How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

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Are you trying to increase the conversions on your website or blog?

Then this blog post will show you how to do just that.

We’ll cover how to increase conversions with easy multi-step popups that you can use within your blog posts or web pages to convert more people into subscribers.

I’m sure you want to learn how to create multi-step popups to increase conversions. So, let’s begin.

What most people think of using popups on their website or blog, they tend to think of it using the traditional one that has:

A one-page opt-in form where readers or visitors either provide their email address or they don’t.

But did you know that you can quickly and easily increase the conversions on your website by creating a multi-step popup that gets users to take action?

Yes, that’s possible. And, if you were looking for that, here you have your answer in this blog post.

Inside this blog post, we’re going to cover two different methods for adding a multi-step popup within your website/blog 0to increase conversions.

You will be able to see the demonstration of it with:

  • MonsterLinks™
  • Yes/No popup campaigns

But before we start, I want you to get clear on what a multi-step popup is and why it’s so effective for your business/.

What Is a Multi-Step Popup Form?

A multi-step popup is a popup campaign that has about 2-3 steps involved rather than just one. 

So, basically for a traditional or regular popup campaign, the reader or visitor will land on a page and see a message appear on top of the content.

(Mostly like a landing page popup if you get the idea).

So that popup usually asks them for their email address or to be redirected to a different page.

But when you look into a multi-step popup form campaign it has different/multiple phases:

  • Gets the visitor/reader to click on a link or button.
  • Make them follow the call to action.
  • Display a thank you message (depending on the popup’s goal).

Here’s a quick demonstration of what a multi-step popup looks like. Hope you get the idea of all the 3 steps:

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

The image above is just a simple example of a Yes/No multi-step popup form.

But remember that this is only one of the methods. You’ll also see and learn how to create a multi-step popup with a clickable MonsterLink™.

Now taking a look at the above multi-step popup, you may be wondering, “Isn’t adding a multi-step popup going to hurt my conversions? Isn’t it better to have as few steps as possible?”

Actually, it turns out that the opposite is true.

I’ve come across a psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigarnik effect, which shows that people are more likely to finish the processes they’ve started.

So I guess you can imagine, that it’s not complicated for the person trying to fill the form.

Only the smart marketers use multi-step popups to get their customers/visitors to begin the opt-in process with just a single click. 

Doing this is actually much less intimidating than immediately handing over contact information or asking them to fill a form.

If you can see that it’s like clicking a button and something intriguing comes next, and so this moves the person to click the next button or do what’s required on that form. Just like a game.

So if you get people to click a link or a button before giving them a call to action, you’ll be able to increase the odds of getting more conversions. Plus, multi-step popups are ridiculously easy to make with the help of OptinMonster.

Let’s see how you can build one for yourself in under 5 minutes:

How To Create A Multi-Step Popup: 2 Different Methods To Show You.

I’ll cover 2 different methods for adding multi-step popups to your website/blog to boost conversions:

  • MonsterLinks™
  • Yes/No Campaign

If you want to practice along, you’ll need an OptinMonster account.

OptinMonster is the plugin that will help you get more conversions in less time and no headaches about coding or any other stuff. Plus, they have a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can test out the software with zero risk on your part.

Sign up for OptinMonster by creating an account today!

If you are ready to learn how to create these multi-step popups and boost conversions, let’s get started on with it.

Method 1: Using MonsterLinks™

The first method for creating those multi-step popups is using the MonsterLink™, which is an embeddable link that you can add to any text or button.

It’s similar to adding a link to a text/button on your website so people can click on it.

So, now when the readers/visitors click on that link, the popup campaign will appear. And because of the Zeigarnik effect, they will more likely choose to opt into the offer you’re presenting next because they already started the process by clicking the first button.

One of the most fascinating things about this is that, most people who click on that campaign link will have a heightened interest in the content that they’re opting in to see in their inbox.

It’s all psychological and it works so effectively on any website/blog.

Now you can expect higher conversions using all the multi-step popups that use MonsterLinks™ within your website. 

Here’s how you do it on your website/blog:

Step 1: Create Your Popup

Once you’ve logged into your OptinMonster dashboard, you should click on the Create New Campaign in the top right corner.

Refer the image below to follow along

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

Next, you’ll have to select your campaign type. For this tutorial, let’s go with a Popup campaign:

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

Then you’ll have to select a template.

Another good thing about OptinMonster is that it has over 50 pre-built templates that work great across all devices. And if most of your website/blog traffic comes from smartphones, you can even filter the template options to be mobile optimized.

See image below to filter correctly.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

You can also filter your templates depending on the goal that you’ve set for your multi-step popup campaign.

In the below image you can see all the possible goals you can set.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

This is an excellent filter because it helps you decide which template would work best for the specific campaign goal you’re aiming to create.

And if you want to create a multi-step popup form that’s 100% unique to your brand, you can always choose the Canvas template. It’s like a custom canvas that let’s you build one for your website/blog.

