How To Start A WordPress Blog (Step By Step Tutorial)

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If you’ve been wondering how so many people start successful blogs and make a living out of it (earning more that their day jobs), then I’ll break it down for you in this post. I’ll also teach you how to start a WordPress blog the right way covering every aspect of what you need to know so you can follow this step by step tutorial and launch your blog.

One thing about blogging is that anyone from any part of the world can start a blog right from the comfort of their home and make a living doing just that. But the irony is that most people give up too soon.

They struggle to write blog posts because they are so fixated on the money their blogs would make even before building a blog full of readers and buyers (an audience that will share your stuff and buy from you).

Think of your blog like a business. Does your business make money right from Day 1? Most probably “No” (Unless Of course you’re selling something).

Some Reasons Why Most Bloggers Don't Succeed.

Most bloggers start out with hopes and dreams of making money but they don’t even get to experience the money making part because of a lot of reasons.

Most of the reasons are because of their own beliefs, misconceptions and not knowing the right information that guides them to their goal.

I’ll list some of them right here for you so you can know them right before you get started on your blogging journey:

#1 – They don’t set up a blog the right way. (Implementing the wrong steps gets them “NO” results).

#2 – They set up their blogs directly at or (This big mistake actually costs them a lot of money).

#3 – They don’t start right away because they wait for the right moment. (You will never be ready to do anything, just jump into it and you’ll get started before you’re ready, because the right moment never comes – You’ll be wasting days, if not years and it will lead to regret).

#4 – They don’t think of it like a business. (Most people think that blogging is some kind of hobby, that’s why their bloggers who think like that don’t make any money).

#5 – They dread writing and so they give up publishing more content on their blog for their readers. (If you chose blogging as a way to earn money or build a business, you must know that writing is a form of communication. So if you write in a way you speak to your buyer (the one who is going to pay you) you’ll approach it from a different angle and write for him or her).

#6 – They don’t write to help their audience and this fails to build trust. (You must understand that if you don’t build trust no one will read your stuff or even buy from you. Just like how I’m writing blog posts to build trust so that I can earn your trust, even though I know so much about blogging, online business, digital marketing, social media, sales, entrepreneurship, personal development, finance management that’s required to succeed today – especially online).

#7 – They think writing blog posts is a waste of time. (The reason why you must write is because if you don’t write, you’re doing yourself a dis-service of not helping your audience (your pool of readers, buyers and customers) who might actually be waiting to hear from you).

#8 – They don’t see results and therefore give up. (Just like I told you earlier, blogging is like business or relationship, it takes time. You’ll take time to earn someone’s trust, then slowly turn them into subscribers and then into customers).

#9 – They don’t constantly learn about how to make their blogs grow. (Learning how to do something is the first step, then implementing them to actually see results is another. So without learning something new everyday and implementing it how will you know what’s working for you).

#10 – They actually don’t know how to monetize their blogs. (Most bloggers just write, and write, and write. This actually leads to nowhere. Eventually you have to monetize your audience and readership. There are different ways I will teach you how to monetize your blog(Article coming soon)

Table of Contents

Understanding Why People Read Blogs.

Whenever you have a question in mind where do you go? – GOOGLE!

Whenever you want to find out something about any topic where do you go? – GOOGLE!

Google is the #1 Search Engine that everyone heads to whenever they have a doubt or a question in mind. You naturally go to google for your problems and solutions directly from your smartphone right?

And then you land on some article written about the topic you were searching. Then you go through it till it answers your questions.

Now if you look at it from a business stand point, you went online looking for a solution and you found that article and consumed it – So now you’re a consumer.

The person, publication or the blogger who wrote that article was the producer – He/She is the producer.

So just like you, there are thousands (if not millions) of people who go online everyday looking for solutions and answers to their problems or questions.

What if your role was reversed? If you are now the producer of the content and someone else comes and reads your content, they become the consumer.

Now, if you keep producing more and more content talking about your their problems, questions and giving them the content they want, you now are in the position to attract thousands (if not millions) of readers.

These readers actually come to your blog because they find your content either helpful, entertaining or informative. Whatever it is, you’re now in a position of authority.

