10 Common Reasons Why Most Bloggers Don’t Succeed With Their Blogs (And What You Can Do To Succeed)

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Ever wondered why some bloggers are super successful while others aren’t.

Almost everyone starts with the same goal, same ambition and desire to turn their blog into something big and make money, but only a handful of bloggers actually succeed in their conquest of turning their blog into a business.

I’m sure this blog post is going to really show you some common reasons why most bloggers don;t succeed with their blog and what you must do to succeed.

Failure comes from not learning from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others, and not taking conscious action on the steps you must be taking to improve, grow, learn and get better but aren’t doing anything about it.

Here are common reasons why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs:

10 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Don't Succeed With Their Blogs.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find out why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs, especially if you’re new and starting out.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll identify what mistakes you’ve made and get the right motivation to fix it.

Mistakes have to be fixed in order to succeed.

Ignoring them is an opportunity cost that’s gonna be costly in the long run.

I don’t want you to waste away your life not realizing mistakes. Learn from successful people and make sure to replicate success. So without further ado, let’s get in to the top 10 reasons why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs.

Table of Contents

Reason 1 - They don't have a big picture plan.

One of the most common reasons and the first biggest reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is that they don’t even have a big picture plan.

Just because someone else said that you can make money with a blog, you dove into it. Now you’re not even succeeding with it.

Just because someone is making money with a blog, you also jumped into blogging to make money? That’s not the right mindset.

Realize that blogging is like a communication medium. You are trying to communicate to your ideal customer (eventually becomes a buyer) and you’re building trust.

The reason why most don’t succeed with their blogs is just plain simple – They don’t have a big picture plan.

Don’t know what that means? Let me explain.

The big picture plan is to look at your blog in the form of a business.

YOU started a blog today, where is to going to be in 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years?

You need to figure out your Ideal customer, speak their language, research more on their interests, and needs, write like you’re talking to them via text, and as they read more and more of your blog posts, you’ll begin to see things happening like how blogging ties into a business model in the overall framework.

Blogging is just one unit of the entire business that you’re trying to build.

You must read “The Blog Business Framework Model (Learn Everything About How Visitors Are Turned Into Customers)”. (Article Coming Soon).

In, that you’ll learn where your blog is in the entire business framework.

Most people think by just writing stuff, they’ll make money. That’s not how it works.

Even if you throw in some Ads from Google Adsense you’ll make pennies. (which is not what you want anyway).

I’ll explain everything in that blog post, on how blogging is connected to the entire business framework.

So, ultimately the big picture plan has to be to grow your blog and business. That means more traffic, more leads and more sales. (Overall growth of the business).

Reason 2 - They stop writing on their blogs.

The second biggest reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because they don’t write enough.

See the most basic skill anyone can acquire to succeed in today’s world is to be a good communicator.

Learn communication – Communicate via written words, video, image and audio.

If you learn these forms of communication, you’ll actually be successful online.

Now, if you’re a blogger you just have to write enough.

Don’t think of writing as a chore. Think of it like you’re chatting with a friend or you’re trying to help your best friend with something.

You could even think of it like you’re trying to help someone buy something. Basically it’s like you’re selling your idea, talking with your ideal customer (via written words) and building trust or doing the next business action like growing an email list.

See, if you’re a newbie, you’ll stop writing and think how can I write so much. You’re thinking it all wrong.

Your job is to write 1 blog post for just the 5 days of the working week like it’s a business.

Imagine your ideal customer is reading it and they are enjoying it.

You have to provide value. See unless you’re talking of something that’s valuable you and I know that we’re not sticking around.

Approach writing blog posts like you are creating content so that more and more people can read, and interested people will opt-in to your email list and want to get more further information on the topic of your blog.

If you fail to write, know that you’ll never build a list of buyers, and you’ll make $0 (Zero Dollars) because you haven’t done the first step of writing content to build trust.

Only if someone trusts you will they come in to do business with you. Your blog is a business. If YOU (the business owner) fails to show up and do the work, don’t expect your business (a.k.a “the blog”) to make money.

So write more and more. The blogs that write 16 times per month( 4 weeks are there in a month, so atleast 4 blog posts per week) get like 3X more leads, traffic and customers.

Want to win at this blogging game? Put out content Monday – Friday.

Just one content piece per day. And share it all over social media. That’s a perfect strategy to start crushing it with blogging to grow your business.