The good thing is the canvas template allows you to create a pop up from scratch. And since OptinMonster has the drag and drop editor, there are no coding skills required to build your multi-step popup form.

For now, let’s stick with the Basic template.

Then, you’ll have to set a name for your popup campaign to make it easier for you and click on Start Building.

Step 2: Design Your Popup

Now your template will be creating within your OptinMonster editor. We will not get into much detail here about how to design a multi-step popup because there are too many customization options to cover in a single blog post. 

But if this is your first time building a campaign with OptinMonster, don’t worry. You can always check out this resource on how to create and design your first campaign with OptinMonster (Taught by OptinMonster themselves).

For now you need to know that you can quickly and easily modify any part of your multi-step popup campaign within the editor.

Every single campaign or popup form is broken down into different elements that’s called as “blocks.” If you want to modify any of these blocks, all you need to do is click on them within your editor in your dashboard.

So, here’s an example showcasing the Basic template has a text block.

And this one has an opt-in block.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

If you want to modify any part of the multi-step popup, just click on the block within your editor. That will pull up all the editing tools on the left-hand side so now you can starting designing your popups.

Refer image below to follow along.

And, if you ever want to add a new block, it’s pretty easy – Just click + Add Block at the top of your editing menu.

See image below to find where the + Add Blocks button is.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

If you scroll down in the left-hand side menu, you’ll be able to see different block options that you can choose from and add them to your multi-step popup. These blocks are:

  • Button
  • ChatBot
  • Countdown Timer
  • Divider
  • Image
  • Video

And more.

I’m sure they will come in handy when you create complex multi-step popup campaigns.

Here’s the image of those blocks that’s available.

You can always add these new block to your editor because it’s just drag and drop. You don’t have to worry about coding or anything like that.

See the graphic below to understand how it’s done.

Thanks to their drag and drop feature customizing those multi-step popup couldn’t be easier without OptinMonster. 

Below is an example of the multi-step popup to help you understand.

Best part about this popup above is that it took less than 5 minutes to create.

Here’ what you always should keep in mind: You have to always customize the Success page depending on the goal of your campaign within your popup.

Refer image below to see what we mean here.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

Most of those campaigns will be to grow an email list. So you should always modify the Success page with a small “Thank You” message.

Sometimes your goal would be to redirect people to another URL, then you won’t have to display any message in the Success page at all.

Once you’ve designed your popup campaign that you’re happy with, it’s time to set the display rules.

Display rules will allow your popup campaign to behave how you want it to behave.

Step 3: Add Your MonsterLink™

Using the first method of creating a multi-step popup campaign, we’ll be using the MonsterLink™ feature. So when someone clicks on the MonsterLink™, your popup will appear.

Now, let’s work on the display rules that we have to set for the campaign.

At the top of the editor, you’ll see and click Display Rules.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

Now by default, the first display rule will be to show the Time on page, but you’ll see a drop-down menu below with different options for display rules that you can add for your campaign. Look for MonsterLink™ (On Click).

Refer to the image below to understand what we mean.

Once you find it, click on Copy MonsterLink™ Code:

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

And that’s it! Your MonsterLink™ will be copied to your clipboard, and now you can embed that wherever you would like.

Embed meaning – copy and paste it. You can add it to a text link or a button click. Paste it so you’ll see it work.

So before you copy and paste it here’s what you should know – Your MonsterLink™ will be copied in an HTML form. That means it looks like this if you paste it as-is:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Click Me!</a>

But most times, you’ll simply want the link and won’t need the HTML embed code. For that, you can simply select the URL in between the quotations marks (starting with “https://”) from the HTML code above.

So have you found the URL within the ” “? Great, here’s what you need to select from the example above:

Now that you have an embeddable link that you can simply put over any anchor text. So, when people click on that link, your popup campaign should appear.

I hope you’re able to do it right this time.

Here are some results you can expect, you can expect higher conversions for 2 reasons:

  • People who click that link will have a higher interest in the content that comes within your popup.
  • Because of the Zeigarnik effect, people will be more likely to finish opting in because they’ve already started the process.

Now, all you’ve got to do is – Save and Publish your campaign.

Now let’s try using the second method for creating a multi-step popup campaign.

Method 2: Using a Yes/No Campaign:

For this multi-step popup to work, we are going to try using the Yes/No campaign. Instead of asking people to take action right away, a Yes/No campaign appears in front of them asking them for a simple “yes or no” question.

All that the person click has to decide if it’s a yes or a no.

The goal of using this type of method is to get them to click Yes mostly.

Once they do, they’ll be taken to the opt-in form where they can opti-in or will be redirected to another URL. 

Similar to what you saw earlier (see above method) with the MonsterLink™ method, they’ll be more likely to opt into the offer because they’ve already started the process of choosing a yes.

Using this same method the website InternetSuccessGids were able to grow their email list by 250% and convert about 24% of abandoning visitors into subsribers.

If this stats surprise you, you must get your copy of OptinMonster.

So, let’s see how to create your multi-step popup campaign using the second method.

Step 1: Create Your Multi-Step Popup.

