How To Create A Content Calendar For Your Blog (So You Can Publish Content Regularly)

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So you started blogging? Great! Now if you would have brainstormed some ideas you’ll have some blog posts for the entire month.

But you need more content to actually grow your blog and business.

Here’s where I can help you. You need to learn how to create a content calendar for your blog. (So you can publish content regularly).

Most bloggers who have been successful in today’s environment, they all have a content calendar or some sort of schedule to help them stay on track.

You might have started your blog to maybe make money or any other reason for that matter, but here’s what you don’t know.

It takes creating content to get all the visibility on your blog only then can you get people signing up to your email newsletter.

Once you get them onto your newsletter you are free to promote products and services. (Of other people’s and yours).

You have to think of your blog like a media company.

Have you seen media companies push out content regularly? You must be regularly reading their content right?

Think of your blog like a media company.

Push out more content, so you can get the traffic you need for wherever it is you are trying to take your blog.

Table of Contents

Understand Why You Need A Content Calendar.

The first thing you need to understand here is that a Content Calendar is going to help you think of your blog like a media company.

All media companies have some sort of content calendar.

This calendar will help them figure out content ideas for their blog and then create titles, body content, search for images, and other creatives that will help with their content creation process.

Since you’re blogging and using that as a way to grow your business, a content calendar will help you fill your calendar with ideas, then finalize them into ready to create content for your blog.

Your content calendar helps you find out what your audience wants.

Image you create a collected your content ideas and you created a calendar to publish them every weekday. Now you’ll know how each content is performing, what’s getting more traffic, more social media shares, who’s commenting, which ones is skyrocketing. This allows you learn what your audience wants and give more of that.

What if you didn’t create a calendar, you’ll have a bunch of ideas but because you didn’t create a calendar, you wouldn’t stick and because of that you’ll never be posting consistently and eventually you’ll give up.

So the person who creates a calendar is sure to have atleast 20 – 30 blog posts getting published on his/her blog every month while the ones who don’t will hardly have 5.

You need a system to help you keep yourself on track if you want to succeed.

Without a content calendar here’s what happens:

– You’re not gonna be publishing content regularly.

– You’ll not get the exposure you need.

– You’ll get no leads signing up to your newsletter.

– Because of no leads, you’ll make NO MONEY, a.k,a $0 (Zero Dollars).

Small things can cause repercussions, I’m telling you just by you failing to do simple steps of action, you’ll experience big failures. Don’t be the one to say I told you and you regret this decision badly.

So, if you want success, you’ll be on track, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll figure yourself out and stay on track. At least you’ll get to know that because you didn’t publish content on your blog you didn’t grow your business, you’ll need to start doing that.

How Content Calendar Helps You Stay On Track.

Creating a content calendar helps you out a lot.

Here are some ways a content calendar will help you stay on track:

– You’ll publish content frequently to grow your blog traffic, and email list.

– You’ll learn about different content forms that your audience loves.

– You’ll be able to niche down and even create products to sell to your audience.

– You’ll grow your email list which in turn will help you grow your income.

– Just by publishing content, you’ll get that traffic spike and google rewards frequent content publishers.

– Your blog might get picked by major publishers and you’ll be getting so much traffic that you ever thought possible.

Now, I want you to think about the cost of not creating a calendar that allows you to stick to it.

Imagine, in a year’s time you are earning a good income because you decided to stick with a content calendar that forced you to be consistent.

But, what if you just ignored a content calendar, in a year’s time you will be making “zero” dollars and you’ll be kicking yourself for not being consistent, then you’ll think “Wish I had a calendar that made me stick to my decisions”.

Your content calendar is just like your other calendars. When you schedule content, you’ll get it done. When it’s not scheduled, you’ll not even know that you need to get that thing done.

Please think hard why I’m suggesting you to create a simple content calendar. Learn from my mistakes, I didn’t create a content calendar and that’s why even the ones who started a blog after me grew their blog, email list and income and they stole all my audience.

Don’t let that happen to you. Building a blog takes time, but eventually your efforts all compound and you’ll get a big result – like a huge traffic spike, huge email list, huge income (in over a year’s time).


Note – It takes about 18 months for blogs to start seeing a six figure income if you do it consistently.

How To Create A Content Calendar.

In order to create a content calendar, you’ll simply need to open Google Sheets and then you’ll need to create a new sheet.

Go to File > New Spreadsheet.

This opens the spreadsheet.

Start creating a column as follows:

– Month.

– Date.

– Day.

– Blog Topic.

These few columns can help you list all your blog topics.

I hope you understood how to create a content calendar.

You can also create a brainstorming topics sheet by clicking on another tab in the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Here’ a snapshot of how it looks like the one I created for you to download.

Content Calendar Snapshot - How To Create A Content Calendar
Snapshot of the Content Calendar You Can Create.

Download Content Calendar Template [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Since some of you find it hard to create a content calendar or don’t have time to create one, here’s one you can download instantly and use it.

NOTE – Make a copy before you use. Go to File > Make A Copy.


I hope you learned how to create a content calendar for your blog.

Content calendar is super easy to create. In fact you can download the one I’ve given you and start using.

Remember that without using a content calendar, you will not be able to grow your blog and your income.

Think of your blog as a business. A business that’s modern runs on content. That’s why it’s important you learn how to create a content calendar for your blog.

People read blogs and that’s what shows up when you search for anything on google.

You better learn how to create a content calendar then not only you’ll be on track, you’ll actually treat your blog like a business – and show up to do the work that needs to be done to grow your business.

Call it a business every time, dedicate sometime and do the work. Think like a startup and you’ll find hacks and strategies that I don’t even know. (and come and share them with me in the comments below).

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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