If they are looking for a solution to a problem and let’s say you blog was about “hair care tips” you now have the option to link a product from amazon or elsewhere on your blog post. So now, the reader will click on that product link and purchase it because you’ve recommended it to them.

Now you have helped them solve their problem.

And by doing so, you will be able to make a commission if you’ve linked your affiliate link from amazon or wherever you got that product, and you’ll be able to make money that way too.

Now do you understand why people who blog are able to make money through just one small money making technique.

Stats From The Internet You Should Know About Blogs.

I came across these interesting stats from 99 Firms that I thought you should know.

I’ve listed it here so you can take a look at them and see how big this world of blogging is.

  • There are over 152 million blogs on the internet.
  • A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds.
  • A quarter of all websites on the internet are blogs.
  • 77% of internet users read blogs regularly.
  • 55% of marketers say blogging is their top inbound marketing priority.
  • The optimal length for a blog post is 2,250 – 2,500 words.
  • Only 2% of bloggers earn over $150k per year.
  • Approximately 76.5 million of all blogs use WordPress.
  • 66% of blog content is written in English.
  • 64% of B2B marketers outsource their blog writing.
  • WordPress posts are viewed over 20 billion times per month.
  • 2/3 of people’s main reason for blogging is income.
  • 69% of bloggers make no money whatsoever from their website.
  • Long-form blog posts generate 9x more leads than short-form ones.
  • 45% of bloggers who earn over $50k sell their own products.
  • 70% of consumers would rather learn about a company from a blog post rather than an advert.
  • Companies publishing over 16 blog posts per month get 3.5x more traffic than those who post 4 or less.
You can read the rest of the statistics here(Statistics Source : 99 Firms).

How To Start A WordPress Blog (Tutorial).

Before you learn how to start a WordPress blog, you need to know what your blog is going to be about and whom you’re writing for.

Knowing your target audience demographics will give you complete insight on what kind of content they like to read, what their pain problems are and what solutions they are looking for.

Basically I want you to figure out your niche market.

Niche is like a small segment of your industry or topic you’re choosing to build your blog business around.

Here’s what Collins dictionary says about a niche:

“A niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products.”

Let’s say you love to talk about health and fitness, your niche will be in health and fitness, you love to talk about personal development – then personal development is your niche. Likewise whatever areas of life you love to talk about that’s going to be your niche.

Knowing your niche will help you go online and research what customers and readers are looking online regarding topics in your niche.

Here’s a list of blogging niches you can try. (Article Coming Soon).

Step 1 – Set Up Domain.

After you’ve identified your niche, the first thing we are going to do is to find a domain name that would suit your blog and business.

This is going to be the name of your business that people will remember you by.

Whenever you tell someone your website they will most likely type into google “” they think it’s a dot com website.

So I want you to take a piece of paper and brainstorm all the possible names you can come up with for your blog business.

Once you’ve thought of them, I want you to head over to and type in your blog’s name.

The following image is just an example to show you.

Enter your domain name and hit the search icon.

Take note – Always go for a .com domain name. It’s easier to find when you let your customers know that you’re in business.

Go for other domain extensions like .co, .net, .org only when you don’t find a .com domain extension.


NameCheap Homepage - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Name Cheap - Grab Your Domain Name For Cheap Here!
NameCheap Domain Search - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Search For Your Domain Name To Find If It's Available.

Once you’ve found out if they are available, you can go ahead and purchase the domain name.

In case you’re struggling to come up with the domain name, you can look into to come up with your domain name.

Lean Domain Search Home Page - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Search For Available Names From Lean Domain Search

Basically, you can come up with matching names and see if you find a domain name that’s suiting your blog and business.

Once you’ve found one, head over to and purchase your domain name. Usually they are cheap (that’s why I’m recommending it to you).

Step 2 – Get Hosting (For Your Blog).

Your next step would be to set up hosting for your blog. For this, I would recommend you choose SiteGround. That’s where I host my website as well.

Earlier I was hosting with GoDaddy and I faced problems everyday – My website became slower, It wouldn’t load faster, and the customer support also wasn’t satisfactory.

SiteGround offers high speed support, fast customer service, and high bandwidth which allows your website (a.k.a blog) to load faster. They have high end servers to make sure your website loads faster.

