Top 10 Online Business New Year’s Resolutions In 2021

Top 10 Online Business New Year's Resolutions In 2021
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Every year, everyone sets new year’s resolutions. But after a while they don’t follow through.

Have you ever set Online Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2021? This are plans, goals and targets you’re going to work towards the exponential growth of your online business.

Whether you’re a blogger, a coach, a consultant, or running an eCommerce store, you need to follow the set new year’s resolutions to grow your online business.

I’m going to give you 10 online business new year’s resolutions you can follow to grow your business in 2021.

No matter which stage of business growth you’re in, I’ll give you 10 core things you can focus on that will help you make significant progress and revenue in your business this year in 2021.

Let’s start with the new year’s resolutions for your online business.

1. Start A Blog.

Even though what others may say that, “Blogging is dead”, starting a blog now is going to help you get customers that are actively searching for information and products that is going to help them.

Blogging does grow a business, you write an article and start ranking it on search engines and you’ll start getting traffic and clicks, eventually you’ll build an audience that you can offer products and services. That’s how bloggers make money in one way.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is you’re building an audience from scratch, and because you’re building an audience, your audience has the potential to change your life and your business. All you need to do is help them with what they need, provide valuable content, build a brand around that and establish your authority on the topic(s) on your blog.

Take a look at my blog, I focus on so many things and I’m here to offer massive value to you (the reader). Eventually, I’ll monetize this with products, services and other opportunities.

Because you’re writing content for people who’re looking for info on certain topics, you’ll begin getting clicks, so they are basically searching for stuff on Google and Bing, so if you’re recommending a product, they’ll buy (even if they don’t know).

Blogging is supposed to bring 13X ROI, so businesses that blog get more organic traffic, clicks and customers. Other marketing channels, can cost you more, but you won’t know the ROI for your efforts.

So, here’s a tutorial on how to start a blog. Follow it and set up your blog today. Imagine making money just blogging and it can lead to passive income in the long run because of the growth of your audience.

2. Provide 10X Value Before Thinking Of Monetization.

Most people start an online business because their end goal is to make money. In fact, everyone starts a business to make money, but what they’re failing to realize is that today everyone tries to push a product or service down the customer’s throat.

Customer’s hate that, this repels them from ever purchasing anything from you. You’ll lose customer’s this way and your overall business will suffer.

The best way to grow a business is to offer value first and then pitch a product or service that helps them. Everything has to be logical and sequential.

Example: If you’re showing how to make money using affiliate marketing, offer a lot of value on affiliate marketing, teach them stuff (educate) and then offer them a product that helps them implement what they’ve learned.

You can follow the Jab, Jab, Right Hook strategy, this means – Give, Give, Give and then ask for the sale. Doesn’t matter if they purchase or not, still offer value to them. 

I’ve seen that most business that have become successful have about only 20% of their customers paying but they make the most of the money that way. It’s the 80/20 principle in effect. 80% of their revenue comes from 20% of their customers. If you figure out which 20% brings 80% results, then you’ll be able to grow your business.

If you’re starting your business, focus on traffic, email list growth and then focus on generating revenue. 

To generate revenue, go for affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, offer services like coaching, training and consulting. (That’s the fastest way you’re make money revenue with your new business).

3. Make Data-Driven Decisions.

The #1 reason most businesses online aren’t growing is because they’re not taking a look at the data. Data tells you what’s happing with your business – what’s working and what’s not!

Data doesn’t lie. Big companies have used Data from their existing business to make decisions to grow it even further. So if you’ve been in business for a while, this should be one of your top new year’s resolutions for your online business.

Here’s how to figure out where to find the data that’s going to tell you what you need to do to grow your business:

  • Open Google Analytics. Tap on every single section the left (study the top pages, blog posts, where the traffic is coming from, who view your website, blog, who’s buying, etc.).
  • If you don’t have enough data on your Google Analytics account, (No traffic, pageviews, etc.) it’s time to focus on find the most searched for keywords in your blog topic or niche and start creating easy to rank content (keywords with low competition and high search volume) and create more content.

If you want to track your Analytics on the backend of your website, Install MonsterInsights plugin and connect it to your Google Analytics account and you won’t have to login again.

Top 10 Online Business New Year's Resolutions In 2021
Top 10 Online Business New Year's Resolutions In 2021

4. SEO Your Entire Website.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What this means you’re optimizing your website and all it’s content to rank in search engines.

So if you optimize your website, you can get about 51% traffic just from search engines alone. This is going to help you grow your business without paying for Ads or anything thing to get prospective customers. Do it and you’ll save a lot of money.

