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The Modern Day Guide To Successful Lifestyle (2021 Edition)

The Modern Day Guide To Successful Lifestyle (2021 Edition)

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Creating a successful lifestyle is completely possible. Most people think it’s too hard to create a successful lifestyle because they think it’ll take them years or they might never reach what they intended to achieve in the first place.

A Successful lifestyle is the one that you define as successful. Well, I define successful lifestyle in a very different way today. It is not what society thinks as successful or media portrays as being successful.

Some of those factors come into play but to me a successful lifestyle is when you “have it all together and in abundance by your own terms.” In this blog post, I want to open your eyes to what you can create out of your life and have more of what you want and have it in the most shortest possible time frame.

Have you seen someone so young yet they’re rich and successful? But you know they still have some things that’s missing which they’ve failed to work on. It can be their health, fitness or even their dating life.

I do not want you to sacrifice so much to miss out completely on other areas of your life which are essential to your overall successful lifestyle needs. I want you to have it all because it’s a conscious choice that you’ve made for yourself.

The Modern Day Guide To Successful Lifestyle (2021 Edition)
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10 Elements Of The Modern Day Successful Lifestyle.

I want you to be aware of the essential elements of the modern day successful lifestyle and only focus on improving those. The rest of them will fall into place on its own.

So here are the key elements of the modern day successful lifestyle that you should focus on:

Table of Contents:

Let’s get into each of these success elements so that you can start implementing them today.

1. Health & Fitness.

In order to create a successful lifestyle for yourself, it’s primitive that you take your health and fitness seriously. Without health, you won’t be able to achieve or do the things you want to do in life.

Another thing is if you’re in your teens or twenties or even in your thirties, you better start taking care of your body by hitting the gym, eating right, taking care of your skin, your hair, and foods you eat. They all contribute to the survival and well-being of your existence in the long run.

By the time you’re old, you’ll regret not taking care of your health. Don’t let regret be the thing that bothers you in your older days. Do things smartly and intelligently. Start working out regularly every week (3-5 times) a week would keep you in great shape that would last a lifetime.

2. Finances & Income.

One of the biggest components of a successful person living in today’s world is finances and income. You’ve got to take care of your finances and avoid ruthless spending. If you don’t have income streams coming in from all different sources, why are you aimlessly spending it. Keep a healthy tab on your finances and start spending it wisely on things that matter or add value to your life.

But if your finances are not in order, you better start to list things you can do or offer to people and start making the money you need. Finances will determine how well you can go up the ladder of success in life. If your finances are not great, even women will not want to associate with you. Most divorces or relationships break-off because of lack of care or control given to your finances and income.

Make a list of your income sources, track your financials spending & savings, your investments (if any), your current living costs and expenses, and put them out in front of you so you can take active look at what you’re doing with money. From there map out a way to better handle them. You can only learn when you spend money or lose them. Until you make mistakes you will not learn, at least most people don’t.

3. Mental Health & Personal Well-Being.

The key to success and living a successful life starting with having a healthy mind, a healthy mental state. Having a healthy mind allows you to take care of yourself and make sound decisions. A healthy mind allows you to take care of your personal well-being. Being screwed up in your head, will translate to all other areas of your life.

Poor choices comes from poor mental well-being, knowledge and judgement. If you start taking care of yourself mentally and physically, you’ll find success in life. Success is created from within. You can see a lot of people in the world, who are struggling mentally or physically and now their outward performances are affected.

4. Dating & Relationships.

Dating and relationships are one of the factors that contribute towards the success of the successful people in the world. No one is a loner. They actively go out into the world and find their partner who’d help them fulfill their goals. A larger portion of your success in life comes from the relationships in your life, people are built for relationships but if relationships get in the way of success, that’s another thing you need to work on personally.

If you’re in your teens or twenties for that matter, you probably aren’t aware of what’s happening in the current dating world. Things have changed a lot. There’s an over inflation of attention that guys are giving girls on social media, especially Instagram. If you’re not a high-value guy or a girl you’re going to struggle a lot. Work on becoming high-value then when you do make the approaches, things will work out in your favor, although the timing is not in your favor, so be aware of that and don’t get upset when someone doesn’t respond the way you expected.

5. Fashion, Style & Presentation.

Fashion, Style & Presentation are one of the common points that you see all the successful people have in common. How you represent yourself is how you’re going to be taken seriously or playfully. Level up your fashion game and you’ll start turning heads. This makes you more approachable or more open to getting what you want from people. Style and fashion plays a huge role in dating.

Some of the most common ways you can upgrade your fashion, style and presentation skills are to go look at the popular magazines, find out your taste from the influencers and then go buy new clothes. Start taking photos of yourself, build up your digital profiles, update your old wardrobe with new clothes that showcase your personality and match your skin tone. Grab clothes for different possible events that can come up in your life. Do you research and get your fashion, style and presentation game up.

6. Living & Lifestyle Situations.

Do you find successful people living in shitty places? No, they’ve taken care of that already. Whenever you make money, try to take care of your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is a reflection of your success. Don’t be stupid and start flexing it on the gram. You’re not trying to impress anybody. Be true to yourself and make your actual living situations the best that you possibly can.