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Reason 3 - They aren't able to drive traffic and readers to the blogs.

The third biggest reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blog’s is because they aren’t driving traffic to their blogs.

See writing alone doesn’t do the work. If you keep writing but fail to drive traffic here’s what will happen:

– You’ll have a dead blog that makes $0 and no one will even be coming to even read about what you wrote. You’ll not even get discovered for all the effort that you’re putting into writing blog posts.

You must know that driving traffic to your blog means, you’re trying to get exposure to the written piece of content so that you’re able to attract your ideal buyers (customers).

Here are few ways you can drive traffic to your blog:

– SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Get your blog posts to rank higher in search engines.

– Drive traffic through Pinterest.

– Drive traffic by doing YouTube Videos on the blog topics.

– Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn to get in front of your Ideal customers.

– You can use Paid advertising – Facebook and Instagram Ads. Google Ads also woks fine.

– Use Solo Ads. Places like Udimi helps you get solo ads.

Now that you know what you need to drive traffic, don’t fail to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Reason 4 - They haven't figured out their unique communication style.

The fourth reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because they haven’t figured out their communication style.

See, when you’re first writing, you aren’t really sure what to write, what kind of tone to follow (friendly, casual, use swear words, be more professional, be polite, etc). There are so many ways to approach writing.

In fact if you just google and read through blogs in your niche, you’ll be amazed at how varied their blog writings are – different tone, different color they are painting, different perspective.

So when you’re first starting, you will have to write more, read more and consume more of other people’s point of views, read written content, watch videos, and do everything by investing in courses as well to figure yourself out.

Once you consume stuff, you’ll be able to actually connect with a few people, relate to their personality, vibe with them, and eventually talk like them or think like them.

So, do yourself a favor of going out there and investing into learning and finding out who you are, what others in your industry say, talk and think about, and that will give you a good start on your journey with blogging.

This should set you up to figure out your communication style.

So, now your next step would be to write more. If you write more, you’ll figure out how you want to say things.

Think of communication style like how you talk, present an idea, and get people involved in a party. Maybe things of that nature will give you some ideas.

So, go out there and figure out your communication style.

Reason 5 - They aren't growing their email list.

The fifth reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because they are thinking about growing their email list.

See, if you have a business that’s running online no matter what kind of business it is, your business survives is because of the customers who are on your list.

The email addresses are the one contact information that you have of your customer. Emails are being opened for every single formal communication. If you set that up, you can actually grow your audience base in your email list.

So if you’re writing a blog post, your next objective should be to capture and convert your readers into subscribers on your mailing list.

The best way to do that is to offer something of value to them for free – maybe a free ebook, a guide, a checklist, a printable, a worksheet, etc

This should entice them to actually give you their email address.

If you’re a working professional you know the importance of an email address.

Likewise to a blog, the email list is like a email lead, a potential customer who is going to buy from you.

So the best way to grow your email list to add a lot of opt-in forms offering that freebie thing that I talked about.

Add them at the top of your blog, sidebar, and at the bottom of the blog (Anywhere you think your potential customer can see). And then when you’re focusing on the traffic you’ll begin to see that your email list is growing.

You can also create seperate landing pages and drive traffic to grow your list.

Now that you know why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blog, it’s time you focus on the growth of your email list.

Reason 6 - They are focused on the money before providing value and building trust.

The sixth reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with the blogs is that they are just thinking about the money.

See you can’t be thinking about the money without building anything.

You need to build the infrastructure to grow a business.

Your blog is a business. Treat it like one.

Do you see businesses making money without selling anything or promoting any offers? Hell No!

Now since your blog is a business, you need to be able to build trust equity with your readers and potential customers, get them on your email list and then you can offer them something.

It can be your product that you can create (blog post coming soon) or offering someone else’s product that solves a pain problem for your customer. (Generally you’ll be using an affiliate link to earn commissions).

Initially you’ll have to focus more on creating content for your audience, grow your list and then think of making money.

But having an idea on how you’re going to make money is a good idea. You should know how to monetize your blog. Read that post and you’ll discover so many ways to monetize a blog.

But the point is if you don’t offer any value (valuable content) to your audience, you don’t have a shot a building trust. This then leads you to even struggle to even capture email leads which will then affect the income you make.

So there’s no point focusing on the final step when you’re not doing the first step – that is to provide valuable educational helpful content that serves your audience.