Most beginners don’t invest in hosting, that’s why they can’t customize their blogs, don’t come across as a professional, people are turned off by websites that don’t have their own hosting.

Note – If your website is hosted with or you’re making a mistake getting your website hosted there. Also you’ve spent useless money in the wrong place.

Let’s continue with the getting your hosting set up.

Head over to SiteGround by clicking here.

SiteGround Home Page - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Get You Hosting From SiteGround, Click on Get Started Button under "Reliable Web Hosting".

Click on Get Started Button under – Reliable Web Hosting. (The First Option).

Next, you’ll see the list of hosting packages like the one below.

Choose “StartUp” if you’re planning to host just 1 Website.

Choose “GrowBig” if you’re planning to host multiple websites.

SiteGround Hosting Packages - How To Start A WordPress Blog
SiteGround Plans - Choose StartUp (1 Website) or GrowBig (Unlimited Websites)

Let’s take a detailed look at what each plan covers. If they are too technical don’t worry, you’ll figure them out as you start building your blog and business.

SiteGround Hosting Plans - Detailed - How To Start A WordPress Blog
SiteGround Hosting Plans - Detailed.

Choose “StartUp Plan” or “GrowBig Plan” and let’s move on to the next step.

This is what you’ll be presented with on the next step.

You’ll be asked to choose your domain name.

SiteGround Hosting - Choose Domain - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Choose Domain Name To Connect To Hosting Plan.

Since you’ve already bought a domain name, you can choose the second option.

In case you didn’t buy it from namecheap, you can choose the first option and buy your domain name here.

If you have your domain name, follow along.

SiteGround Hosting - Already Have A Domain - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Enter The Domain Name Your Bought.

Enter your domain name and hit proceed. This is what you’ll land on the next page.

Now, you’ll complete the payment and finalize your purchase. And your domain will be linked to your hosting.

In case your card isn’t going through you can contact their support and ask them if you can pay via PayPal.

Click here to learn how to create a PayPal Account. (Article Coming Soon).

Step 3 – Install WordPress (From Within Your Hosting Account For Free).

Once you’ve purchased your hosting, you’ll be taken to a page which will ask you to install WordPress.

Click Continue and proceed along till the end.

Most of the instructions are easy to follow.

You may be asked to install a theme, install some plugins.

Choose what you like and keep going till your site is ready.

(In case you’re asked to create a username and password for your WordPress blog please do so).

Step 4 – Install WordPress Theme.

If you’ve chosen a great theme, that’s great. You can go ahead with the next step.

Or you can choose to learn how to install a theme manually on the backend.

Head over to the backend of your WordPress Blog.

Usually you’ll need to open your browser and type in your domain name followed by /wp-admin.

Example: “”

Typing that will open up the backend, where you will need to enter your username and password.

Once you’ve entered them, you can hit “Log In” button and you’ll be taken to your WordPress Blog Dashboard.

Here’s what it would look like.

WordPress Blog Dashboard - How To Start A WordPress Blog
This Is My WordPress Blog Dashboard - Backend. Yours Will Be Different.

Click on Appearance on the left panel and select “Add New.”

Now you can see a list of WordPress Themes. Choose the one you like and click install.

WordPress Blog Dashboard - Click On Appearance And Add New. - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Click on Appearance, and Select Add New.
WordPress Blog Dashboard - Select A Theme and Click Install - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Select A Theme And Click Install.

That’s how you can change your WordPress Blog’s themes easily.

I’m using Elementor – It’s a drag and drop website builder that let’s me customize my website styles.

Click here if you want to grab elementor website builder.

Step 5 – Install Necessary Plugins.

One of the most important things you need to do is to install some necessary plugins that will help you with your business.

Here’s the list of plugins you need to install:

Installing them will save you some time now as we’ll be using them later for various purposes.

Here’s how you can find these plugins and install them on your WordPress Blog.

I’ll show you how to find them and install them. You just need to do the same procedure to install all of them.

On your WordPress Blog Dashboard, if you scroll down you’ll see Plugins on the left panel. (below Appearance).

