How To Get Crazy Conversions With OptinMonster Coupon Popups

How To Get Crazy Conversions With OptinMonster Coupon Popups
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If you’ve receiving emails that’s filled with coupon codes, discount codes at your home or even in your email inbox, do you know why you happen to use them and make a purchase?

Because they work.

Companies have tried that approach and it works for you, otherwise they won’t be doing it if it didn’t.

But, let me ask you, why haven’t you tried that out for your website, blog or whatever business you’re running?

Because you don’t do that, you’re missing out on so much revenue opportunities for your business. By not offering these kinds of promotional coupon codes or discount codes, you’re not triggering it for your customer to purchase from you.

One thing about human psychology is we are running around in different time frames and time zones of our life. But by creating campaigns like this, you’ll be able to convert someone who’s in that state of mind to purchase.

So, now you need to get on with the idea of being able to create coupon codes to show it every visitor that lands on your website or your existing customer.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to create optinmonster coupon codes and also how you can use to start generating revenue for your business.

About OptinMonster Coupon Popups.

Before we get started, I want to let you know what it is about OptinMonster that works so great.

OptinMonster is great beacuse of the following reasons:

  • It’s easier to create coupon codes without much technical knowledge.
  • Has a drag and drop builder and can be built with a few clicks.
  • Works extremely powerfully for on-clicks, exit-intent, opt-in’s, etc.
  • Helps in converting more leads into customers.
  • Converts existing visitors into customers by offering coupon codes or promotional codes.
There are so many features that I like about OptinMonster. You can find out more on their website.


So, in this tutorial, we’re going to be using OptinMonster to create Coupon codes to convert more visitors or leads into sales.

Click here to grab OptinMonster and install it.

Which Popup Coupon App Should You Use?

I know there are a lot of options in the market to help you create coupon codes. There can be plugins, there can be some javascript codes, etc.

But the problem is that they aren’t as effective as OptinMonster. They will have flaws I can assure you that. OptinMonster is specifically built to trigger this Coupon Code popup as one of it’s main feature components.

The results will be staggering when compared to the other tools you may choose to use.

If there are so many popups, people will find them annoying, but OptinMonster is a good deal and the perfect fit which works like a charm.

This way your customers won’t get annoyed because you’re offering discount codes. The coupon code popup will show up at the right time and it will convert like crazy.

You can trigger it at the right moment if you didn’t know about that.

This is what I love about OptinMonster, that you can start triggering coupon codes or promotional codes at the right time, in the right moment and in after the right activity for the right people.

Because people who aren’t ready won’t buy.

Example, people who’ve clicked your buy now button or land on the pricing page are on the lookout for purchasing it or possibly looking to purchase it.

And because OptinMonster has all these advanced targeting features, you’ll be able to show your coupon code popups to them in those specific locations and specific times for them to convert into paying customers.

That’s hopefully the right way to go about marketing anything actually.

You can target them on mobile, on tablet or desktop using OptinMonster coupon codes. 

Because they have a powerful exit-intent technology you’ll even be able to catch them where they’re at. You can even show if there’s no activity on the website, or if they’re at the checkout page, or on any other buying page.

You might not know this, but if you put al the pieces together strategically, you’ll be able to target them based on their behavior so the customer’s will feel like your website or business was meant to be for them.

One example would be, if you show them a specific ad, offer them a specific coupon code, and if they are in a different geographic location, show they something else or a different coupon code.

I’m telling you, I’ve used WordPress coupon code plugin, and it’s noting in comparision to OptinMonster which was built for this.

The problem is those WordPress coupon plugins will work specifically on WordPress websites but they won’t be as effective as you’d like them to be. OptinMonster will work on all kind of eCommerce platforms you can think of.

So now you know why I’m recommending OptinMonster over other coupon code plugins.

Click here to get OptinMonster Plugin now.

How To Create A Popup Coupon.

Now let’s get into how we can use OptinMonster to create our coupon codes.

