How To Start A Blog For Beginners

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Blogging is one of the best business models out there (still in 2020 and beyond) that will help you make consistent income month after month.

As long as there is google and people searching for information online, you will be successful if you have a full grown blog.

Have you always wondered why people start a blog and make money from their blogs?

This post will guide you on how to start a blog, even if you’re a total beginner!

First of all, let me congratulate you on deciding to start a blog, because let me tell you that starting a blog isn’t that hard. In fact, it’s easy if you follow the step-by-step guide I’ve laid out in this blog post.

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve made significant amount of money from it. And now it’s your turn too start a blog and make money.

So let’s get into it right away and learn how to start a blog and set it up within an hour.

How To Start A Blog For Beginners


This step-by-step guide will teach you how to start a blog today. It’s about a fifteen minute read so you’ll be able to get your blog up and running in less than an hour.

Here’s what we will cover in this guide:

  1. Choosing a blogging niche.
  2. Picking a domain name.
  3. Setting up web hosting.
  4. Designing your blog.
  5. How to make money blogging


A blog is a website that get’s updated with regular articles (called blog posts) every single month.

You can start a blog on any topic you like. Your blog can be about the different ways to make money, parenting, gardening, home decor, how to sing, how to play the guitar, how to play a sport, camping, etc.

Whatever your blog topic is, there’s an audience for it. You don’t have to worry about that.

Many people start blogs for various reasons but I want you to start a blog to not only share valuable information and help your audience, but to also make money from it.

The money you earn from your blog can pay for your lifestyle, your dream vacation, your travels, your debt (if you have any) and it can help you grow this blog. So I want you to start this as a side-hustle and allow it to turn into a business one day.

But no matter what your aspirations are, if you start today you’ll be able to launch your blog in an hour and get it out into the world.

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?



The most important thing you must decide before starting a blog is to choose your blogging niche.

A niche is like a market segment or a category whom your blog will cater to.

Let’s say you start a blog on fishing, your readers will be people interested in learning all about fishing. So fishing niche is going to be your niche.

Likewise, you can start a blog in any niche you can think of.

See to it that you’re not going too narrow nor too broad with your niche.

Deciding to pick a blogging niche is important because you’ll know what your blog is going to be about.

Typically blogging niches fall into 2 categories:

1. Broad Niche.

2. Segmented Niche.

The broad niches try to cover topics on multiple subjects related to the same area that’s concerning a common problem.

For example, I’ve seen a blogger cover budgeting tips, money making tips, saving, spending, etc – These all fall into the personal finance niche. And since they’re covering a lot of topics, it’s a broad niche.

The segmented niche blogs just have content on topics only within that segment. Like if you choose to start a blog on bicycle, you’ll only be covering topics about all the bicycle related problems, questions and tips. This falls into a segment (or a narrow niche) market.

So if now you need to decide what your blog niche is going to be. Pick one niche that you’re passionate about where you’ll not get tired of writing about it because you love that topic so much, you can write about any topic in that niche even if don’t get paid for it initially.

Because I’ve seen that blogs that can write more tend to be more successful. It takes content to actually make it work.


Now after you’ve picked a niche, you will have to pick a domain name for your blog.

Your domain name is your blog’s address on the web.

Here are some guidelines on picking a good domain name:

  • Make sure the domain name is easy to spell and say. Don’t use misspelled words, numbers, or hyphens in your domain name. All these things make your domain name a lot harder for people to remember.
  • Make sure that the .com of your chosen domain name is available. Try to avoid endings like .net or .org because they are less common and harder to remember.
  • Make your domain name related to your niche. This way people will instantly know what your blog is about.
  • Add modifying words. If the domain name you want is not available, consider adding modifying words.
  • Use your own name. If you can’t think of a catchy name for your blog, using your own full name as your domain name is always a safe bet.
  • Don’t overthink it. Try not to spend too much time on this step or worry about picking the “perfect” domain name. Chances are, whatever name you pick will grow on you and start to feel like a great fit.
You can use this domain name checker tool to see if the domain name you want is available to register:


Our next step is to set up web hosting for your blog.

If you want to make money as a blogger, you must have a self-hosted blog. This means that you own all of your content and your blog is totally yours, as opposed to using a hosted platform such as Blogger, Wix,, etc.

Even if you are not a very technical person, setting up web hosting is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes.

First, you have to choose a web host.

The web hosting company we recommend is Bluehost.

Here are a few reasons why we like Bluehost:

  • They have some of the most affordable web hosting plans out there.
  • You can get your domain name for free with them (as opposed to paying $15 to $20 with an outside company.)
  • Their service is reliable and robust, so you will never have to worry about your website going down or loading slowly.
  • Many of the most successful bloggers we know use Bluehost.
  • They have great customer support and you can always have your questions answered quickly whenever you need help.

Bluehost is offering hosting packages starting at just $3.95 a month for readers of My Digital Yard, along with a FREE domain name.

To get this special pricing, just be sure to use any Bluehost link in this article!

Here’s how to set up your web hosting with Bluehost:



Get Started With Bluehost


Select Your Hosting Plan

Which plan should you choose? We recommend the basic plan for new bloggers.

You can switch to the plus plan, only if you plan to run multiple blogs. Otherwise the basic plan works fine!


