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How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

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Did you know that your life would become easier if you started using Zapier along with all things online? You have your website contact forms but wouldn’t it be so much more easier when all your leads are being pushed forward to carry out other tasks that will drive your business forward?

Your website’s contact forms, especially if you’re using WPForms, does collect leads on the backend of your website but it would take you a lot of manual effort to download them and email them or add them to your list of customers.

If you consider integrating the Zapier Addon that comes along with WPForms, you’ll be able to make sure that your leads get an email confirmation or any processed information ASAP! This will wow your clients and leads.

Zapier can take your automation game to a whole another level.

How To Install WPForms Plugin.

In order to use the Zapier to work for your WPForms contact forms or any other forms, you need to install WPForms.

Here’s how to install WPForms:

  1. Click here to download WPForms on your computer/PC/Laptop.
  2. Go to your WordPress dashboard, look for plugins on the left panel. Click on Plugins > Add New, this is where you click on Upload and you upload the downloaded zip file and click Upload.
  3. Click on Activate and then upon installation, you need to go to WPForms on the left panel and head over to settings, and Add your license key to activate.
This is how you need to install WPForms plugin and activate it.

How To Install Zapier Addon To Your WPForms.

Before we begin to install the Zapier Addon on your WPforms, here’s what we’re going to cover below.

Here’s the breakdown of the list:

  1. How To Install The Zapier Addon.
  2. How To Create A Zap In Zapier.
  3. List Of Zapier Connections To Connect With WPForms.

How To Install The Zapier Addon.

Hope you’ve installed the WPForms plugin on your website. If you have not, please refer to the procedure above on this article.

In order to install the Addon, head over to the Addon section and find the Zapier Addon. You must then click on it and Activate it.

Once you’ve activated the Zapier Addon, head over to your WPForms settings, go to WPForms > Settings. Next we have to integrate that with Zapier. So just click on the integrations tab as you can find in the picture below.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Are you able to see the Zapier Tab, click on it and it will open more details.

Just go ahead and click on it, you’ll then be asked to enter the Zapier API key. Once you’ve gotten it, paste it and activate it.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

You can do so by opening it in another browser.  Just make sure to copy the API Key so that you can use it again if incase you need it. Just save it somewhere safe.

How To Create A Zap In Zapier.

As you know by now that Zapier is an Automation tool, so in Zapier, they have a thing called “zaps”, these are all integrations that help you do all the automation work for you. 

So let’s get into how to create a zap in Zapier. These zaps help you with automation because they send over the information to another service that’s you link it to.

So, now let’s create an account or login using Google.

Click here to log into your Zapier account and then follow the process.

If you’re new to this, please don’t worry about this because you can sign up for Zapier and and create an account for free, just with the help of your Google Account.

Note: Inside Zapier, some integrations will require you to have a paid account. If you’re looking for info about their paid integrations, head over to Zapier’s page on premium features.

Now let me help you create a “zap.”

Now that you’ve created your account and logging into it, you’ll have to click on that black + button that you can see on the upper left corner.

(Refer to the image below as you create yourselves).

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Next, you’ll be lead to a page where you’ll be creating your a new zap. You can name that zap.

Refer the image below to see what I mean.

The, I want you to select WPForms as your first app, because we want all the contact form data to be taken via zap automations. 

If you can find it, use the Choose App & Event search box and search for WPForms that’s how you’ll find WPForms.

Once you find it, click on it.

(Just refer to the image below if you don’t get it)

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

After you’ve selected WPForms, Zapier will ask what should it trigger. So you’ll be presented with some options.

I want you to choose or select New Form Entry under Choose Trigger Event.

(As seen in the image below.)

Now we’re very clear on using WPForms and also collect the New Form Entry details.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

The next step I want you to take is to Connect Zapier to WPForms.

The Sign in to WPForms button will popup as seen below. Just sign into your account and you’ll be done.

(Refer to the image below for example).

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Clicking on the above button will make an overlay to appear. Just enter the API Key there..

If you want to find the API key, just go to WPForms settings on another tab and open it, you can find it under settings.

Then, you’ll be asked to enter the website where you are going to use to fetch this contact form entry data. Just enter the website you want it to work for.

Make sure to enter the website ( don’t forget to enter the slash at the end.

When you’re done, just click the Yes, Continue button.

(Didn’t understand anything? Refer the image below.)

