How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress
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Are you using a WordPress Website or Blog? Then I’m gonna tell you something that’s gonna shock you.

You’re losing tons of leads and sales on your website.

You may ask me “How do you know that?” Let me tell you how I know that you’re losing leads and sales.

Did you know that most people who start to fill out a form will leave the page before it’s finished?

The average form abandonment rate is nearly 68%. (Source: WP Forms)

Let me ask you, “Are you using forms on your website to collect some kind of data from your website visitors?”

Well, if you answered “Yes”, then you should know that if your form doesn’t have a way to capture people who abandon them, you’re losing leads and sales.

What if I show you how to reduce form abandonment in WordPress in this article, will you make changes immediately?

If you agreed let’s dive right in!

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

Step 1: Remove Other Form Plugin and Install WPForms.

In order to make sure that your form doesn’t lose leads and sales, you have to install WPForms and uninstall every other Form plugin.

(Note: Before you uninstall them, take note of all the fields and options you’ve included). 

I don’t know if there is any other form plugin out there that has features that will help you take care of visitors who abandon your site.

WPForms plugin is the plugin that allows us to do just that.

Also, WPForms has a massive list of features capable of transforming your WordPress website into an online lead & sales generating machine.

Click here to download and Install WPForms.

To install WPForms Plugin, go to Plugins > Add New. Activate the plugin.

Then, you need to activate Form Abandonment Feature.

This feature is an addon that comes along with your Pro Version. You will not have this feature on the LITE Version (Free Version).

You need to enable this addon to activate it for your forms. Go to WPForms > Addons to install & activate “Form Abandonment Addon

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

Now, that your form abandonment feature is installed you are done with step 1.

Step 2: Recreate The Forms Using WPForms.

Now, it’s time to recreate all the forms you previously had on your website.

Make sure to refer to all those form fields I had asked you to save before you uninstalled other Form plugins.

Once you’ve done that, you can start creating your forms.

Let me just give you one example of how to create a form using WPForms.

Click on WPForms > Add New.

If we’re creating a consultation form for say coaching services, you would then need to name your form.

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

Then you can set all the fields you would need for your consultation form.

You can easily create your form by dragging and dropping all the necessary fields, including payment fields.

Once your form is ready you can move on to the next step.

Use a similar method to recreate other forms on your website.

Step 3: Enable Form Abandonment Feature.

Before you make your form go live, your next step would be to make sure you enable the form abandonment feature.

The step we did earlier only installed the addon to WPForms.

Next, while you’re still in the form, go to Settings > Form Abandonment.

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

Then, click on the checkbox “Enable form abandonment Lead capture” to enable the feature.

Below you’ll see some options pop up. Select the option where you can collect the information when they enter their name and email address.

Next, be sure to click Save. This will save your form.

Step 4: Publish Your Forms To Pages/Posts.

Now that your form is saved, its time to publish them.

You can do two things:

  • Publish them using the embed code.

Once your form is saved, you will see “Embed Code” near it. You can click on that and take the code and paste it anywhere on your website.

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

  • Set it up as a standalone form.

You can choose to allow your forms to be standalone if you want it that way.

To do so, tap the Settings tab, click the Form Pages option.

Then check the “Enable Form Pages Mode”.

Once this is enabled, you’ll be able to see that it creates a URL that you can use.

Now you can use that URL linking it to a button or just a standalone link people will click on.

Once they click on that link, your form will load.

Step 5: Use Exit-Intent Pop Up To Recapture Leads.

Since you’ve enabled form abandonment feature until they enter their name and email address you can get notifications on the backend that they had done so.

This information will help you follow up via emails.

But what if they don’t enter their name and email? Now, you can use an exit-intent pop-up tool called “OptinMonster”.

Click here to install OptinMonster.

Once you install it by Plugins > Add New.

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress

You will be able to activate it with the license copy you received and you can trigger the exit-intent popup.

Want to learn how to trigger exit Intent Pop-up? Click here to read.

Now, that the exit intent pop-up is enabled, you’ll be able to catch those visitors who are abandoning your site without even filling your forms.

You can use OptinMonster to do just about anything.

Choose from the existing templates available or create your own.

Once you create and activate it for that particular page, you’ll easily be able to reduce form abandonment in the WordPress website right away.


In order to prevent the loss of leads and sales on your WordPress Website, you must have WPForms installed.

WPForms has the form abandonment feature that will help you capture the names of people who filled your form but left halfway through.

With Form Abandonment feature enabled, you will be able to save the data that is gathered. Which makes it possible to follow-up with people who are interested and just didn’t complete the process.

Now, you’ll be able to start saving money and leads.

Bulletproof your website with OptinMonster to trigger exit intent pop-up and every single visitor who leaves your site can be captured.

Now your conversion rates will be through the roof. Now, not only did I save you those abandoning leads but also helped you capture them so you can close them and make some money.

If you now believe that you’ll be able to double your leads and sales from the visitors who are already visiting your site, you must do two things.

Click here and grab your copy of WPForms & Click here and grab your copy of OptinMonster.

Implement this right away and save yourself from all the hassle of lost leads and sales in your business.

Most of these steps you will easily be able to figure out on your own.

If you still have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will try to answer them.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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