Make this one of your online business new year’s resolutions and you’ll benefit and save a ton of money you’d otherwise waste on Ads.

To optimize your website, you can focus on keywords that you’re trying to rank for.

Basic SEO steps for growing an online business:

  1. Figure out your focus keyword for the page or blog post.
  2. Optimize your Title. (For enticing people to click on it, also add focus keywords).
  3. Add Focus Keywords in Title, URL, Meta Description.
  4. Sprinkle keywords evenly throughout the blog post or page.
  5. Optimize your images with focus keywords on that page or blog post.
  6. Index them in Google Search Console.
  7. Link to other pages or post within your website or blog posts.
  8. Link to other higher authority websites.
  9. Get other websites to refer you. (Make them mention your website)
  10. Guest post to start acquiring traffic and customers.

Just by fixing your SEO issues, you’ll improve your search rankings, become visible, get higher traffic, jump higher in the search engine’s results page, this will lead to more people clicking and signing up to your email list or purchasing your products and services.

Just to let you know there are over 200 Google Ranking Factors, but follow the 10 basic ones I’ve laid out above and you’ll do fine.

You can figure out what you’re already ranking for and improve their SEO, and work on other white-space opportunities (keywords and phrases you can rank for – the ones no one is ranking for).

If you install MonsterInsights, you can see the top 50 top ranking search terms for your website and blog. Just connect Google your Google Search Console with your Google Analytics and you’re good to go.

Top 10 Online Business New Year's Resolutions In 2021
Top 10 Online Business New Year's Resolutions In 2021

After you’ve connected your Google Search Console to Google Analytics, you need to find out easy opportunities (also called as low-hanging fruits) so that you can work on getting into the top 10 search results. Most of your website content won’t be optimized for full SEO results. 

I use, Rank Math instead of Yoast SEO plugin. Inside I can see my SEO score on the backend. I aim for 100/100, bust most times, I land at 80/100 this is when your score color changes to green color.

The only way to make your way into top ranking search terms is to conduct keyword research. Look for the following:

  • Keywords with little to no competition. (Low & Medium Competition).
  • Keywords with High search volume. (Start with Volume above 100).

Identify which keywords you can go after from your competitors website. Just copy their website URL and plug them into any Keyword research too like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, etc

It will spit out keywords they’re targeting. Make a list of them and now create content around that and go after that.

Keywords are the first step in SEO, backlinks (other bigger websites referring you or pointing their traffic to your website) is the biggest indicator for SEO success that I’ve seen.

Keep SEO on the top of your list for your online business’s new year’s resolutions for 2021.

5. Build & Grow An Email List.

Writing content and getting them ranked in Google is your first priority, the next goal after that should be to Build and Grow an email list.

A business is worth something because of it’s customer base. (Here it’s your email list). Just by building an email list, you can generate more revenue in your online business.

Building an audience on social media may look fancy but if it isn’t generating any revenue, it’s worthless. Also, a social following is not your land. At any time, your social accounts can be blocked, hacked or may be shut down.

It’s best to convert your social following into email list (potential customers who will buy from you in the future). Email list is your biggest business asset. It generates about 4000% ROI for your efforts. What this means is for every subscriber, you can generate about $4 at the minimum. With email, you can send any kind of message like valuable content, promotional offer, new release, pitch your products, share a blog posts, etc.

Building and Growing an email list, should be the next new year’s resolutions. Start with a simple sign up form. You can create one with the help of ConvertKit. (I use ConvertKit).

Create a landing page using ConvertKit and share it all over social media and keep promoting it for 30 days and see how many people sign up.

Once you build an email list, start sending valuable emails like you’re talking to them and then pitch them a product they can learn more about or that can help them.

Lead with value, value and more value.

Some of things you can offer on your signup forms are short consumable stuff like PDF document, a report, a case study, a short video course, etc. All that you’re doing is collecting their email address in exchange.

ConvertKit will save all your emails that you collect. You can trigger exit-intent (people who leave your website) to opt-in to your freebie. This converts the website leavers to opt-in to grab your freebie.

Basically you’re offering something of value to grab their email address.

6. Create & Grow A Following On Social Media.

There’s no better way to grow an online business than to use Social Media. There are all these platforms where so many people hang out.

Your customers are all hanging out there and you can build an audience there. Showcase who you are, what you do, share about your business, build yourself a following and make them grow your business. If your business is not growing, it’s because you’ve not focused on growing your social media following.

Make this new year’s resolutions to grow your social media following. Your online business will grow because of social media growth.  If you have a business and haven’t created social media accounts, you’re missing out on customers who maybe are looking for solutions but because you’re not there on all these social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest), you’re missing out on gaining customers.

