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How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours is an eBook course written by Elise McDowell from The House of Brazen. You might be wondering that making your first affiliate sale is too good to be true.

Or you are struggling really hard to make your first affiliate sale and nothing happens despite your efforts.

Here’s what every blogger on the internet does:

– Write blog posts maybe using an affiliate product in mind.

– Then they try optimizing their posts for SEO hoping it would rank & get them traffic.

– Realizing that it takes over 6 months to over 1 year or more to get your posts ranked, they look for other sources where they can get significant traffic to their affiliate posts.

– Then they discover Pinterest and try using it to drive traffic to their blogs.

– And later they find out that they’ve a long way to go, where they have to learn how to use Pinterest and how Pinterest works.

– Then after creating the Pins they start pinning on Pinterest with the hopes of driving massive traffic to their blog posts.

– Finally did any of these efforts work out for them or for you? No, you’re hearing crickets.


Let me try to put an end to your struggle.

I’m sure you might not have had much success even with Ads on your website.

To me Ads are annoying and It completely destroys the reader’s experience on my website.

So what do you do? There’s a better way to go about making your first sale.

How To Make your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours is the book that has helped over 3000 people (in the last year 2018 alone) who are bloggers who have struggled to make their first affiliate sale.

The first person who was actually able to have success is Ana from The She Approach.

Here’s her story of how she made her first affiliate sale in 24 hours which was a total inspiration to me.

The affiliate strategies that take to make your affiliate sales may not seem to work.

You could be trying the traditional strategies that you know or read about.

But does that seem to be working for you? If it’s a No, then I highly recommend you to buy the book, it’s just $25. 


Here’s what you can expect from this book:

The step by step no B.S action steps and strategy you have to follow to make your first affiliate sale.

Most people get them wrong. Here’s where you learn the right method to make sure you not only grow your list but also use Pinterest to make your first affiliate sale.

Here’s what you’re going to learn from the Ebook:

>>The basics you need to jumpstart your success with Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest, find an affiliate product to promote and learn where to find the best group boards to increase your affiliate sales.

>> The step-by-step tutorial on how to create the perfect affiliate pins from start to finish using Canva. Plus, you will learn what a strategy to create high-converting affiliate product pins.

>> Replicate a strategy to make your pins go viral by learning the exact promotional strategy to use on Tailwind that not only makes you money on autopilot but also triples your income.

Final Conclusion:

This ebook is for you if you really want to make your affiliate income fast in under 24 hours through Pinterest.

You will be able to create pins that will not only go viral.

Create viral pins that will triple your income.

Even if you are a newbie who doesn’t know anything about affiliate marketing or Pinterest you will learn the basics.

You will learn the easy process to design and create the perfect pin in canva.

Leverage group boards to maximize your affiliate sales.

Click here to read the testimonials from the people who had success on this course.

You also get some killer bonuses from Elise like:

Bonus #1: A 45-minute workshop on how to increase your traffic, subscribers & sales.

Bonus #2: The ultimate resource for over 1000+ Pinterest group boards in all niche’s.

Bonus #3: A killer ebook $10k in 12 months. (Value: $25)



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