How To Log Your Emails With WordPress

How To Log Your Emails With WordPress
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In this article, you are going to learn how to log your emails with WordPress.

Did you know that your WordPress website uses a standard mail function to send emails that isn’t quite predictable; sometimes they work and sometimes you don’t seem to know what’s happening?

Imagine trying to send emails from your WordPress Website to your clients and you just can’t seem to find out the status of the emails you’ve sent.

That email meant probably a business deal or some new project you’re trying to work on, but how will you know what the status of that email?

That’s when email logging comes into the picture.

Did you know that all your emails are logged into your WordPress Dashboard? But I bet you can’t find where they are.

But that’s just what I’m about to teach you in this blog post. How to log your emails with WordPress so you can know exactly what’s happening to them.

Let’s Get To Know More About How To Log Your Emails With WordPress.

What Exactly Is Email Logging?

An email log is a record of all the email communications you are having with your recipients (clients or customers) whether received or generated with your mail sending plugin. But generally, you won’t know where those communications are stored. Even if you dig around, you will not be able to find them out.

If you’re using e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce on your WordPress website you will know they get emails delivering the product or even the receipts. If you log in to the Emails tab of the plugin you can find out the emails being sent.

What about the other emails you just can’t find them. Well, there’s a solution that will help – Install the WP Mail SMTP Plugin. With this plugin, you can know every single email’s information.

All the questions like:

…. what’s the date and time the email was sent?

….. Was it delivered, and if not, what’s the status?

….. Did the right email make it to the right person?

And this is where email logging comes to save the day. Get the WP Mail SMTP Plugin.

Email Log is another powerful feature of WP Mail SMTP that will help you earn more sales from your WordPress Website. And you can enable this option with just one click

Where Does Email Logging Work On Your WordPress Website?

You should know by now that you won’t be able to see a list of emails being sent from your WordPress website because they are all stored and being processed at the server level.

To sort this issue out, you need to use a WordPress Email Log Plugin called WP Mail SMTP.

What WP Mail SMTP does is, it allows you to not only see your email logs (a history of emails being sent or received) but also you’ll get your emails delivered right into their inbox without worrying about being blocked or redirected to their spam folder.

If you’re looking to solve both these problems – Get Your WP Mail SMTP Plugin here.

Benefits Of Using A WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin.

If you’re using WP Mail SMTP Plugin, you can easily be able to do the following:

  • Get Notifications From Your Forms: When you enable Form notifications you will instantly get email alerts when someone fills out a form. This is really helpful as you can automatically route or filter emails while easily staying on top of incoming leads that come your way.
  • Check Your Email Status: You can stay organized by checking your email logs and easily sort through the emails because now you have a place to actually see your email logs (both incoming and outgoing).
  • Check Extra Details On Emails: This plugin will help you learn more about each and every email that was sent. You can view your email logs to uncover more information including the date and time the email was sent, the status of the emails, the subject, or the information you’d communicated to your client or customer.
  • Ensure Email Deliverability: This plugin allows you to use email logging to verify if an email was delivered successfully or not. If a customer or client reaches out to you and says they didn’t receive an email they expected, you can check the status in the log to justify the same. All you need to do is to turn on User Activation whenever you create a form.

How to Log Your Emails with WordPress.

In order to log your emails with WordPress and take complete control of your mail settings, you need to follow the following steps. This will completely take care of your mailing needs in your WordPress website.

Step 1:Install the Plugin.

First, you to install the WP Mail SMTP Plugin.

A complete tutorial on how to install the WP Mail SMTP plugin is available – Click here to access it.

Once the WP Mail SMTP plugin is activated, head over to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Enable Email Logs.

Once you’re inside your WordPress dashboard, you should click on WP Mail SMTP » Settings. Then, click on the Email Log tab.

From the Email Log page, you’ll spot an option called Enable Log. This will keep a record of every email sent out from your website moving forward.

How To Log Emails With WordPress Website

You need to click the box next to Enable Log.  And another option will appear underneath that option called Log Email Content.

The Log Email Content option will store all of the content of the emails sent from your site. You’ll be able to find it in the email record along with the other details.

Then, click on the Save Settings button to enable WordPress email logging.

Step 3: Access & View Your Email Logs.

To view your WordPress email logs, click on WP Mail SMTP » Email Log on the WordPress admin menu. This will show all the emails (starting from the newest to the oldest).

If you want to see more details about a particular email, just click on the Subject. This will open a page for that individual email log.

That’s it. You have successfully learned how to log your emails with WordPress.


So, in conclusion you are now able to see the emails that are being sent from your website and also have a track record of what they were and when it was sent.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin is the solution to being able to keep your email logs on WordPress and also track everything.

It not only allows you to track them but works in such an amazing way that it allows your emails to hit right into your customers or client’s inbox without being blocked or hitting the spam folder.

So, use the WP Mail SMTP Plugin and sort out every single mail issues you have on your website, whether they are using your eCommerce plugins or any other third party software or plugins you’re using.

If there are any questions, you can comment below and let me know.

Jehoyakim Jena

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