If you are looking to skyrocket your sales then this blog post covers a secret technique to help you close more sales.

How To Skyrocket Your Sales In 5 Steps or Less

How To Skyrocket Your Sales In 5 Steps or Less
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The biggest thing to a business is sales. Without sales, nothing happens as it brings in the revenue to keep the business going.

In this article I’ll help you understand how you can skyrocket your sales so that you make more revenue and your business grows.

No matter what kind of business you are into, e-commerce element is a way for your business to thrive or survive in today’s market conditions. If you’re not selling online, then you better need to get started.

So, let’s dive deep into how you can skyrocket your sales today.

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Understanding What Happens During Online Sales.

No matter what kind of business you’re running, this is one of the most common issues you’ll discover.

You may already know this but you might not know this is the reason why your sales are dropping.

The most frustrating thing to an online business owner is an abandoned cart. Meaning the customer browsed, read reviews, looked at several pictures, went through the sales page and put something in their cart, or even clicked on the purchase button only to leave?

Unfortunately, this happens a lot.

Cart abandonment statistics show that more than 75% of shoppers abandon their carts, don’t but them on the sales pages, or complete a checkout but that doesn’t have to mean that the sale is gone for good. If you can use the abandoned cart email strategy you can help you win back some of those shoppers.

This strategy even works for online courses creators, consultants, coaches, etc.

Salesforce data show that over 60% of shoppers returned to complete their purchase after receiving a personalized abandoned cart email, and around 75% of shoppers planned to come back later.

Well this can be good for an e-commerce shop owner, but if you’re have a digital product or service you still can make sure you track back to non-buyers.

For e-commerce shop owners, if you’re not using abandoned cart emails to stay on top of minds of these customers, you’re losing money. And we know you don’t want that happening for you.

Power of An Exit-Intent Campaign.

In order to catch up with cart abandonment (for your e-commerce store) or convert non-buyers into buyers (on your sales page) you need their emails.

But you might be asking how can you collect their emails if they didn’t even checkout.

It’s through Exit-Intent Popups.

Exit-Intent popups are one of the easiest and most effective ways to optimize your eCommerce site, or even regular sites which has a product for sale, for gathering emails. This works great for abandoned carts, but across your whole website too.

You might be wondering what tool does this? OptinMonster has that exit-intent popup feature that allows you collect the email addresses of people who try to leave your website or even don’t complete a checkout.

Just by using this, WholeWhale was able to 2x their email list using this simple but effective popup design:

How To Skyrocket Your Sales In 5 Steps or Less

Take a look at another example below. This exit intent popup helped Scott Wyden Imagery to recover 21% of abandoned carts, AND 2x his email list:

How To Skyrocket Your Sales In 5 Steps or Less

How To Set Up Your Exit-Intent Campaign.

Since you know that capturing the email address of abandoning shoppers who aren’t ready to buy yet is the strategy behind exit-intent campaign you can simply use it with a simple lightbox to create that exit-intent. Here’s how you should do it.

First of all, you have to install OptinMonster. So you must click here to get started with OptinMonster.

Step 1. Create or Modify a Campaign:

Login to your OptinMonster dashboard and click the green button to create a new campaign.

Then, you can use the drag and drop builder to add elements and customize your design.

If you are looking for a complete guide to creating your first campaign click here. 

Step 2. Activate Exit-Intent:

Now you have to decide when and where your campaign should appear.

For cart abandonment popup, you have to activate the Exit-Intent display rule. (Refer Image Below).

Step 3. Target Your Checkout Page:

The best strategy to make this work is to set the campaign to only show on the cart or checkout page or the sales page by targeting that page’s URL.

After you’re done, here’s what the display rules summary looks like. It is set to make sure that we are targeting and triggering the exit-intent campaign on the correct pages.

Step 4. Integrate With Your Email Service Provider:

The next step would be to make sure to collect the email addresses and then send them to an email list.

In the Integrations tab, you can select your email service provider and the list you want to add your new subscribers to.

Step 5. Embed the Cart Abandonment Campaign:

Final step is to make sure the campaign is live on your website! OptinMonster works on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and any other platform.

You can check out their platform guides to embed the shopping cart abandonment campaign.

So the first thing is – Collecting email addresses of the ones who have abandoned cart .

The second thing is – You’ll need to create an abandoned cart emails series to convince those shoppers to return and complete their purchase.

Create Your Email Marketing Strategy To Skyrocket Sales.

I’m sure you need help with abandoned cart email so here are some best practices according to OptinMonster.

It’s smart to map out the entire abandoned cart email sequence before trying to build it.

Here are some questions you can consider:

  • What abandoned cart email frequency to use?
  • What is the best timing for abandoned cart email sequences?
  • What about the best time of the day to send those abandoned cart emails? 
  • How Many Abandoned Cart Emails Should You Send? So your email sequence length will vary based on its purpose and the subscriber’s preferences. (You should know that every store is different, most eCommerce sites tend towards 2-4 emails for abandoned cart recovery.)

The best timing for abandoned cart emails depends on those specific shoppers, and you have to only test them to find out what works best.

The best thing you can do now is to just look at your analytics and check your average order value.

If you find that your average order value less than $80?

Do this:

These smaller purchases don’t require a lot of thought and you don’t need to give much time between reminders.

This series could work best:

  1. 10-30 minutes after the cart is abandoned.
  2. 24 hours after the cart is abandoned.
  3. 3 or 4 days after the cart is abandoned.
  4. (optional): 1-2 weeks after Email 3. This email can be less “Come get your stuff.” and more “Hey, we have other cool things you’ll like.”

If your average order value is larger?

Do this:

The thing is these larger purchases are going to require more thought and you’ll want to space them out a bit more, like this:

  1. 10-30 minutes after the cart is abandoned.
  2. 3 or 4 days after the cart is abandoned.
  3. 10 days to 2 weeks after the cart is abandoned.
  4. (optional): 1-2 weeks after Email 3. Same as above, this email can be geared towards re-engagement than abandoned cart recovery.

If you want to learn what to say in those emails, click here.


Here’s what you must finally know.

Shoppers are probably never going to stop abandoning carts, but with a smart abandoned cart email strategy, you can win back some of those shoppers and increase your bottom line.

That’s why you must use OptinMonster and claim back your lost revenue. (Whether you sell a course or own an e-commerce store, an exit-intent campaign can help you skyrocket your sales.)


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