For this method to work, you must create your multi-step popup exactly the same way as you did earlier. You can scroll up and refer to it to follow along.

Here’s a quick summary of how to do it:

  • Create a new campaign from your dashboard.
  • Select Popup as your campaign type.
  • Choose one of those OptinMonster’s 50+ pre-built templates.
  • Name your campaign and assign it to your website.
  • Click Start Building.

Please scroll up to that method and see how to do it right.

Now, let’s proceed with this method.

Step 2: Add Your Yes/No Button.

This is where the process changes. At the top of of the editor you’ll be able to see the Yes/No option.

Go ahead and click on the Enable Yes/No for This Campaign:

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

This will then begin to create a new page for you to work on your popup campaign.

See image below to follow along.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

You’ll notice that your Yes/No popup starts with a basic “yes or no” question.

Yes, that’s how this campaign will go. The idea is that they click on Yes.

Our goal is to get people to opt with just 1 click. If you can get them to click once, then you’ll increase the chances of getting them to take the action you want them to in the next step.

Here’s how this kind of campaign would work. 

In order for your Yes/No campaign customization to work, you have to modify the Yes and No buttons.

You can refer to the image below to understand what we mean.

So to edit them click on the popup campaign, click on the Yes button to pull up the editing tools on the left-hand side.

Now you can start editing it.

Now you can modify up to 3 things here:

  • Yes button.
  • No button.
  • Block.

So if you click on any part of the Yes/No block that you want to edit it will bring up the editing tools.

You can scroll down and now you will see that you can edit 3 things for both the Yes and No buttons:

  • Regular: Use this to change the appearance of the button in the campaign (color, text, border, and so on)
  • Hover: Use this to change how the button looks like when people’s cursor hovers over the button (color, text, and so on)
  • Action: Use this to show what happens when people click on the button.
Refer to the image below for more info.

Now the last one is very important.

You have to make sure that you’re selecting the right Action for the Yes and No buttons. The drop-down menu gives you many different action options:

  • Go to a view (the Optin or Success page).
  • Redirect to a URL.
  • Click to call.
  • Close campaign.

And more.

You’ll have to decide which action you should take for both the Yes and No buttons, depending on the goal of your campaign.

But making these modifications isn’t tough. 

Here’s an example of the Yes/No multi-step popup campaign:

And here’s what happens when a user clicks the Yes option and is taken to the opt-in form.

You can easily build it in less than 5 minutes. Good thing is that it will help you boost your conversions.

Step 3: Set Your Display Rules.

Now it’s time to set the display rules, go to the top and click Display Rules.

By default, the display rules sets 2 conditions.

  • Time on page is at least 5 seconds.
  • Shows on every page of your site.

You can easily make changes to them depending on which display rules you want for your campaign.

Most people choose to use the Exit-Intent® technology, which displays your multi-step popup when a user tries to leave their site. 

Exit-intent popups are actually how the fitness company Crossrope exploded their email list by over 900%. Click that link to read more about it.

So in order to change the display rules, you have to click on the condition you want to modify. This will pull up all the display options. For now, let’s click on Exit-Intent®.

Then, choose which devices you’d like to use the exit-intent rule to apply on:

  • Desktop only.
  • Mobile only.
  • Both.

Good News: The great thing about exit-intent popups was it used to be limited to desktop devices only. But not anymore! It can now work for mobile traffic, too.

If you want to learn how to create mobile exit-intent popups that convert, click that link.

In the end, you have to choose the sensitivity level for the exit-intent campaign (LowMedium, or High):

Now by doing that you’ll be able to recover visitors who are leaving your website.

You can also choose which pages you want to show that multi-step popup on. To choose the pages, you have work on the second display rule, which is current URL path.

See the image below to understand what this one means.

You can change the settings from is any page to a variety of options:

  • Just the homepage.
  • Is not the homepage.
  • Exactly matches.
  • Does not exactly match.
  • Contains.

And more.

Refer the image below to see the options.

Now you can enter the URL for which pages you want to include or exclude. So if you want to show the multi-step popup specifically on one page, for example, you’d set the following rule.

Here’s what happened: 

The above one shows current URL path + exactly matches + URL of the page.

These are just some of the display rules you can choose for your multi-step popup. With the help of OptinMonster, you can choose exactly where, when, and to whom you want to show your multi-step popup.

That way, you can get most amount of conversions within the least amount of time. So, yeah exit intent works like a charm.

Most people leave without reading the whole blog post.

After you’ve finished setting the display rules, you just have to click on Save and Publish to launch new campaign.

So now you are equipped to use either method to create a multi-step popup to grow your email list.

In order to start collecting your subscribers email addresses, you must connect OptinMonster to your email service provider.

We use ConvertKit – Perfect for Bloggers and Small Business Owners.

Click here to grab ConvertKit free for 1000 subscribers.

How To Increase Conversions With Easy Multi-Step Popups

So, if you’re ready to get started boosting your conversions, click here to sign up for OptinMonster today, risk-free with their 14-day money-back guarantee.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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