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How To Set Up Loyalty Program For WooCommerce Store

How To Set Up Loyalty Program For WooCommerce Store.

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Are you looking to create a loyalty program for WooCommerce store? This new plugin developed by the advanced coupons will allow you to create a loyalty points and rewards program for your business.

So now whenever your customers buy from your store, you’ll be able to reward them by giving them reward points under their account. Now they can then use that to get cashback or collect points that will help them spend more on your store again.

Did you know that loyalty program will bring in repeat buyers and spenders? This increases the revenue of your business.

Click here to grab Loyalty Program for WooCommerce developed by Advanced Coupons.

What Is The Loyalty Program for WooCommerce?

If you have a store and your products are selling well, then you will see loyal customers buying more and more products from you.

This is where you should introduce the loyalty rewards program. What this does to your business is you’ll be rewarding your loyal customers by giving them points and this will persuade them to comeback to buy from your store.

This is how you keep the best customers ordering again and again.

The only best way to reward your customers who are loyal is using loyalty points.

Did you know that the loyalty programs are a tried and true tested way to increase sales but also customers who buy more become satisfied and tend to purchase again and again.

Now you’ll get to see that the Loyalty Program for WooCommerce has an extension that woks to reward your customers. It will work on coffee shops, car washes, and many other similar places.

All you need to pull off this loyalty rewards program is to set up an online store and collect cash. 

How Does Loyalty Program for WooCommerce Work?

Loyalty Program for WooCommerce works when you install this brand new plugin created by the Advanced Coupons team.

You will start to collect loyalty points from the customer under their account whenever they make a purchase and it gets tracked once you set it up.

If you’re looking to manually code it, then you’re going to spend a lot that you can ever expect. Also, there’s no guarantee that it would work. But this plugin will work as it’s built for this who do all other wholesale and online coupons setup.

Just to help you understand you need to understand its functionality.

This is what they are:

  1. At first, you need to set a value “a point” on your WooCommerce store.
  2. So if your customers purchase, they’ll earn points under their account.
  3. If they earn enough points, they can redeem them in exchange as coupon discounts.
  4. All coupons can be used on all the future orders.
  5. Rinse and repeat the same process.

Some other interesting ways to set it up would be that the customers can earn points when they leave product reviews, comment on blog posts, register a new account, make the first order, spend a certain amount, take up special promo, etc.

There are so many other creative ways you can develop and expand your loyalty rewards program on your WooCommerce store. Being creative is how you’re gonna become a successful store.

Loyalty Program Reporting System.

Since you’re the store owner, you should be able to see how many points are there in the system. Please be active enough to know that they should convert into discount.

If you can track what kind of actions allocate to what points, and what actions brings in the most points then you’ll be able to push your customers to buy more and then turn them into real money on their store account to collect even more rewards or discounts.

In the Loyalty Program for WooCommerce, you will be able to create as well as see them in one shot on the backend of your WordPress website, i.e your WordPress Dashboard.

Take a look at the image below to understand:

How To Set Up Loyalty Program For WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Store Full Audit Log & Customer Controls.

Since you were able to create customer roles because of this plugin, you can also dig deep into each specific customer and finally be able to audit their earning points using the actions they’ve taken.

Now you’ll also see how they’ve redeemed those points and any other kind of changes they’ve made to their accounts.

Below is an image to help you understand further.

How To Set Up Loyalty Program For WooCommerce Store

How To Add A Loyalty Program To Your Store?

We can repeatedly tell you that if you use the Loyalty program for WooCommerce plugin it will help you create this loyalty program on your WooCommerce store.

Just click install and go to the backend and set it up.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

I’m sure you’d like to learn more about the features and it’s pricing plan, so click here and learn more about it.

It will change the way you do business with your loyal customers. Loyal customers will want to shop more because of this program. And your revenues will skyrocket. They will begin to tell others about this.

The best websites and stores have this loyalty program at the bottom of the website.

If you find them, you’ll be able to read the terms and conditions and what else you get for signing up to their loyalty program.

Click here to install the Loyalty Program for WooCommerce.


The conclusion of this article is pretty simple. Loyalty Program for WooCommerce is one of the best ways to increase revenue by directing loyal customer into a rewards program that pushes them to buy more and more from your store.

Doing this often by creating offers will help them earn rewards that’s converted into points. Now they’ll know that there are points in their account that they can leverage.

But they will not be able to use the points unless they make another purchase or get to a certain amount. This makes them to buy more, allocate more points, now they again buy more and raise their store points. Now this store points they’ll take it up a notch to redeem it for another product.

So subconsciously, they’re being pushed to buy more and more from your store. Your store continues to make money, they get to earn the rewards as points, then they get to see that their points are accumulated and they want to spend it.

People love to spend them, otherwise it’s a waste of points lying under a program.

So go ahead and install the loyalty program for WooCommerce plugin and get started with creating a loyalty program for your business.

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