How To Quickly Grow Your Email List with Content Locking

How To Quickly Grow Your Email List with Content Locking
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Want to learn how to quickly grow your email list with content locking? This strategy will skyrocket your email list in no time.

It works so incredibly well, that you’ll be blown away.

Content locking/content gating is a great strategy used within blog posts and long articles because it is one of the easiest ways to get more email subscribers.

If you still don’t get it, we’ll explain more in this blog post.

About Content Locking:

Content Locks or Content Gates are basically a lock or a gate that is used to lock your content and the visitor or reader has to unlock that content by subscribing or entering their email address to view the rest of the content.

If you’re new to this term, generally in the online space they use the term “content upgrade” pretty often.

Content upgrades are just extra stuff you can offer to your readers and subscribers. So the reader has to enter their email address to access that content upgrade. The content upgrade is sent to the subscriber via email.

But content locking is entirely different. It’s basically a situation where you are adding a gate or lock to your content whether that’s a blog post or a page on your website.

Usually when there is a long blog post, you can deploy this content gate or lock into your blog post, by including a few lines of code.

But since many people can’t code, you can use OptinMonster’s Content Gate feature. It allows you to lock content that is long and heavy.

So whenever you are writing out a detailed blog post, at a certain stage within your blog post, you need to include content lock. So this will help you quickly grow your email list.

The reader has to click on the content lock to access the rest of the content.

The simplest way anyone can use content locks or content gates is installing OptinMonster. You just signup and go to that feature and enable it.

Example Of Content Gate/Content Lock:

I’m sure you’re looking to see what a content gate looks like. Let me show you an example.

Here’s one image of the content gate that was used by Aaron on his photography websites.

So in the above example, the reader has to signup to access the rest of the content.

He has locked it behind a gate where the reader has to give him their email address. 

This content gate converted at about 50%, which means for every 100 visitors 50 of them signed up to his email list. This is a very powerful strategy to convert readers into subscribers and grow your email list.

Normally in the industry, less than 5% signup for things on the website. How staggeringly low those numbers are? But by adding a content upgrade where you give more value, you can increase the subscriber signup rate.

Which means, only the interested people will signup to your email list. These are high quality subscribers.

You might know of a business funnel.

A funnel is where you take strangers who don’t know you or your business and turn them into customers.

And, as they come down the funnel, only the serious ones come down the funnel, so you’ll be having the serious ones convert into customers.

How To Use Content Locking In Your Blog or Website.

In order to use content locking or content gating in your website or blog, you need to install OptinMonster.

With the help of OptinMonster, you can start using content locks, exit popups, and so much more features to turn readers into subscribers faster than every before.

Over 1,000,000+ people use OptinMonster, so this is your chance to start converting readers into subscribers.

Click here to get a copy of OptinMonster.

Once you install it, you can start learning more about them in their blogs and articles on how they have skyrocketed their business with over 1,000,000+ subscribers.

Content Lock For Bloggers.

So if you are a blogger by profession you can use Content Lock to attract more new subscribers by gating a part of your high-value content. Most bloggers give away great content for free, but instead you can make your existing content work harder for you.

The ultimate point is to grow your email list with content locking.

OptinMonster’s Content Lock will blur or remove content below a set point on the page, so that visitors or readers have to opt-in to see the whole article. This is one of kind and no-hassle strategy you can deploy to grow your email subscriber list with content you’ve already published. 

Best thing is that OptinMonster works on any platform, so it’s easy to add a content lock to WordPress or any other content management system that you’ve been using.

OptinMonster’s Content Lock feature is also a powerful tool to help you monetize your website or blog. Actually you can combine it with a Custom HTML integration to allow you to collect revenue from locked content.

If you think this can help your business is anyway, click the button below and get OptinMonster.

How To Quickly Grow Your Email List with Content Locking Pin

Let me know in the comments below how you found this helpful.

Try OptinMonster on your blog or website and see how it skyrockets your website email list growth.

If you found this helpful, comment below what you need help with next.

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