How To Build A Multi-Step Form In WordPress With Progress Bar

How To Build A Multi-Step Form In WordPress With Progress Bar
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Do you know why people choose to build a multi-step form in WordPress with a progress bar attached to it?

There are so many reasons. Here are some to name a few:

  1. Increased conversions.
  2. Less form abandonment.
  3. Improved user experience.
Of course there are so much more that helps with the creation of a multi-step form in WordPress. So, let us straight to business and let me show you how you can create a multi-step form on your WordPress website so you can start generating leads and converting them immediately.

But before we get into it, let me convince you why you need a multi-step form in your WordPress website that too with a progress bar.

Why You Need A Multi-Step Form On Your WordPress Website?

We all have seen long-ass forms. We really get annoyed at it.

It’s too freakin’ long. It’s dreadful to even think of completing it.

These long-ass forms are mostly in offline forms. It takes too long to even complete them with time. You shouldn’t even consider having a long-ass form on your WordPress website.

People will leave your website the moment they see a long form that they have to fill up in order to get what they wanted in the first place.

Most businesses lose customers because of long forms. Atleast over 80% of people are sure to leave the form before completing it. Don’t let that happen to your business.

If you feel the need to collect only basic information from your prospects or users then do so, but if you want to collect more info then please use the multi-step form with a progress bar.

A multi-step form with a progress bar makes them psychologically feel that they have less to fill and the progress bar makes them feel that they’re closer to the goal.

Most forms that you see online have about 1 to 3 steps in their multi-step form. Only some will have about 1 to 5 steps in their multi-step form.

So what all types of forms can be created in a multi-step form style.

  • Quizzes or exams.
  • Registration forms.
  • eCommerce forms.
  • Job application forms.
  • Website signup forms.
  • Medical in-take forms.
  • School enrollment forms.
  • Surveys (especially longer ones!).

These are some examples that require a multi-step form. Most service based businesses need your prospects to fill in a lot of details so you can use a multi-step form to build your business even for lead generation.

Key Elements You Need In Your Multi-Step Form.

Now that we know why you should create a multi-step form and what types of forms you can create with a multi-step form in your WordPress website, let’s talk about the key elements that should be present in your multi-step form.

So, here are the key elements that should be present in your multi-step form that makes your lead generation worth it:

Name and Email Address: You need to collect someone’s name and email address so that you can contact them later or follow up if they haven’t completed the form. Knowing this basic info will help you close the deal with your lead. This is a must-have element on your multi-step form.

A Call To Action Button: Since your form is going to be multi-step, all your end of the page buttons are just going to be Next button and the final buttons are going to be Submit button.

Utilizing A Progress Bar: A progress bar at the top is super important, as this communicates that your form completion is almost done. You can’t leave people hanging. This progress bar creates excitement to complete it.

Logically Organize The Questions: If you organize the questions logically, and it flows people will love it or else it creates a disparity and people will leave the form unfinished.

Add A Summary Page: Some forms have a summary page for people to preview the info they’re submitting but most don’t, either way having one allows them to double check it otherwise it’s gonna bug them to come over and fill the correct information and that’s a hassle as most people won’t show up the second time.

So these are the key elements you should have. Apart from that once you create your form, please make sure to go through it yourself and ask a few of your friends to go through it and ask for their feedback to make sure the process is easy and lean.

How To Build A Multi-Step Form In WordPress With A Progress Bar?

Step 1: Create The Form In WordPress.

So the first step is going to be to create our form. Here we’re going to be using Formidable Forms. Click here to install Formidable Forms.

To install and activate it go to Plugins > Add New and install and activate it. It’s just like installing any other plugin out there.

One thing to take note is that you need to install and activate the pro version for the multi-step form to work on your website.

It doesn’t cost much. Now you may have objections on that, try and build a static long form and see how many people don’t fill your form, then you’ll come back to this blog post and think “I must create multi-step form now to make it work”, and investing a small amount in the pro-version won’t hurt your business.

So to create a new form, just click on Add New and you’ll be able to create a form. All you need to do now is follow the next step.

Step 2: Split The Form Into Multiple Pages.

After we’ve created our form, our next step is to create those different pages.

They are called page breaks.

So it’s important that you have all the questions ready that you want to add to your multi-step form. That’s the basic pre-work that you should have done at this stage.

Now your job is to use the drag and drop builder to create your first page and then add the page breaks to that first page of your form. Drag it from the left panel and add them. In case you couldn’t find it, it’s under Advanced Fields.

If you want you can choose to show page numbers.

They are called Paginations, so to do that go to Form Settings and click on the pagination and setting to show the progress bar.

If you want to add page titles for people to understand which page and what section they’re filling you can do that. Keep it easy to follow while filling the form.

Likewise, keep creating all the other pages till you create the final page. Make sure to add page breaks and page titles to keep the user informed. Finally add the submit button the last. You’ll mostly use Next and previous button to help them navigate between pages.

Let’s go to the next step.

Step 3: Design your progress bar.

In step 2 we’ve activated to show the progress bar, now we have to customize the design of the progress bar.

Generally the progress bar comes with the default style option. If you want to customize it you can go the form settings tab and change it.

All you’ll have to do is to Select Styles > Progress bars and then select any color scheme that fits your brand and website.


You can preview them before you save the changes.

Once you like the one you want, you should save it and move to the next step.

Step 4: Add The Form To The Website.

Now that the multi-step form is created, we just need to create the page where we need to add or add it to the spot you have planned to add on your existing website.

So if you’ve saved your form, you’ll be able to get a short code, just copy and paste it where you want your form to appear.

And once you hit publish on that page, it will appear once the page is live.

Step 5: Configure The Form Settings & Notifications.

The reason why we do this step is because we want to know that the form is working perfectly and we get notified when someone fills and completes this multi-step form.

Let’s not do any advanced things to your multi-step form.

Go to your form settings and see which email you’ve entered to receive the notifications and also make sure to enter a suitable thank you message so that anyone who submits that form gets a message saying the form was sent successfully.

You don’t want them worrying if the form info went through or not.

Now, you’re done creating a multi-step form in WordPress with a progress bar.

You can also do advanced stuff like adding conditional logic, etc. We can cover that in another tutorial in the future.

How To Build A Multi-Step Form In WordPress With Progress Bar
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Hopefully, you’ve learned how to create or build your own multi-step form in WordPress with a progress bar.

Now when you start sending traffic, this is going to convert very well. You can even follow up with leads who haven’t completed the form.

Multi-step form increases conversions and it keeps things interesting and exciting to the prospect and the user.

Use Formidable Forms to create your multi-step form. Get it here!

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