Here’s how you grow your social media following:

  1. Start Providing Valuable Info.
  2. Build Brand Awareness.
  3. Promote Your Landing Page (To generate leads).
  4. Create a community on those social platforms.
  5. Offer support to customers.
  6. Announce/Launch your products on social media.

Just doing the above will help you grow your social media following.

Don’t complicate the entire process, make it easier for you to create content and promote them on social media.

In 2021 and beyond, online businesses can grow if they use Social Media to their advantage and build a massive following.

7. Study Your Competitors.

Most businesses are trying to grow their business blindly. Are you really studying your competitors? If you can study your competitors then you’ll be aware of what’s working for them and how you can replicate the same.

You cannot be a pioneer (if you’re just starting out) don’t be like the wolf taking all the arrows. If you’re at the beginning stages, you better see what’s working for others (your competitors and do that). Do not re-invent the wheel.

Did you know you can spy on your competitors ethically? This is how you can stay ahead of the game. There are tools to spy on your competitors. Do that and figure out how to grow your business by finding out where you can offer value.

So I want you to make sure that you first study your competition, make that your business new year’s resolution. When you spy on them, you’ll get insights as to what’s latest, what’s working to help you stay ahead of the game.

Here’s how you can learn from your competitors:

  • Follow them on social media.
  • Join their newsletters.
  • Set up Google Alerts so that whenever they publish new content, you’re getting to know all their moves.
  • Utilize SEO Tools and other types of tools to figure out organic and paid keywords that can bring you traffic, that’s working for your competitors, and see how you can grow alongside them.

8. Add A Chat Support.

You’re best bet to convert a visitor into paying customer is by Adding a live chat support on your website or blog.

The businesses that do that end up having a successful business. You can use ManyChat or Messenger Chat plugin to install them on your WordPress website.

If you even can outsource customer chat support, you’ll be able to convert people who have visited your website. All that you’re trying to do is , offer simple solutions to the questions and concerns they may have in real-time. Most people have objections so training your chat support to operate like a sales-person can help them convert people into paying customers.

You can also use chat support to provide after-purchase or post-sales support. This ensures that you’re taking care of your loyal customers. So if you have an E-Com store, you’ll be able to boost conversions and also avoid or even reduce cart abandonment. Help them pick the right product and help the complete the checkout process.

9. Make Your Website Mobile-Responsive.

In today’s world, every single one of them has a mobile phone, a smartphone. All of their communications are on mobile. Suddenly they’ll come looking at your website and if your website isn’t mobile friendly or mobile responsive, they’ll leave (hit the back button) and pick your competitors.

Most of the searches are from google search and brand names they have on their minds. Apart from desktop purchases more people order from their mobile phones and with the installation of apps, everything has shifted to mobile.

So make sure to turn your existing website into mobile responsive website – so that’s your next online business new year’s resolution goal.

Along with being mobile responsive, make sure your content, products, services and anything that you offer starts raking in the traffic that it needs, so that your business can generate revenue on it own self-sustaining manner. Boost your website speed and you’ll do well with mobile responsive websites.


10. Improve Your Website or Store Page Load Speed.

Like I mentioned before, people want mobile responsive websites and stores, your website should load up fast. If they aren’t loading up faster, you’re gonna see decrease in sales, decrease in clicks, decrease in conversions and overall decrease in your business growth.

People want a great experience when they visit your website all the way to checkout. If you fail to fix this core issue, you’ll stop ranking and people will hit the back button, and leave indicating to Google that your website is not what they’re looking for (a.k.a crap).

Don’t allow for this to happen to your business. Once that is registered in a customer’s mind, you’re gonna have to work real hard to make them change their mind.

So to fix your website speed, please install a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache for example and make sure your website speeds are measured. You can install MonsterInsights and it will give you your website speed report for both desktop and mobile. With that data you can fix your website for both needs.

Top 10 Online Business New Year's Resolutions In 2021
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Therefore, I want you to consider these top 10 online business new year’s resolution goals and work on it. Before they release the new update in July, you’ll be able to fix them and start ranking better so that you can get more clicks, conversion, and sales.

You need to make sure that whichever stage of your online business you’re in, set timeliness and work on them. Eventually, you need to nail all of these 10 goals to make your business thrive during uncertain times.

Your goal should be increase all these metrics and improve upon what’s there and make it better.

Note: Install MonsterInsights and start generating all the reports you need to make your website grow faster so you generate more clicks, conversions and sales.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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