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If you want to learn how to start a money making blog in 2019 then this post is for you.

I’m sure you might have seen people online who make money online with their blogs.

If this is your first time and you wonder if this is possibly true, let me show you some examples of people who earn money online with their blogs.

They maybe in different niches (or industries/markets) but you can still look at it for real and then believe me it is possible.

I’m a huge proponent of the concept of building your own business online – whether you work at your day job or anywhere else, you must have your own online business in 2019.

You never know when you will be laid off of your job or when things take a turn in your life.

Maybe you are in debt, maybe you need that extra cash to pay off your bills, or you need that cash flow urgently.

No matter what the reason, I just want to help you out and encourage you to understand that you can start your own blog and start focusing on earning money.

You see most people don’t tell you that your financial future is important.

If you are able to generate money on your own, you don’t have to depend on a job to provide you that. Plus, once your blog generates enough money you can switch over to your blog. You can even take vacations or use that money to pay off debt you might have.

I’ve gone to Facebook groups and even read about how a girl’s boyfriend ditched her for someone else. And she was dependent on his income for survival.

Maybe you know someone who goes through tough times, please share this to them.

I don’t want you to rely on anyone else for your income and survival.

You are capable enough to stand on your own and make your own money.

I’m here to help you make the decision here that you can start your blog and build your profitable online business.

Before we go into the key essential steps, let me show 3 or 4 bloggers/online entrepreneurs who are actually killing it with blogging in the online space – with live income reports disclosed by them publicly.





All these people listed above maybe famous or you might not know them yet.

But you now see what’s possible, right?

Now let me walk you through 3 steps you’ve got to implement before you start your money making blog in 2019.


Here are the 3 steps:

1. Figure out a Niche or Industry.

2. Find out your Audience and how you can solve their problem.

3. Provide solutions to their problems.


A Niche or an Industry is something like fashion, travel, finance, make money online, music, fitness & health, interior decorations, etc.

The understanding here is that you need to find out what you are interested in.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you what’s your passion?

Think about what do you like to talk about?

Write down the first thing that comes to your mind on a piece of paper.

Whatever comes first out naturally is what is deep seated in your mind.

This could be your passion.

But now we need to know if that is profitable or not.

I don’t want you to be pioneering and entering into a new territory, and then struggle to find your way. And that’s not a good strategy at all.

You have to find out if there are people already doing something in that niche.

I’ll provide a resource in the bottom that will help you out.

Now after we figure out what our niche is, we’ll go to the next step.


Say you have chosen to do a fitness blog, you will now go online and find out where your target audience is hanging out.

You will first start with google.

Type “Fitness Blogs”.

You’ll get a list of results. Open each of them in different tabs and read through all the websites or blogs you’ve opened. See the comments and the kinds of questions people ask at the bottom of the blog posts.

Next you can search for “Fitness Forums”.

Create your account and start reading through 4 to 5 Forums in your niche.

Take note of questions and people’s responses you’ve encountered so far.

Go to Quora.com and type in the search results for the niche topic, you’ll see so many people asking for questions related to various problems they have.

Try to take note of those questions.

By now we have 3 places we have gone to – Found out where our target audience hangs out, also we’ve found out the problems they are having.

We have also taken notes of the problems they face.

Now we’ll move on to the last step.


Now you maybe thinking how can I provide solutions to their problems.

You may feel you are not an expert then who am I to give this advice.

Don’t worry too much about this.

Let me tell you a way that will help you not only find a solution to their problems, but you’ll also be able to earn some money in exchange for providing them the solution.

There are people who desperately need help.

And they are willing to pay you for the solutions you can offer.

They are not going to judge you because they don’t know you.

If you are able to solve their problems, anyone would be willing to pay you.

Now you should be asking what is the product that you can give that will solve their problems.

Let me tell you…

There are marketplaces online where different people from all over the world (most are experts) create products on different niches. And they are looking for people to help promote their products in exchange for a commission.

Now what you need to learn is – you need to go to those marketplaces and find a product that actually solves the problems of the people in your niche and pick that to promote it.

Usually that marketplace will allow you to signup for free.

They will also give you a unique link.

Then you can use that link to promote the products.

When you promote it and people buy that product through your link, you make sales on every purchase that happens and that product’s company will pay you commissions.

This is called affiliate marketing. Most people know it as referral marketing.

This is the easiest way to start and make money online.

But here’s the catch.

You can’t just promote the product with a link.

People don’t just click on links just like that. They will be turned off. And won’t click and buy.

That’s where blogging comes into the picture.

You write an article explaining about the product.

Use that link – The Affiliate Link, within your blog post.

Ask people to click on the link. Use words like “Click here to learn more“.

Now you’ll need to learn how to start a blog that’s why you need to enroll in THE BLOG STARTUP COURSE.

The Blog Startup Course will teach you how to start a blog and build it like a brand.

You will learn everything you need to build your blog and make your first $1000 in just 90 Days.

I’ve written a review on why it’s the best blog investment course ever.

Next, I want you to understand how you can sell other people’s products.

I mean Learn Affiliate Marketing even if you are a newbie.

So my friend Ana, has create a course called Affiliate Marketing Bundle – From Zero to Superhero.

You can take up the course by clicking the button below. 

You can even take the course for free by clicking the below link


So the strategy is very simple – Start a Blog and then do Affiliate Marketing.

If you already have a blog, and you are looking for Affiliate Programs to promote.

Here is a Master list of Affiliate Programs. This can help you kick start your money making blog.

Hope you found this blog post useful.

If you think I’ve given you enough value and taught you something, I would request you to leave a comment so I know you’ve read it.

And then please share it and tag me.

My Name is Jehoyakim Jena. You can find that on all social media platforms.

So this was your tutorial on How to start a money making blog in 2019.

Keep an eye on the next blog post.

You can also read through the other existing ones.

I wish you start making money from your blogs in 2019.

Share it with anyone who needs this.

And comment below so I can help you out.


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