First of all, I want to signup for OptinMonster here and create your account with them.

Then you can follow along with the following steps.

Step 1: Create Your Campaign

So the first step we have to take is to create our campaign. 

Let’s a look at an example done by one client called BaubleBar for their business. It’s a popup coupon code which is kind of like a lead generation campaign.

So, you’ll learn how to recreate the same. There are tons of ways to customize your coupon code popup. So take a look at the one below. 

optinmonster coupon code - baublebar-popup-coupon

First of all you need to log in to your OptinMonster dashboard and click on Create Campaign button.

Refer to the image below.

optinmonster coupon code - create_campaign

It will then ask you to choose a campaign type that you want to create.

They used the Lightbox Popup campaign. The one on the left.

There will be a lot of templates you can choose from but to recreate the one we’re learning here, choose the Coupon template.

Once you find it, click on Use Template button.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-choose-template

One thing you should know that all OptinMonster templates are flexible and fully customizable. Meaning it has a drag and drop builder to help you build any kind of campaign you want and it’s robust.

Next, you’ll need to enter a campaign name, we’re going to enter Coupon Popup and select the website we want to add this popup to and click on the Start Building button.

Like the one in the image below.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-name

Step 2: Customize Your Popup Coupon.

Our next step is to customize the Popup Coupon. The whole idea is that you need to customize them to meet the objective that you choose based on the campaign.

So, this is what your next page to customize your campaign will look like. Since it’s got a drag and drop builder, you’ll be able to customize it to your offer. You’ll be able see the changes on the right with the tools you use on the left.

Design your campaign as the one below and click the Save button. Saving it often will save the changes and you can undo if you don’t like anything.

Optinmonster coupon code -

The default image is the one above and since we’re recreating it similar to Baublebar’s style, you need to click on the left hand side tools and edit the headline text, body text and button color to match it. 

Below we’re editing the headline.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-edit-headline

Remember headlines are important and you want it to capture their attention. The BaubleBar coupon popup had “Take 15% Off” as the headline.

Our body text or copy is also super important. You can edit the body copy as well. This makes people want to enter their email address to grab the coupon code.

Now edit the same in the body text.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-body-text

If you want you can add images like how the other eCommerce stores do. In order to do that you need to click on +Add Blocks and use the drag and drop build to add an image option to upload your image.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-add-image

Use the image that you have planned for your offer. You can also use free images if it matches or else you can hire a photographer as well.

Now, let’s change the background color also. We need to make it similar to the BaubleBar example which is white. So in order to change that go to Optin Settings >> Optin View Styles and you’ll be able to do so.

Click on the design tab and you can do it or click on the home icon to change it. Refer the image below to help you out.

Next I want you to edit it to change the color codes to white. You can see it on the left panel.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-background-color

After making the changes, you need to edit the button. 

So now, click on the Editing Fields Element on the left hand side and edit edit the button.

To change the text of the button click on the Button tab and enter the button text that should display. BaubleBar used “Get Started Now” button.

So, make the changes and edit the text and color to match that.

Try this so you’ll get a hang of how to do it.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-edit-button-text

Step 3: Set Up Delivery of Your Coupon Code.

Our next step is to create our coupon code and deliver it to anyone who opts-in on the deal.

So with OptinMonster, you can offer this on the Success page. You can show it as below.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-success-view

The Success View allows you to:

  • Display coupon code when you just display it on there so people can use it immediately. Or,
  • Direct people to another page where they can access their coupon code.

By default when someone clicks on the button it takes them to the success view which allows you to show a message. You can just edit it and show a message or a coupon code.

You are allowed to change it as you like or direct people to another page where you have the coupon. Do whichever is easier for you.

So now that you’ve edited the text that should show on your button, click on the Action section in the editing fields element section.

Refer to the image below.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-button-action

So in the action tab is where you set the option to show coupon code or redirect them. Do it and let’s see you in the next step.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-redirect-url

One thing you can also do is to collect their email address and automatically apply the coupon code on the checkout page. This forces them to buy, it can get aggressive but it pushes people to buy and complete checkout.

