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If you already have started your blog or website, you might be wondering how to increase website traffic. You should be posting articles consistently on your blog or website by now which is important but you won’t get much traffic doing that because that’s not the answer.

If you have tried a lot of tips and tricks from other blogs and articles online, but even if none of them have worked in the past I’ve covered the best 7 ways how to increase website traffic.

Traffic is basically potential customers who are interested in your brand or business.

The number one reason why your blog or website doesn’t get traffic is that your brand is not out there where your potential customers are.

Your website or blog doesn’t’ get traffic because no one even has heard about your brand, blog or your business.

For your website or blog to get a surge in traffic you need to be out there where your customers are there.

Let’s understand that there are billions of customers for your brand or business. It’s only that they haven’t discovered you yet.

In order for them to discover your brand and business, you need to go out there and help them know that you are there to solve their problems.

In case you are struggling to start a blog please do that before you try these techniques

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Let’s dive into How we can increase website traffic in this blog article.

 7 Ways How to Increase website traffic.

  1. Google Search (SEO):

According to Live Internet Stats, there are 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide just on google.

And Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. This statistics helps us understand that so many people are using google to search for something that they are looking for.

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is by ranking your pages on google for one of those search terms. And what I love about this is that once you rank them for certain search terms, you’ll get huge traffic surge overnight and for days and months.

Can you grab a share of this search traffic? Absolutely. It’s not that hard as you might think!

So in order to grab a share of this traffic, you need to make sure that once your blog post is written you shouldn’t hit the publish button immediately.

Instead, you should make sure you are optimizing your blog post for search engine traffic. It’s called SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Learning how to optimize your website for SEO is pretty much simple.

Here is a resource that will teach you exactly how to increase website traffic using SEO.

Resources to learn from: Learn How to Use SEO to get more google traffic

  1. Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of those platforms where you can get a huge spike in your website traffic.

In order to increase website traffic from Pinterest, you first have to start by creating stunning pins for your Pinterest boards.

Make about 10 – 20 boards with the tops around your blog and start pinning them with valuable pins.

It’s easier to create a pin on canva.com

To automate your pin, I use Tailwind. You can always schedule your pins and get them to do the work for you.

The next thing would be to join group boards and drive traffic from them.

Pinterest strategy for traffic would be to pin about 30-45 pins per day and they would be enough. It can all be taken care of if you use Tailwind for scheduling your pins.

In order to find a list of Pinterest groups, you need to go to pingroupie.com and find the relevant board that will drive traffic to your website or blog.

Be sure you know everything it is about Pinterest to increase your website traffic.

I have included a resource below on How To Increase website traffic. It’s a book by Anna who teaches how to use Pinterest properly.

Resources to learn from: Making Pinterest possible

  1. Quora:

Quora is another great way which will help you increase website traffic.

Quora is a place where people post questions and you get an opportunity to answer questions and maybe link back on relevant answers to your blog post or articles on your website.

You may be asking How To increase website traffic using Quora. It’s pretty simple.

You need to be consistent in posting content on relevant people’s questions that are in your niche.

Posting answers that answer the questions will help you drive a hell lot of traffic.

Pro Tip: Be the first to answer questions on Quora. Another thing would be to answer questions where more than a 1000 people are waiting for a response for a long long time.

This way you will be able to provide value at a level that no one else can.

People will begin to look at you as an authoritative figure. It makes you stand apart.

Does this make sense?

Many of you who are reading this may not know but you can start to diversify your traffic online.

A resource I’ve included below shows how you can not only drive traffic but generate leads to your business.

Resources to learn from: How to Attract 9872 Visitors from Quora in One Month

  1. LinkedIn:

Did you know that you can increase website traffic 10x times when you post on linkedIn?

You may know that LinkedIn is where businesses and professionals use to hire people for different job opportunities.

But you don’t know that LinkedIn is one the best places to Increase website traffic and also allow you to stand out of the competition.