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Now your website will be connected via Zapier to the website where your WPForms forms is hosted.

Your next step is to do the following as seen in the image.

Choose the WPForms in the dropdown below from that specific account and click Continue button.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier


In the next step, you’ll be asked to choose which Form you want this automation or zap to work. Below Customize Form Entry section, just select that particular form and click Continue button.

Refer to the image to understand this step.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Because you’ve selected this particular form, you’re telling Zapier to fetch data from this particular form. Now Zapier can fetch all the data. 

If you see the image below, you can go ahead and click Test & Continue button and you’ll be able to test if this connection works or not. 

If you want to test it out, click the below button Test & Review so you’ll for sure know that it works.

Note: Most people try to make their form work when they’re trying to automate their new form but for this to work, you need to have at least one form entry. Just enter a dummy test info to make your form automation/zap work.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

So yeah, if you clicked Test & Review button, then within a few minutes you’ll be able to see all the form entries show up on the screen. 

I just want you to verify if that’s exactly what you entered into the form. If it’s correct that means that this form is working. 

If everything seems fine, click on the Done Editing button. Once again, refer to the below image if you have any questions.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

On the other hand if you clicked the Test and Continue button, Zapier will automatically take you to the next step if things are working properly. But be sure to test and review it first so that you know for sure it works.

Your next task will be to make sure that your Zapier Event is selected.

So search for what you want that form data to be handled. Maybe you want to email them an automated email, set that up. Or whatever it is that you want to do, do it.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

What you can search above is what and how you want your form entry details to be dealt with.

Zapier has over 2,000 apps and services available, and you can find more about the integrations they offer on Zapier’s site. Make sure to choose the right action you want to acheive next and complete it.

Until you select the right step next, your process of setting up Zapier and WPForms isn’t complete.

Once you’ve found or searched for an app that you want, Zapier will help you and walk you through all the steps you need to take so that all that form data is being passed onto your the service you’ve chosen. 

So if you’ve selected a service and you need help, you can google it and figure it out, even Zapier has all the necessary articles with steps  on what to do next.

List of Zapier Connections To Connect With WPForms.

You reading this might be wondering what all list of connections does Zapier allow with WPForms.

It’s impossible to cover it on our blog, but let me list what is available and what all WPForms team has written that can help you with.

Below you’ll find all the tutorials created by WPForms team for all the connections that Zapier can work with.

Click on the them individually and you’ll be able to read about it.

Send Any Kind of Uploaded File To Web Storage Services:

Send Any Lead(s) To Marketing Services/CRMs:

Send Any Kind Of Entry Details To Task Lists or Team Communication Services:

Send Any Form Of Entry Details To Invoice Or Accounting Applications:

Other Additional Popular Integrations That Will Be Valuable To You:

I hope these special tutorials created by WPForms team will help you immensely.

Benefits Of Using Zapier Addon.

You might still be wondering why should you integrate Zapier to your WPForms. But let me list out the benefits so you take this seriously.

Do you know how much time it takes to follow up with leads? Why not automate the process so that you are only working with qualified leads who score points on the workability scale you set in your business.

Here are some benefits you should consider the Zapier Addon you have with WPForms.

  • Use it connect to your favorite application/CRM.. 
  • Becasue of WPForms Zapier addon you can connect your forms to 2000+ web applications using Zapier.
  • Just this addon alone will do so much for you, you can send the WPForms data to:
  • Create a Lead in Salesforce.
  • Create invoices on FreshBooks.
  • Create a contact in HubSpot.
  • Send text messages using Twilio.
  • Add a Google Contact.
  • Make a task in Trello or Asana.
  • Add a customer in QuickBooks.
  • Get a Slack Notification.

I hope this gives you so many more reasons and possibilities that arise in your mind.

So it can simply your life in the most easiest possible manner. Save time, effort and money using the Zapier Addon with your WPForms plugin.

Connect Zapier To WPForms.

If you’re looking to connect Zapier to your WPForms, click here to do so.

Here you’ll find all the information about all this.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier
How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier


Zapier can actually simplify your life with automations, just try it out. You definitely have a lot of forms on your website that you can automate lead follow up and closing.

Using WPForms on your website or blog, then the Zapier Addon will help you simplify so much form and lead operations.

Just install WPForms, pull up the Zapier Addon and connect it and you can begin to automate your business and simplify your life.

This is how to make your life simpler with Zapier and WPForms.

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