Saving money and living the best life is also an indication of your mindset. I’ve seen so many people who try to save by waiting for a rainy day. Focus on bringing in more money so that you can buy things you want without it affecting your lifestyle. Be proactive, that’s how you live life on your own terms and live to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Successful people have put in the effort that takes to create this kind of lifestyle. You must also do the same. Make sure to get/buy all the essential things that you need to create a fantastic place to live, work, think and enjoy. Don’t downgrade yourself on your dreams, upgrade your real life to match your dreams.

7. Social Media Growth & Social Life.

Social Media is one of the most closely watched things that modern successful people look into. So as you grow your business, income and lifestyle, grow your social media following. Also, don’t forget to take care of your social life. If you don’t have one, find new friends that you vibe with. You’ve got to have friends that support you on your journey. If your current set of friends are toxic, cut them out, get new ones.

Social media growth doesn’t come easily. It takes work to update content regularly and then get exposed for what you do and who you are. That’s when people will start to follow you. For beginners, the best way to grow your social media accounts is through content. That’s proven and tested to work. Some advanced ways to grow a social media following is through paid ads, shout-outs or influencer marketing. Social media growth is one thing that comes up in dating, where the other person looks you up to see who you are, what you do and all that stuff. Make sure it’s your best pictures or content that represent who you are and what you do. Live a fun life and you can easily bring that out in your photos or videos.

8. Travel & Lifestyle.

Travel & Lifestyle is one crucial part of a successful person’s repertoire. Traveling and vacation lifestyle adds soul and life to your journey in this life. The best way for you to start traveling is to set aside some money so you can take a vacation. When you mark your calendars, book your flights, set aside money for it, you’ll make it happen. The thought of a vacation makes people happy. Most never get to do it because they’re busy working on their jobs, stuck in a rat race they can never get out of.

Break free from this system that the society or government has set up for you. You can learn how to make money without working at a job, so figure out ways to make money on the side and then plan your travels. See how your life is gonna change. Once you begin travelling, you’ll learn a lot about the world, what’s going on, what happens in other countries, etc.

This travel lifestyle is possible if you detach yourself from the rat race and learn to become your own independent creator. This is the time for the creator economy, where you can work from anywhere in the world, make money and also travel in style. There are places that you can go for cheap or as luxurious as you can afford to. Don’t make excuses, because the ones you are doing it, have figured out a way. You will feel sorry for yourself later down the years, if you haven’t travelled to other countries or even relocated to another country. Life is way different outside your own universe. You can get connected to so many rich, successful and regular people that can help you out in so many ways you didn’t think was possible. Add travel to your success routines and make a plan to execute on it.

9. Business & Influence.

One of the major contributing factors of a successful person is business. We all know that building a business is one of the ways to get rich and make great income. By building a business, you’re able to sell a product to masses and make your money. Eventually, you’ll get to build a brand that you can have market share or you can sell it for a profit.

There are various types of businesses you can start that don’t require a ton of upfront investment. All you need to care about is – money-in. If you can figure out a way to get money-in to your business, you’ll always succeed. Other things like product fulfillment, customer support, etc. aren’t that important.

In today’s world, you’ve got to build your social profiles all across the web and make yourself known as a brand. Build your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube positions yourself as an expert and makes you even more money. It creates an influence and that influence creates your success. When you build a following, you’ll become an influencer in no time. Your word, your thoughts and advice has power to make transactions happen. Build upon your influence, starting today.

10. Self-Improvement & Fun.

One of the biggest mistakes most people fail to do is have fun. Having fun is the one where you un-plugin yourself from work, from everything that’s bothering you. Once you unplug yourselves, you can decompress, unwind and start thinking clearly. This allows you to focus on self-improvement. There’s a reason why self-help is a billion dollar industry. All the self-help you need is essential to your success, but the best self help you can get is from yourself learning how to analyze situations, problems or conflicts and bringing out a solution or plan of action.

Jim Rohn, one of the greatest entrepreneur, motivational speaker and self-help master said, “Work on yourself, than you work on your job.” Eventually, you are the one carrying yourself forward, you are the one selling yourself, presenting yourself to others, meeting people, going on dates, building relationships, travelling the world, etc. If you are not becoming your best self every day, you’re dying. You have to focus more on growth than on staying where you are. One of the best ways to grow or improve in your self-improvement journey is to read books – this makes you to learn new things, watch videos – this makes you learning to go on another level, teach – when you share what you know, you’ll retain the information better. All that we humans do everyday is tap into our brain, use the knowledge that we have and make decisions that will help you move forward. Being your best self and reaching your best self will unlock so many doors in your life that you never would have, if you remained the same as you were in school or college.


So, the best way for the modern man or woman to create a successful lifestyle is to focus on these 10 lifestyle elements and keep making consistent improvements in all areas of their lives.

The man or woman who improves gets to have the best quality of life. If you were the same that you were in school or college, you’ll be of no use to the world. In order to have a great life that you see all the successful people live and breathe each day, they’ve worked their asses off, focused on improving and bettering themselves, their businesses and whatever else they’ve got going on in their lives.

Task for you: List all the core essential areas of your life. Make an audit for yourself as to where you are now (today), then project yourself into the future 1, 3, 5 and 10 years from now who you desire to be and what kind of life you want to have or be living. Write down your daily action steps that will get you there and do it without excuses or fear of the unknown. This will be life-transforming.

That’s it for the best way I can help you create a lifestyle that you can be proud of and that others admire. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

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