WordPress Blog Dashboard - Plugins - Add New - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Search For The Plugin and Click "Install Now".

Search for the plugin and click on Install.

Since I’ve already installed Classic Editor Plugin, It’s showing as “Active”.

Otherwise, It would show “Install Now”. Since you’re gonna be installing all the plugins the first time, you’ll see the “Install Now” button.

Go ahead and search and install all these plugins.

Step 6 – Set Up Essential Pages.

Our next steps would be to set up the essential pages on your WordPress Blog.

The essential pages are:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact

Setting them up allows you to make sure your blog has everything that’s needed to get it launched.

In order to set up these pages, head over to your WordPress Blog Dashboard.

On the back end, you’ll see “Pages” on the left panel. Click on that and you’ll see Add New.

Click Add New and Name Your Page and hit the publish button.

WordPress Blog Dashboard - Add New Page - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Create A New Page Using Pages >> Add New.

Likewise, you can follow the same procedure and create all the pages.

One thing you need to note while setting up is to create your contact page.

After you’ve created the contact page,  you need to make sure there is a contact form on your contact page.

To create that contact form, you need to click on “WPForms” on the left panel.

Under that, you can choose Add New.

Now the following page will open where you have to Create a name for the form as “Contact Form” and choose the Simple Contact Form Option on that page.

This will create a simple form for your blog.

You can then, take that code and paste it on your contact page and again hit Publish.

Now, your contact page will have your contact form installed on it.

WordPress Blog Dashboard - WPForms - Simple Contact Form. - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Create A Simple Contact Form For Your Contact Page.

There’s another thing you need to fix for your blog posts.

Go to Settings >> Permalinks on your WordPress Blog Dashboard. You can find settings option on the left panel on your WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Blog Dashboard - Permalinks - How To Start A WordPress Blog
To Set Up Permalinks, Go To Settings >> Permalinks.

Choose Post Name – option and hit save.

You can also fix your reading settings by going into Settings >> Reading and select Your Homepage displays:

  • Your Latest Posts.
Change Your HomePage To Your Latest Posts. (Essential When You Have A New Blog).

Step 7 – Write Your First 3 Blog Posts.

Now our next step is to write 3 blog posts and publish them.
In order to do that you’ll need to go to Posts >> Add New on the WordPress Blog Dashboard on your left panel.
WordPress Blog Dashboard - Write Blog Posts. - How To Start A WordPress Blog
Go To Posts >> Add New To Write New Blogs. Hit Publish When Done.

Once you’ve written your blog posts, you can just hit Publish button and you’re good to go.

There will be a section on the bottom right where you’ll be asked for Featured Image. In order to create images for free for your blog, you can head over to, create a free account and then choose blog post template and create a featured image.

Download that and upload it there.

All your images and documents will be uploaded into the Media Folder.

You can locate that by finding them on the left panel of your WordPress Blog Dashboard.

Then go ahead and publish all three blog posts.

Now you’re ready to share that with the world.

Step 8 – Launch Your Blog To The World.

Now that you’ve written 3 wonderful blog posts about your niche topic.

Go ahead and share that on your social media profiles and tell everybody about it.

If you don’t have social media accounts, you can create them for free.

You’ll need the following to grow your blog business:

  • Facebook Account.
  • Twitter Account.
  • Instagram Account.
  • YouTube Account. (Comes With Gmail).
  • Pinterest Account.
  • TikTok Account.
  • LinkedIn Account.
Whatever social media platforms are active, please go ahead and set up accounts for your blog and business.

Click here to learn how to create social media accounts for your business. (Articles Coming Soon).

Your Next Steps After Launching Your Blog.

Once you’ve launched your blog, you need to learn how to create a content calendar for your blog (article coming soon), which will help you to consistently produce content for your readers.

Then you can learn how to drive traffic to your blog posts (article coming soon) so more and more people are aware about your blog and business.

Then you need to learn how to convert your readers into email subscribers. (article coming soon).

Once you’ve done this step, you will have to figure out how to build a relationship with your readers via email marketing. (article coming soon).

Then you need to learn how to build your email list. (article coming soon).

And also learn how to make your first sale (income) online using tiny digital products (article coming soon).

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