If you want to skyrocket your lead generation and sales, this new Gamification strategy will help you.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

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Have you seen the spin to win flywheels on most websites? It looks so intriguing that you instantly want to play that spin game right?

It works because it creates a possibility for you to win something. People love to play that.

It’s like a game that allows you to spin to win something that you’re offering.

So, if you’re having a WooCommerce or Shopify store, you can try the spin to win flywheel campaigns on your store and see the conversions and Optin’s go through the roof.

So basically the spin to win optin adds gamification to your store’s sign up forms.

You can use this to share discounts, special offers, and perks as a reward. This kind of optin’s are proven to increase engagement and sales.

For example, did you know that nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their carts and will never return to complete their purchase?

Coupon Wheels reduce cart abandonment and recover those lost sales.

With OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® Technology, you can detect the precise moment that the user is about to leave, and show them an irresistible offer to complete their purchase.

In this article, you’ll learn how to easily add spin to win optin forms to your WordPress site and Shopify store.

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What is Spin To Win Optin?

Spin to Win optin is a signup form or a discount coupon wheel which adds gamification to your website. The website visitors play a game to win discounts, unlock special offers, or access downloads after playing the game.

Gamification is a term that’s used to create a game like experience where they have to go from one level to another or take up a challenge to play this game.

Take a look at the image below that represents how the Spin to Win Optin form looks like.

At first it pops up on the screen saying you can win something by choosing to spin. And to redeem it you will need to enter an email address.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

There are several case studies that have shown that gamified optin forms get conversion rates as high as 30% or more.

The reason for that is quite simple. These gamified optins are fun, interactive, and instantly get users’ attention.

With game rewards and coupons, you actually encourage users to complete the game they started by using the reward they have earned (i.e making a purchase using a discount they won).

So if you think this sounds cool, let’s see how you can easily add spin to win optin forms to your website and store.

Companies That Succeed With This Spin To Win Campaign.

Since this method works so well there are companies that are using this gamification with great success:

Seriously, all the Gamified optin forms have been known to turn 2-3% conversion rates into conversion rates of 30% or more.

Gamification works because it’s engaging and memorable. And, when people start thinking about your brand more often, they get curious.

So they subscribe to your newsletter or buy your products.

And, just like that, you’ve gained another customer thanks to a coupon wheel popup that took you just a few minutes to create.

So if you think your website, or store can benefit from this let’s learn how you can install it and start using them.

Install and Activate OptinMonster For Your Website.

OptinMonster is the best lead generation software on the market. It helps you grow your email list and convert website visitors into paying customers.

So at first, you need to visit the OptinMonster website and sign up for an account.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

OptinMonster is actually a paid service, and you’ll need to use their ‘Growth’ plan to access the ‘Coupon Wheel Campaigns’ feature.

So at first you must install and activate the free OptinMonster plugin on your WordPress website. In order to install a plugin, you need to download it, go to Plugins > Add New and then upload the plugin and activate it.

The plugin connects your WordPress website to the OptinMonster app. So once you’ve activated it, click on the OptinMonster menu from the admin sidebar to connect your account.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

Creating a Spin to Win Wheel Campaign.

After connecting WordPress to your OptinMonster account, you need to click on the ‘Create New Campaign’ button to create your first spin to win optin.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

This will take you to the OptinMonster website.

First, you have to choose Fullscreen as your campaign type.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

Next, you have to select a campaign template. You’ll have to pick one of the Wheel templates to create a ‘spin to win’ campaign. Choose the one you like and go ahead with the next step.

Once you select a campaign, you’ll be asked to provide a name for your template and select a website where you’ll run the campaign.

If it’s a wordpress website, enter that name there. If it’s a shopify website, enter that website name.

After that, you will see the OptinMonster campaign builder interface.

From here you can change your campaign design, colors, fonts, etc. You can simply point and click on any item to edit its appearance.

Make sure you style it to your needs and it matches your website brand colors.

Go ahead and click on the gamified wheel element to see the options to change its colors.

Next, you will need to click on the ‘Edit Wheel Sections’ button to edit the values of the coupon wheel sections. Start customizing it according to your needs.

See what part of your store will work best for conversions and go ahead with it.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify

This option will allow you to add coupon codes and special offers to the wheel. You can select whether or not each option has a chance of winning. When you turn an option off or on, the win percentages will be automatically recalculated.

Since it’s designed according to a set of parameters, play with it to see what suits your needs best.

Feel free to experiment around with colors, copy, button, and other things. Once you are done, click on the Save button at the top to save your changes.

You can always come back and make changes. Don’t forget to Save the changes every time.

Choose When to Show The Spin Wheel.

The next thing we need to do is to choose when you want this spin wheel to display.

So you need to select when you want your spin to win the campaign to be displayed on your website or online store.

OptinMonster gives you powerful targeting and display options that allow you to trigger the spinner anywhere and at any time on your website.

Simply switch to the ‘Display Rules’ tab in the OptinMonster dashboard. From here onwards, you can select different display rulesets for your campaign.

For example, you can use exit intent ruleset to launch the spinner campaign when the website visitor is about to leave your website.

You can also combine different rulesets. For example, you can set another rule to launch the campaign on specific pages.

After adding display rules, click on the next step button.

For the next step, you’ll be asked to select a view. So, you need to select the Optin view and click on the ‘Next step’ button.

Once you’re done, you’ll see a summary of your display rules. You can now click on the Save button at the top to store your changes.

You are free to make changes if they don’t match your needs.

Adding the Spin Wheel to Your Website.

Now that your spin wheel campaign is almost ready, let’s add it to your website.

At first, you need to publish your campaign. From the OptinMonster dashboard, switch to the ‘Publish’ tab and check the toggle next to the ‘Status’ option.

Now you’ve made it live on your website.

If you’ve entered your shopify store, you’ll see that here. If it was a woocommerce store, you’ll see it too.

Don’t forget to click on the Save button to store your changes.

You can now visit your WordPress website and click on the OptinMonster menu item. You should now see a list of campaigns you have created with OptinMonster.

You may not see that on your shopify store, feel free to see if there are any apps for optinmonster. But since you’ve enabled this on your store, it will go live.

You’ll see your recently created spin to win wheel campaign with the Live status. If you don’t, then click on the Refresh Campaigns button to fetch data from OptinMonster website.

Now whoever spins the wheel and opt’s in you’ll be able to collect the leads and grow your sales.

To see a live preview of your campaign, you can visit your website in a new incognito browser window. Based on your display rules, you’ll see the spin to win wheel popup on the screen.

Feel free to make changes accordingly. You can revisit these steps to make changes when needed.

How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify


So if you’ve love this tutorial on how to add the spin to win campaigns on your WordPress website and Shopify store drop a comment below and share this post.

Someone might find this valuable and it might help them boost their store sales.

Don’t forget to use OptinMonster to create these creative catchy campaigns that will help you skyrocket your business and grow your sales/leads today.

Click here, to download OptinMonster and get started with those sales.

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