How To Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping In 4 Steps

How To Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping In 4 Steps
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Free shipping is like a thing now. In the early days there wasn’t even a thing like that. Nowadays, it has become more a competitive thing, You might have seen Amazon and other companies offering free shipping. There’s actually a benefit in free shipping. Not only does it increase sales by giving free shipping you’ll be able to boost the overall sales volume and revenue from your store. People have the expectancy to get things for free.

It’s kind of like a psychological benefit that’s pre-registered in their minds. If big companies like amazon does it, you better have a free shipping strategy to win over customers. If people see you charging “product price + shipping”, they’ll most likely go with their competitors. It’s high time you thought about it.

Have you considered “discounted shipping”, yet another feature you can find inside the Advanced Coupons plugin which is pretty easy to set up inside your WooCommerce store. If you combine that feature with cart values and it auto-applies you’ll be able to offer free shipping to your customers if they’re spending over a certain amount without the need of coupon codes.

That should be the work of you as a business owner. Giving out more coupon codes would be a hassle unless you can manage that.

In this blog post, let me help you understand how offering free shipping can be beneficial to your customers and help your business ten fold. I’ll also show you how to use the free shipping strategy so that it automatically works on your WooCommerce store for over that are over a certain amount on their shopping cart.

Note: Advanced Coupons Plugin is going to be your required plugin. Get it here.

How You Can Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping To Certain Customers.

In order to increase sales on your WooCommerce store you have to consider free shipping. This doesn’t mean you have to pay out of your pocket, there’s a trick that you can apply.

Let me let you on a little secret, you can add the shipping costs to the product price and leave the shipping costs as free. That way the customer doesn’t think they’re paying extra.

Another hack is to do a cumulative roundup of the total which covers the total shipping costs into the product pricing thereby leaving shipping costs to zero.

Any other trick you may apply may cause you to lose money.

Why You Should Consider Offering Free Shipping To Your WooCommerce Customers.

If you want to gain a competitive edge and beat other businesses that are in your space i,e your competitors then you must incorporate free shipping. It’s one of the best strategies that’s helping businesses bring in more revenue than before. Most businesses today are running Free shipping all across their online stores. 

Did you know that about 36 percent of online shoppers abandon carts because shipping costs are too high? Imagine how much money you are losing not only percentage-wise but also cart abandonment-wise. You will then have to work on re-targeting campaigns like email retargeting, Facebook ads retargeting, etc. you must think of changing your business strategy to free shipping for products.

I know you may have your doubts about if the order size is huge, how do we cover their shipping charges, well there is a way around that.

When people get to know that your WooCommerce store is offering free shipping, almost 95% of them will complete the checkout process. There are some who might not complete the checkout process due to unforeseen reasons.

This is the age where Amazon with their Amazon Prime feature is a leader dictating where their business direction of online commerce goes. You doing that for your store is going to be a huge win.

If you offer free shipping make sure to mention that it is only valid on purchases above a certain amount. What that does is it accomplishes two goals:

  • It pushes customers to spend a little bit more to reach that minimum threshold to qualify for free shipping – So the cart checkout value would be more and thus helping you take care of shipping costs.
  • Because of the increased order value, it totals up to cover the shipping costs and any other additional costs you may have in your business thereby increase business cashflow. 

You can easily set up free shipping method across all your products that’s in your WooCommerce store by other methods. But if you use the minimum order required strategy you’ll get more out of this strategy. 

So if you want to succeed with this free shipping strategy to increase sales you’ll need to use an advanced plugin called Advanced Coupons.

How To Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping (Step by Step Explained).

Let me show you how to increase sales by giving free shipping using the 4 step process so you can grow your WooCommerce store and skyrocket your profits.

Let’s take a look at the 4 steps one by one.

Step 1: Create A Coupon To Offer Free Shipping.

The first step to offering free shipping would be to create a coupon to offer a free shipping discount.

To do so you’ll need to go to your WordPress dashboard and head over to Coupons -> Add New. This can be found on the left panel after you’ve installed the Advanced Coupons plugin.

So when you click on Add New, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll have to enter a coupon code (or generate one with the button “Generate coupon code”) and add a description. (That’s optional but it’s good to add one so you know which coupon is for which category of order value).

