This is one of the most common questions people ask when they see someone make money online, How To Start An Online Business From Scratch?”

Online Business sounds cool and it sounds, even more, cooler and captivating when you hear people say they’re making 6-figures or 7-figures from their online business.

Even though it sounds cool (as it really is) and is being spoken about a lot, many people get into it thinking that they can make money right of the bat starting their online business.

It is possible but it’s not easy.

It really looks cool when you see people do it but it requires work, but imagine being able to make real money from your online business, like $1000 as passive income on a recurring monthly basis. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Of course! I can hear you say that.

So before we get into it, let me tell you some differences between choosing to go for an online business vs an offline business.

First off, online businesses are way better than an offline business because it doesn’t require any physical space. And you can get a lot of things done just a laptop and the internet.

You don’t have to manage a warehouse of products, or even office supplies, people, customer support, sales or marketing team, this list goes on and on. To build an offline business it requires a huge investment cost up front and too much management work.

For that, you need to have products ready to be sold and an inventory ready to be managed as your product stock gets sold and inventory to be replenished with new orders. That can be a big headache. Also, you can’t run your offline business as a one man/woman show.

You need people to manage different aspects of your offline business. Also, you need to hire them and pay them every month. But since you don’t have that much money and resources upfront, you would be stuck and find it impossible to start, unless you get funding from external sources.

Ultimately there is so much to be done before launching an offline business.

But you don’t have to face all these problems with an online business. That’s why I love to help people who want to start an online business from scratch.

You can sell anything you want online like your own physical products (if you have and maintain stock – through e-commerce) or digital products (product that you can create and teach people – some skill or how-to kind of information product) or even provide services (on skills and talents that you are good at to companies and customers who are in need of) and this lets you make money with your online business.

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But it’s not always as easy as it sounds to be – like set up your website (I choose to go with WordPress), write blog posts about your products and services, get traffic through various means and then start offering something to your readers(your audience). Even with the right strategy, people go wrong and are unable to achieve results that they’re looking for in their online business.

Well, if you are new to this don’t worry, I’ll cover everything you need to know before you start building your own online business.

Let’s take a look at some of the key things you should know about what it takes to start an online business.

How To Start An Online Business

Here I’m talking about how you can blog for business:

Find out about your passion:

People tell you that passion is the key thing to look for before starting out on your online business and I definitely agree with that and it is true that without passion you will lose interest quickly and eventually quit before things take off or when you are not seeing results in the short term in your online business.

Many give up and stop working on their online business in a few months from the day they start. Your passion has to be to help people. To solve their problems and help them to get them to where they want to go.

Tip: Choose your favorite thing you like to talk about or want to help people with? Anything that you can help solve people’s problems is a good idea to start with and if you find many people interested in or coming to you for help – that could be your online business idea. Since you’re already passionate about it, you might as well blog about it and eventually make money.

Figure Out Your Target Audience:

Before you finalize your product or service, you should figure out your target audience or customer. Whom are you looking to serve should be the question?

This way you will look for people who are interested in what you are offering. Basically, there are people online who are looking for help in your areas of interest.

Go to these places to figure out where your audience is hanging out:

  1. Facebook Groups – Join different Facebook groups that you have interests in. Ask for questions in the group or use the group search bar and type in some keywords around your topic of interest. The results you get will help you find people. Connect with them to help them out.
  2. Quora – A great place to search for people interested in your online business/blog. Do a search for your questions and you will find people asking for questions around your blog topic. Connect with them and provide some kind of valuable help.
  3. Blogs – There are plenty of blogs out there in your niche. Google search them and you will find blogs and go to the comments sections and find what they are asking for.

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These things will be more than enough to find your audience. These are going to be your customers.

This is basically to help you provide a solution or a product that will help or solve their problems.

Build Your Online Website:

If you have found out who your customers or your target audience is then, you should immediately build a website. You can build one immediately using WordPress, Wix or Square Space. But I would recommend you to go for WordPress. It is easy to build plus it requires minimal work to set up.

But before you have to build your website. You need to find out what where you are going to be hosting your website and what your website is going to be called.

Hosting is a place where all the information from your website is being kept and it shows up when someone searches for your website.

But wait, you also need to figure out what your website name is going to be.

Choose Your Business/Blog Website Domain Name:

Every Online Business needs to have a good domain name that customers can search for and then purchase your product or service. Most recommended advice is to go for .com domains and if they are unavailable you can go for your own regional domain names like .in, .au, .br, .es etc.

You can use instant domain search to search for your website domain name.

Since you are starting out, you can go with Siteground for your website hosting.

There will be another detailed blog post on setting up your blog right from website domain search to hosting and set up.

Decide What You Can Sell:

Your online business should be a platform where you can connect to your audience/customers or potential customers globally. So before you start out you need to keep in mind what you are primarily planning to do with your online business.

Your online business/blog will survive only two things when you can sell something online.

A product or service.

Products can be links to physical products of your own or others (a great place to look for products is from Amazon).

If you have a product idea in mind when you are ready, you can create a website and sell them online.

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But if you don’t have a product, you could sell someone else’s product and earn commissions. There are a bunch of networks you can join. More on this in another post.

Learn about marketing online:

The only way an online business can be successful is by marketing their products or services using online techniques.

There are various techniques like:

Content Writing – Your first thing you can do is create content for your website. Write them out on google document or word document and make sure they are great to read about. Then create about 5-7 posts that could be in series about what your blog post is about.

This content has to be a great fit for your website and what your brand is and who you’re helping.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) – Getting your website optimized by certain techniques so that it shows up on the google searches when someone searches for certain phrases or keywords related to what your blog post is about. Doing this earns you free traffic to your website/blog. Also called as organic traffic.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing) or PPC(Pay Per Click) – This method is using Google’s ad networks to promote your blog/website/online business.

Basically what you do here is – You pay google to ask them to show your website/blog on the top three searches and when people search for your business, you can get in readers/potential customers to your blog/website.

SMM(Social Media Marketing) – This method allows you to get up people to visit your blog/website through social networks.

You start out by creating your social media pages on different platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube.

Then whenever you post something out there on those channels you give a redirect link to your website on each post.

So when people visit your post, they might be interested to click on your website link and land upon your website.

Once they find what they are looking for, they can even opt to give you their email address so that they can learn more from you.

Email Marketing – If you keep posting content on your blog or website about your online business, you will have something there for people to read about.

You need to eventually get them to subscribe to your blog so that they can be informed once you post out another blog post or launch a new product that will help them.

These basics are essential to learning because these basic fundamentals will help you to get started and then move on to integrate them into your business and do more advanced steps, tricks and techniques.

Any Questions, please comment below and I’ll write up an article to help you build your online business.