Actually by creating content alone, not only on your blog, but on all social platforms, channels where your potential customers hang out like YouTube, Facebook, Other people’s groups, on Instagram, on Tiktok and Linkedin will help you grow trust with your potential customers.

Once you’ve built trust, you can actually think of monetizing your blog and business.

Reason 7 - They haven't created any offers yet.

The seventh reason I see why bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because they haven’t created any offers yet.

See people have a problem (like an itch) and it’s your job to solve their problem with products, tools, services, and other resources.

If they can get that problem solved elsewhere they will go there. Now why would you let a customer go somewhere else when you could be creating your own offers (products with a good deal) or promoting other people’s products to make a sale.

Your business won’t survive if you don’t make an offers. Eventually you have to sell products and services of some sort.

Please refer to the monetization strategies listed on how to monetize your blog.

So start by creating a tiny product like an ebook and then a course or start by promoting affiliate offers.

When you start creating offers you’ll begin to make an income from your blog and also grow your email list too.

People have a burning problem that they’re trying to solve. So they go from one place to another place to solve that problem. You can be the one solving their problems with products and services and making an income off of it.

Side Note – If you’re new, once you have a list of 500 people please make an offer and make that income. Give yourself a month to grow that list and make an income off of it.

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Reason 8 - Their content and monetization strategy is off place.

The eighth reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because their content and monetization strategy is off place.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s see – Are you writing content that’s speaking to the pain problems of your customer? Is that content converting when you offer a freebie to capture email addresses?

Then when you pitch your customers an offer, are they purchasing the products you recommend?

If your answer is “NO” then you need to rethink what’s happening wrong and make sure you get it right.

Your content strategy should be actually speak to the pain points of the customer, then nudge them to opt for the freebie that you’re offering that solves a part of the problem.

Your monetization strategy should be through products and services you offer to solve the problem. Those products and services can be yours (the ones you create or other people’s that you think solves the same problem).

So just by taking care of your content strategy you are able to change the way you position, mention your authority, and position yourself for success. Then your monetization strategy would allow you to make big money with your blog and business.

Check out: 20+ Monetization Strategies You Can Implement With Your Blog.

Reason 9 - They just aren't patient enough about the process and want quick results.

The ninth reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because they want and expect quick results.

If you’re expecting quick results you’re gonna be disappointed. Your blog is a business man!

Just like how an airplane takes months to take off, your blog also takes months to produce content, build trust, convert readers to leads, and then monetize.

So if your thinking you’ll make money right away i’m sorry man. No one buys right away from you, unless they have that burning problem and only your product speaks to them clearly.

Even if you set up a landing page (to collect leads), direct them to an offer, they won’t buy from you right away.

It requires nurturing them with value. People are easily turned off when someone tries to make money. They can smell them from a distance.

You here are trying to make money quickly (or whatever result you’re trying to expect) and the customer is the one going to pay. Unless you really know marketing, messaging, copywriting, selling methods, etc you’ll have to wait for results.

A professional who’s been doing this for a few years now can do things faster than someone who is a newbie.

If you’re new to this online game, please wait till you learn how things work, follow the lead of the experts and then you’ll be able to see results successfully.

Reason 10 - They get distracted by shiny objects along the way.

The tenth and final reason why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs is because they often get distracted by shiny objects. They have the shiny object syndrome.

This shiny object syndrome is a phrase you’ll hear in the online world, it refers to people getting distracted from every new thing that pops.

Like most people who try to make money online will jump from one offer to another to another and finally end up struggling and not accomplishing anything.

So if you’re new around here, you will get distracted by new things along the way. The best way to deal with this distraction is to actually figure out where that new thing is going to help you with your blogging and business goals or not.

If it doesn’t serve it’s purpose, you should drop it.

I like how warren buffet tells, “If it doesn’t matter in 5 months or 5 years from now, it should not matter in 5 mins”. This should help you in making that decision.

10 Common Reasons Why Most Bloggers Don't Succeed With Their Blogs


So in conclusion, I’ve covered over 10 reasons why most bloggers don’t succeed with their blogs. And now it’s your time to actually remember them and keep working on making progress so that your ultimate goal is realized.

Remember, you have to provide valuable content to your audience, build trust, then offer them something for free to collect their email address and then build trust via email marketing, only then you can have good results with your monetization strategy.

Think of your blog like a business. Write consistently – this will increase traffic, leads and sales.

And most important thing of all, never expect fast results. Just do the work and results will follow.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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