Take a look at the example below to help you understand.

Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Create Coupon

Then, if you scroll down you’ll see Shipping Overrides tab, click on it.

Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Shipping Overrides

On clicking it opens up some setting that you need to create. These settings will allow you to add a discounted shipping rate based on the conditions you specify. 

So if you click on the Add Shipping Override link as you seen above, you’ll be taken to the below image.

Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Create Shipping Override

This is where you have to select a shipping zone.

WooCommerce has this feature already. Take a look at all the WooCommerce shipping zones and select the place where you want this coupon code to work for.

For your demonstration, I’ve selected just one zone (US shipping zone) and I’ve selected the flat rate shipping method and given a discount amount that works by discount percentage.

If you’re working with multiple locations you’ll need to create multiple zones and discount codes.

After you’ve completed this you can click on Add and then click Save Shipping Overrides at the bottom.

Then let’s go to the next step.

Step 2: Set A Minimum Purchase Amount Using Cart Conditions.

Now that your coupon is created in step 1, we are going to set up a minimum purchase amount that will work on the cart page. These are going to be your Cart Conditions.

If you’re looking for the Cart Conditions settings, then you can find them under the Coupon Data section on that same page.

Take a look at the image below to follow along.


So now the above rule says, if the products are in the cart then a rule must apply. So if there’s a minimum purchase amount in the cart then you will have to choose the following rule, which is you will have to choose Cart Subtotal.

Remember our strategy is to offer free shipping over a certain amount value in the cart.

Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Cart Subtotal

After you’ve selected Cart Subtotal, you’ll need to click on Add.

Then you’ll see two more options. Basically they are conditions.

Condition and Cart Subtotal ($). 

What we’re going to choose for the Condition dropdown menu is MORE THAN. For the cart subtotal amount you just need to enter the amount you want this condition to work.

Meaning this free shipping strategy will work only for a dollar amount more than the amount you specify in that Cart Subtotal ($) field box.


Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Cart Subtotal More Than

Now we’re in the Cart Subtotal box, you can enter any minimum order amount that you’re willing to give free shipping to a customer. In the example here I’ve entered $50.


Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Finished Cart Conditions

After you’ve entered that value you’ve decided that’s going to be your final amount, just click on the Save Cart Conditions button that you’ll find at the bottom.

Let’s go the next step.

Step 3: Enable Auto-Apply For Your Coupon.

Actually this step going to be an optional one.

If you want your customers to manually enter their coupon codes then this step is not needed. But if you want to auto-apply coupon codes follow along.

So if you’re still in this step that means you wish that your coupons gets applied automatically. So on the right side you’ll see the Auto Apply Coupon checkbox. Select that.


What select that will do is it will apply the discount that we set based on the conditions we set earlier. (Refer Step 1 and 2).

The customer doesn’t even have to do anything regarding free shipping. So for this example every single buyer who is in the US shipping zone and has an order value of over $50 will receive free shipping regardless of their order size (cart amount).

Does that make sense?

Now all you need to do is to click on Publish or Update button on the top right of that page to save all these settings and changes.

Now, before we start promoting out store, we’ve got one more final step to do. Test our coupons are working or not.

Step 4: Test Your Coupon.

Before you offer something in the market, you need to make sure the coupons are working.  Go ahead and fill your shopping cart with product or merchandise that you have from your store and then make sure the order value goes over $50.

Directly head to checkout and see if the coupon gets applied automatically.

You must see a shipping discount coupon being applied as in the image below.

Increase Sales By Giving Free Shipping - Fee Shipping Example

Without testing people are going to abandon shopping on your WooCommerce store when they try to make a purchase.

Make the statement that you offer free shipping after a certain order value and the coupon code automatically applies.

Some people might prefer to apply coupon codes manually to see price drop right in front of their eyes, so make sure to mention that wherever you advertise about your store.

Now that you learned how to increase sales by giving free shipping in your WooCommerce store in 4 steps, make sure to apply it and let me know in the comments.

Make sure to download the free training guide offered by Advanced Coupons team exclusively for you.

How To Grow Your WooCommerce Store With Free Coupons.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow a store to 6, 7 or 8-figures and beyond download this guide now. You’ll learn how elite store owners are using coupons to grow their WooCommerce stores. 

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