Since the LinkedIn algorithm is pretty loose you need to take advantage and post your valuable blog posts or articles from your website on LinkedIn and link them back to your blog for more people to read.

As you keep building your authority, people will want to read what you have to say.

Just offer value.

Pro Tip: When you write on linkedIn, write them in a single line sentence. Make sure the way it’s’ presented looks appealing. Add photos but most importantly tell stories. People connect with stories.

You should see a resource below that will help you start your LinkedIn Game and will teach you How To increase Website Traffic today.

Resources to learn from: How to Drive Traffic to Your Blogs Posts Using LinkedIn (60,000 Website Visitors Per Month!

  1. YouTube:

You probably know by now that YouTube is the secret sauce that drives insane amounts of traffic to your blog or website. But do you know how to increase website traffic?

YouTube Videos are a great way to drive traffic to your website as well as increase your subscribers.

Once you do a YouTube Video explaining something you can embed them in your website and you can link your blog posts or other links below your YouTube Videos.

People will read your descriptions and click and read your blog posts.

Also, YouTube is a great way to promote your affiliate links. Try this one here.

Here is a resource which will help you get started on YouTube and crank it up and build your subscribers and list.

Resources to learn from: Learn How To Use YouTube – Get YouTube Starter Kit

  1. Guest Blogging:

Did you know that Guest blogging is one of the massive ways to drive a ton of traffic?

Guest posting is one of the most efficient ways to actually steal the traffic that comes to that particular website.

Guest posting shouldn’t be that hard. You just need to build relationships with people whom you look up to in your niche and start commenting on their blog articles.

Once they find that you are providing value you will get recognized by them.

This will be a gateway for you to start pitching for a guest posting opportunity.

Here is a resource that will help you get started on guest posting.

Resources to learn fromLearn How You Can Start Guest Blogging

  1. Email List:

You might be wondering How To Increase Website Traffic using an email list.

Let me tell you one thing if you have a significant list of people in your email list you can send them one email and they will open up your email and go and read your blog post.

But building an email list is really hard, but it can be simplified if you learn it from the right person. Below I’ve mentioned a resource that will teach you how to build your first 1K subscribers from scratch.

You should know that the traffic that you get to your website from your email list is the traffic that you can control.

The other forms of traffic that you get from other places are not controlled. That is you are not in control of them.

The traffic from Facebook Ads, other Social Media Ads and email list are the only source of traffic that you can control.

If you can’t send a controlled traffic to any blog post article or offer, your business fails.

So the first thing you need here is a list of subscribers you who are interested in your business.

To build your email list you need subscribers. To learn how to build your first 1K Subscribers from scratch you will learn it from the resource mentioned below.

This will teach you how to increase website traffic to your blog posts and offers.

Resources to learn from: (Get 1K Subscribers)

Bonus: Facebook Groups & Reddit Forums:

Do you know How to Increase Website Traffic by using Facebook groups & Reddit forums?

Let me tell you more about how to go about using them for your blog and website.

I’ve added to the list as a bonus to this list because when you are starting to build your blog or you are experienced at blogging or content marketing you can get significant amount of readers to your blog from these places when you share your articles in specific Facebook groups or Reddit forums where your ideal reader hangs out.

Your website needs traffic and the only way to get website traffic is to go out there and share your blog articles in posts where you can start a conversation over a question that someone has asked.

You should understand that that person is probably waiting for a response. So once you do provide value to that question you have an opportunity to get a new subscriber.

The best places you can share your blog posts are in Facebook groups and Reddit forums when you are just starting out. This requires doing work manually.

Try them out and let us know how you’ve worked on to increase your website traffic.

If you are looking to build your list of email subscribers I highly recommend you to go through Get 1K Subscribers Course.

Have you enjoyed the Top 7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic? If so leave a comment below and let us know which of these are you going to try out.

I highly recommend you to work on Getting your 1K Subscribers first. Your life would change from that moment.

If you are looking to learn how to Increase website traffic then you can learn easy ways to increase website traffic overnight.

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