Put In Your Domain Name

This is where you’ll put in the domain name that you decided on earlier.

What if you haven’t decided on a name yet? If you haven’t decided on a domain name for your blog yet, wait a couple minutes and this offer will pop up:

Pick Your Domain Name On Bluehost

Select this option and you can go ahead and set up your blog now, then use the free credit to buy your domain name later.




Choose Your Package And Pay

This is where you’ll select your hosting plan.

The 36-month plan is the best deal at $3.95 a month, but you can also pick a 12-month plan at $5.95 a month for an overall lower cost.

What about package extras? You have the options to add on extras like site backups, SEO tools, or site security.

We personally don’t recommend any of these, because there are free WordPress plugins you can install that do the same thing.


Now you’re all set! Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you.

What exactly is WordPress?

It’s the content management platform that your blog will run on. Your WordPress dashboard is where you will go to edit the look of your blog, write blog posts, upload images, etc.

It’s extremely easy to use, even if you’re a total beginner.

Caution: Many web hosting companies give you a domain name as part of their plan, but there can be some drawbacks, including high renewal rates, and the inability to transfer your domain name if you switch hosts. Using a domain registrar can eliminate these issues, but there are some key things to look for when choosing a domain registrar.

So here is a detailed guide to help make the decision making process simple when it comes to choosing which domain registrar is the best choice for you as a person or a small business.

Check out this comprehensive guide here:


Now it’s time for the fun part – designing your blog!

When you log in to your WordPress dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to go ahead and choose a theme for your blog:

You can pick one of these default themes if you want, but we don’t recommend it.

For one, the majority of these free default themes are not designed with bloggers in mind. Most of them are designed for business websites.

Additionally, choosing a premium theme over a default theme will make your blog look more professional right from the start.

Here are the benefits to choosing a paid, premium theme for your blog:

  1. They come with step-by-step set-up instructions.
  2. You will have access to customer support from the theme creator.
  3. Paid themes come with crucial features like a mobile responsive design and customization options.
  4. Your blog will look fancy with all the right branding colors and look more professional.

The themes we recommend most for new bloggers are StudioPress  Themes because they are so easy to set up and have great customer support.

Another theme company we have worked with and recommend is Elementor. They come with a bunch of pre-made theme templates and also you get their page builder plugin which comes in handy with a lot of other cool marketing features.

If you are on a tight budget right now, you can always choose one of the free themes to start out and upgrade to a paid theme later!

Once you have decided on and purchased a theme, it’s time to install it!

To install your theme, go to Appearance > Themes in the left panel menu of the WordPress dashboard, which looks like this:


Then simply upload your theme file and click “Activate.”

Congrats on making it this far! What should you do next?

Write your first blog post! For new bloggers, we recommend completing your first 5 to 10 solid blog posts up first before launching your blog.

You don’t want people coming to an empty blog, do you?

Now you can promote them and start working on building your audience. (a.k.a your readers)


Now let’s talk about how to make money blogging. Once you have started your blog, you can monetize it right away. A lot of bloggers wait on this step, but you don’t have to because you now have the possibility to make money right on your first month blogging so go ahead and start implementing these monetization tips and strategies and don’t wait on it.

Here are four of the most profitable ways to make money as a blogger:

Affiliate marketing: This is one of the easiest ways to start making money as a new blogger in any niche. Essentially, you promote a product on your blog and earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link. 

Read our complete guide to affiliate marketing here! (Article Coming Soon)

Advertising: Advertising is a great way to make money blogging once you start getting a good amount of traffic to your blog. You can use Monumetric for ads if you have good traffic. Mediavine and AdThrive are two other high-paying ad networks, but you will need a lot of traffic to get in.

Digital products: Many bloggers create their own products to sell such as ebooks or online courses. This is our personal favorite way to make money as a blogger.

Related: 10 ideas of digital products that you can sell. (Article Coming Soon)

Sponsored posts: Bloggers can also work with brands on sponsored blog posts and sponsored social media posts. Sponsored posts are common in blogging niches like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, cooking, and parenting but you can find opportunities in any blogging niche if you look hard enough!

Here are a few more blog posts to read that will help you monetize your blog:


So to recap, here’s exactly how to start a blog in under an hour:

  1. Decide on a niche for your blog (AKA the topic you will write about).
  2. Choose a domain name.
  3. Register your domain and get hosting for $3.95 a month with Bluehost.
  4. Pick a theme for your blog (Use StudioPress Themes or Elementor).
  5. Write 5 to 10 blog posts and launch!

Starting a blog is actually very simple, and anyone can do it! To make money blogging, you WILL have to put in a lot of time and effort. Blogging is definitely not a “get rich quick” scheme. But if you treat your blog like a business from the very start and make worthwhile investments (web hosting, a premium WordPress theme, etc.) and put in the effort, you will see results!

If you’re still feeling confused , please feel free to comment below and we will do our best to help! Our goal is to help YOU start your own profitable blog!

Happy Blogging!

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Jehoyakim Jena helps people make money, save money & design their lifestyle. The #1 problem for most people is making money and if they can learn how to do so, they can change their whole course of life. Here is a free resource that teaches you how to make money:

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena helps people make money, save money & design their lifestyle. The #1 problem for most people is making money and if they can learn how to do so, they can change their whole course of life. Here is a free resource that teaches you how to make money:

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