Step 4. Publish Your Popup Coupon.

Our final step is to save the changes on the bottom so it works for our campaign. Click on the Publish tab on the menu and make the campaign live by toggling the option below and hit Save.

Optinmonster coupon code - coupon-publish

You can also work this out as per your website or store. There’s also the WordPress plugin for WordPress websites.

Here’s the final result you should achieve. Have any questions, drop your question below in the comments.

Now that our design is done, let’s trigger this at the right places and at the right time.

Choose Display Rules To Welcome New Visitors or Say Goodbye To Leaving Visitors.

The moment you publish your coupon code popup, it will just work with the default settings, we need to tweak it.

It may be great but you need to do some tweaking to make it work according to your needs to target at the right time.

Based on the type of campaign you need to show it at the right time. Welcome campaign at the start, leaving campaigns when they’re about to leave, and coupon campaigns also when they’re interested in purchasing it.

So let’s edit it then.

To change the display timing click on the Display Rules tab as the one below.

Optinmonster coupon code - Display-Rules-in-top-menu-min

You’ll see many options, choose the one that suits your coupon.

Below is how to use the Welcome Coupon Popup code.

How To Create A Welcome Popup Coupon Code.

It’s best to show this after a few seconds. So go ahead and make the changes.

Let’s take a look at where to make the changes.

Below is the exact setting you should follow. Set the time on page as the one you should use for the Welcome Coupon Code campaign.

Next, from the drop-down choose is immediate.

Next, change the OnSite Retargeting rules that you’ll find below it. This will only target welcome clients who have been here the first time.

Follow the setting in the image below and change it.

On the right you can see Add a New Rule.

You can show two rules:

  • Show all visitors this coupon code immediately when they land on your website.
  • Or only show it to new visitors.

This way you’ll convert both new cold leads into customers who may again purchase later. Please make sure to click on the Save button.

You can also target people who are ready to leave your website. Let’s learn how to do that also.

How To Capture Customers Who Are Leaving Your Site With A Popup Coupon Code.

OptinMonster has a very strong and powerful exit-intent technology so whenever someone leaves you can show it.

In order to do that you need to click on the display rules tab on the top and then just change the setting.

Below is what you need to change. If exit detected show this. Make sure to hit save.

In the Exit Intent Sensitivity you can set which one you like. Medium works just fine.

Just select it and hit save.

You are free to use your creativity to create these OptinMonster coupon code campaigns to start targeting for various needs you may have.

How To Create a Coupon Code with WooCommerce.

OptinMonster works with all types of platform. So if you have WooCommerce store, here’s how you do it.

Creating A Coupon Code URL With WooCommerce.

Before we do anything, go ahead and install WooCommerce plugin and then sign up for your account.

Active your plugin and then go to WooCommerce and click on the Extensions tab.

Refer to the image below.


In the search bar you need to search for URL Coupons. You’ll find the first one as in the image below.


Optinmonster coupon code - Add-URL-Coupons-Extension-min

You can purchase this extension and also create your coupon URL.

Nowm click on Coupons. Refer the one below.

Optinmonster coupon code - WooCommerce-Add-Coupons-in-Dashboard-min

Next, click on the Add New Coupon on the top to create a coupon code.


Optinmonster coupon code - Add-Coupon-min

Once you create it add a description so you know what its for.

If you take a look at the image below you’ll see the Unique URL section, create your unique URL.

Create your unique URL as the one below.

This is where your website will redirect to.

Create separate page and add your coupon code there. Now you need to take that redirect URL and page it below,

Below is an example of giving 30% off for people interested in this marketing course.

Optinmonster coupon code - Start-Now-redirect-to-shopping-cart-min

So in the above example they’ll get the coupon code on the next page, you can also set it to apply automatically.

Now that you’ve learned how to create optinmonster coupon codes, make sure to share this blog post to help grow my blog.

Thank you.

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