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How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram In 2021

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Novice Instagram users who want to bring their profile to the leaders of the social network are sure that the more actively they subscribe, the more subscribers there will be. They believe the action is mutual. However, everything is not the same on Instagram. A user may not subscribe in exchange. Therefore, someone who has indiscriminately collected many subscriptions will find out sooner or later that his feed is full of the information from people & companies that he isn’t interested in. After that they’ll have to mass unfollow on this network very soon.

Before giving instructions about mass unfollow on Instagram, let’s figure out why you have to unsubscribe at all.

Why Do We Need A Mass Unfollow?


So, let’s name three main situations when a mass unfollow on Instagram is necessary:

  1. If the amount of subscriptions or subscribers is balanced or if the subscribers are significantly larger, the account looks more solid. It means that its owner is popular and interesting to a wide range of users.
  2. When you have too many subscriptions, there’ll be many unnecessary things in the update feed. And you may miss something interesting or important from your real friends.
  3. Extra subscriptions can slow down the promotion. They will distract your attention from the users that you really need, because they can become potential customers.

What Kind Of Mass Unfollowing On Instagram Exists?

There are two types of mass fast unfollow on this network:

  1. Manual.
  2. Automatic.

As for the automatic option, it can be performed using specialized programs or applications, as well as services. One of the most significant services is SpamGuard. We’ll talk about it later. In the meantime, let’s talk about manual unfollowing on Instagram.

Characteristics Of The Manual Unsubscription.

Manual unfollow works with identical success on the personal computer and in the smartphone. For the web version, apply this algorithm:

  1. Open the page and become authorized for an entrance to the profile;
  2. Go to your personal profile (press an icon “a little man” above);
  3. Press the word “Subscriptions” to see the list;
  4. Near each nickname there is a white Subscriptions button, press it;
  5. In the opened menu choose the option “Cancel a Subscription”.

If you’re in doubt whether to cancel this subscription or not, go to this user’s account. And already there you’ll see a button for canceling. Do the same steps to unsubscribe.

You’ll need to do the same with each user. There is no one-stage unfollow function on Instagram.

Now let’s consider unfollowing on Instagram online on your smartphone:

  1. Open the Instagram application;
  2. Go to your own account;
  3. Press the word “Subscriptions” to see all;
  4. Choose whom exactly you refuse and press the button opposite;
  5. Confirm your decision to finish the procedure.

Or you may make slightly more movements: enter a profile of the user from which you don’t want to receive news, touch a “little man’s silhouette with a tick” symbol and mark a “Cancel subscription” command.

How To Perform A Mass Unfollow On Instagram From Non-reciprocal Profiles Quickly?

As you have seen, it is not very difficult to refuse subscriptions manually. But only if you have managed to subscribe to several dozen people. And for those who used an automatic subscription (massfollowing), it will not be easy. When there are hundreds of users in the list, it’ll take a lot of time. Besides, after all, someone still subscribed to you in response, and that’s exactly what you wanted. Therefore, such people need to be preserved.

This means it is necessary to carry out to Instagram the formal reply from non-reciprocal users. It is possible to reveal them and to persistently cancel a subscription in the manual mode. In that case you don’t make a mistake and definitely don’t receive the ban (about limits on actions in Instagram we still will lose). Or try to make it by means of programs and applications.

But choose a reliable assistant. Read the reviews, get acquainted with the characteristics of the software, learn the usage rules. Note whether there are settings for the task. For example, there is an unfollowing from non-reciprocal users on Instagram. In addition, such programs often work on a paid basis. But most of them have a test period. Perhaps it will be enough for you. So the choice is yours, type a query in the browser’s address bar and see the results. But we will still give a proven option – a unique SpamGuard service.

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Features Of The SpamGuard Service.

SpamGuard is one of the most effective and reliable methods to get rid of unwanted subscribers quickly and safely. Let’s look at the features of this service.

Which Subscribers Will SpamGard Help To Get Rid Of?

  • Foreigners and Arabs among subscribers;
  • Inactive subscribers (do not leave likes and comments);
  • Non-reciprocal subscribers;
  • Inflated subscribers;
  • Spammer accounts;
  • Commercial profiles and stores;
  • Unalive bots.

