet.

– A Free Checklist.

– A Free Guide.

– A Free Workbook.

– A Free Worksheet.

– A Free Printable.

These kinds of content upgrades work well because they are short and easier to consume. And they can be added anywhere in the blog post.

#2. Using Landing Pages:

Landing pages are separate pages like a stand-alone page which doesn’t have any menubar, sidebar or any other distraction.

They just promote one thing and one thing only.

And the objective of a landing page is to collect the contact details of the person who lands on them. Most preferably name and email address.

So, what you must do to grow your email list is to either create content upgrades and place those opt-in forms around your blog posts and drive traffic to them. Interested people will definitely subscribe and opt-in to grab that content upgrade.

You can also use a stand-alone landing page to deliver a lead magnet and collect email addresses of your prospects and potential customers.

All you now need is traffic. Traffic represents people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Send more people and you’ll be able to build your email list.

Importance Of Having An Email List.

How To Build An Email List

The real reason it’s important you have an email list is:

– You’ll be able to build a relationship with your readers and then sell them something that solves their problem or fulfills their need.

– With the growth of your list you can grow your income and double your business.

– Email lists can be used to drive traffic to any offer, promotion, event, etc

The sole reason why anyone either tries to acquire traffic either by paid or non-paid methods is to acquire interested customers.

Once you’ve acquired a customer, you own that traffic.

Now you can then use this traffic source you own to send traffic to any place you desire.

Emails are where most of the business is done. You can’t be playing around on social media traffic.

Social media traffic has to be converted into email list traffic. (Traffic that is earned is converted into traffic that you own).

Now because you own traffic you won’t have to pay to make money in your business.

Essential Things You Must Have In Order To Grow Your Email List.

How To Build An Email List

Here are the most essential things you must have in order to grow your email list:

1. Lead Magnets and landing pages.

2. Multiple Content Upgrades on your blog and website.

3. Email Autoresponder to build you an email list.

4. Traffic either that’s paid or free(earned).

Lead Magnets as I told you earlier are content upgrades that can either be stand-alone or related to a topic in your blog or business.

Landing pages are pages specifically designed to capture or squeeze the contact information (name and email) out of your prospective customer.

If you write a blog post and create multiple content upgrades (opt-in forms) then you now have the potential to extract as many leads as possible to grow your email list. This alone triples the rate of your email list growth.

Now having an autoresponder is great because other email services providers don’t facilitate or handle bulk email sending.

I use GetResponse Email Autoresponder – Try It For 30 Days Free.

Now, when you either send paid or free traffic to your blog post, you’ll be able to grow your email list.

Here’s how it works:

You send traffic to your lead magnet > people opt-in on your landing page > they become a part of your email list.

Both free and paid traffic can be used to grow your email list.

A Simple Email List Growth Strategy (You Can Deploy Today).

The most simplest email list growth strategy that you can deploy now is to actually signup with your email autoresponder.

I use GetResponse, you can also get yourself an account by clicking here.

What GetResponse does is that it has special landing pages that allows you to use from their directory and create a landing in minutes.

Let’s login to our account and create a landing page.

You need to click on Create > Create Landing Page.

Choose Create Landing Page - How To Build An Email List
Choose Create > Create Landing Page.

This will load up all the landing pages inside GetResponse.

Here are a few landing pages that’s available inside GetResponse.

Choose one that you like and customize it.

Landing Page Templates - How To Build An Email List
Landing Page Templates Inside GetResponse.

Once you pick one you can customize it and connect it to a list inside GetResponse that you can create.

Here’s one of the landing page examples if you wanted to take a preview of it:

Landing Page - GetResponse - How To Build An Email List
Example Landing Page Created Using GetReponse.

Now when you connect your lead magnet, and send your traffic you will start to grow your email list.

How To Build An Email List Pinterest


So the best and most effective way to grow your email list is to use more content upgrades, build landing pages and drive traffic to them.

The shortest route to building a landing page is by using the built-in landing pages available within your email autoresponder.

You can use the landing pages inside GetResponse and start sending traffic to grow your email list.

The next way you can grow your list is to carefully include content upgrades and opt-in forms all through your blog post to triple the growth of your email list.

Once a blog post is live, you will be able to convert readers into subscribers immediately whether you use paid traffic sources or free traffic to grow your email list.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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