How The Service Works.

Now let’s talk about what you need to do to protect your account.

  1. If you want to earn money, you just need to have “live” people. Because they are the potential buyers and they are the ones who help you gain more natural likes and comments.
  2. In addition to bots and “dead souls”, there are subscribers who do not bring any benefit in the form of readings, comments or banal likes, and even more so, in the form of buying your services or goods. They only litter with their own offers to buy something from them. To protect against such intrusive connections, the service also has a separate algorithm. If your goal is to earn money, then passive and non-reciprocal subscriptions only harm. They do not increase your popularity and, accordingly, do not contribute to receiving money.
  3. Spamguard monitors accounts and helps to delete Instagram followers who have not shown signs of life over the past month. And also those who did not reciprocate you.

The Main Advantages Of The Spam Guard Service.

Spam Guard - Mass Unfollow On Instagram - SpamGuard

After clearing unwanted subscriptions, the account begins to work much better and more efficiently. In Instagram, news from accounts with a large number of inactive subscribers appear in the feed much less often. This significantly reduces the popularity of the account, it becomes more difficult to find new subscribers, because activity is one of the most important factors of popularity in Instagram. Getting rid of unwanted subscriptions, you will immediately and significantly increase the popularity, which will allow the account to form a new base of active subscribers.

In addition, SpamGuard works very quickly, just after doing a few clicks all unwanted subscriptions are removed. Manual bulk unfollow would require a lot of time and effort and at the same time would not guarantee a reliable result, since there is always a risk of missing someone. Moreover, if the user does not want to delete specific accounts, you can add them to the white list.

Another indisputable and simply invaluable advantage in the XXI century is compactness! You can use the service from any device, it is enough to have a computer or smartphone at hand. At the same time, you can attach several Instagram accounts to one personal account in SpamGuard at once, which will allow you to delete all unwanted subscriptions at once.

After each deletion, a report on the number and reason of deleted accounts will be sent to the user’s email address, this will make sure that the service is effective.

The cost of the service for each user is selected individually. It all depends on the number of subscribers and the popularity of the account.

The Limit Of Unfollowing In Instagram.

Now we will talk about the limits of the social network Instagram on users’ actions. Unfollowing on Instagram is equal to subscribing, that is the same thing for filters. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what exactly you do: unfollow or subscribe, everything is considered together for a certain time period. And excessive activity of the account can be regarded as spam and is punishable by blocking.

Therefore, it is not surprising that users are interested in what is the limit of unfollowing in Instagram, for example, within an hour or a day. The administration of the social network does not give any official answers. The ceiling for the number of subscriptions was set only recently – no more than 7.5 thousand per account.

However, experienced Instagrammers assure that there is an hourly and daily limit on actions, which is already dangerous to exceed. And it seems that the limit of unfollowing in Instagram depends on the age of the profile. Beginners who have registered in the social network less than six months ago can easily perform 720 actions per day. It turns out that such a user can unfollow (or subscribe) from 30 accounts within an hour. Someone whose profile was created more than 6 months ago is allowed to increase the activity almost twice. In 24 hours, without fear of getting banned, you can make 1140 unsubscriptions (or subscriptions) to him. It turns out that the limit for an hour increases to 50 actions.

In addition, experienced users are advised not to show excessive activity in a row for several days. This behavior can also be detected by filters and qualify you as a spammer. Be careful, especially if you use apps to clear your account. The best option is to act slowly but surely. Unsubscribe every other day or do not get the amount to the upper bound of a limit.

By the way, users often look for an answer to the question of how to delete subscribers in Instagram at once, especially they do not like bots. Mass disposal of them should also be carried out slowly, in small portions. Filters don’t care who you remove – real subscribers or fake profiles.


For successful promotion and earnings on your Instagram account, you need to have only “live” and active subscribers, with mutual subscriptions. And bots need to be removed.

With the help of a simple and functional SpamGuard service, you will get rid of common problem for everyone: how to delete Instagram followers. And at the same time you will leave live users who help you in the development of your account.

Click here to grab SpamGuard Today!

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