Sales Promotions Ideas & How To Implement Them Using Advanced Coupons

Sales Promotions Ideas & How To Implement Them Using Advanced Coupons
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Whenever we think of new year, we think of possibilities and what it means for our businesses. I want to help you capitalize on the sales and holidays that are gonna come up this year in 2021. In order to get sales promotions ideas, we’ll have to take into account all the possible opportunities that’s gonna come up this year.

If you sit down and brainstorm, you’ll be able to start listing the days that you create offers on your store. This will the best time to start generating ideas or thinking of new strategies so that all shoppers come to your stores and are alerted of the offers you have going on, especially during special holidays, etc.

Holidays and special occasions are the best ways you can introduce coupons and drive in sales by creating limited-time offers. So this forces people to purchase within the effective holiday sale date. So if you’re using Advanced Coupons plugin you’ll easily be able to create all these limited-time offers on the backend.

Let me help you in this blog post to help you make use of the 2021 special dates where you can incorporate sales promotions ideas into your marketing plan and also let’s see how you run different types of offers and see it for yourself.

1. Create Special Coupons For Special Holidays.

I know how challenging it is to run an online business, where you’re actively trying to get customers to ship from your WooCommerce store. So you must think outside the box if you want to use coupon codes for special offers and for special dates.

So there will be certain holidays that you can capture the customers attention introduce coupon codes. Even if your products don’t relate to a holiday, offering a special sale which can be limited-time only offer with a special coupon will bring in more sales.

Almost every store today focuses only on the core holiday season like Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday, what about the other holiday sales. Below are some holiday sales which you can capitalize now itself.

Chinese New Year (February 12)

Since China celebrates their new year starting Feb 12, you can choose to offer a special coupon for customers who are in those regions. 

Valentine’s Day (February 14)

Immediately as soon as Chinese new year gets over, comes the valentines day. You can run a special sales promotion on valentines day. You know that a lot of people from around the globe spend on valentine’s day. Since the sales keeps increasing each and every year, why not capitalize on this opportunity.

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

St. Patrick’s Day can also be a day where you offer a special coupon based sale. Even though it doesn’t relate to giving gifts, you can create a special sale to bring in sales by creating unique themes for the occasion.

End Of Season Sale.

End of season sales are really powerful as it helps you empty your shelves and get ready for the next quarter for your sales to take off. So if you can come up with creative ways to run end of season sales you’ll be able to rake in a lot of sales and generate more revenue. 

End of season sales happens after the holiday seasons if you don’t know. This is just to clear the shelves for new stock to take over.

You are the business owner so you are free to extend a few days after the sale promotion dates like how the other business owners are doing. If you watch them closely, you’ll understand what I’m saying here.

2. Different Types Of Offers To Run.

Sales promotions ideas are not limited to a few holiday sales, but you can run even more specific sale offers on your WooCommerce stores. You are the business owner so take into consideration the season, the budget, the target audience, the holiday sales, etc

Below you’ll find the popular and the most effective offers that you can run for your WooCommerce business. All you need to do is to install the Advanced Coupons Plugin to run these offers on your WooCommerce stores.

The first type of offer is:

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Deals.

The Buy One, Get One types of deals is the one you can offer because these types of deals makes the shoppers buy without you risking any profit. They’re sure to get incentivized. There are so many variations to that you can use. 

One of the variations are “buy two and get one at half-price”.

So in order to create the BOGO coupon code, go to your Advanced Coupons Plugins, find Coupons -> Add New and create your coupon by filling in the basic info about the coupon and add the details under the BOGO deals tab which you can find under the Coupon Data Section, as in in the image below.

Sales Promotions Ideas & How To Implement Them Using Advanced Coupons

The plugin is so powerful that you can generate BOGO coupon codes for specific product or even categories or even a combination of both. 

The next type of offer is:

Bundled Products.

Most people may not know that you can bundle up two or more things and offer them as a bundle. It’s a great way where people see they’re getting two or more items in the same bundle. This way you can set the price to a discount while also ensuring you’re generating sales and also the product gets shipped out.

Most people choose to run this bundled offer at the end of a season sale. Now when the inventory is left over you can offer a bundle and get both the products and price at a great range to generate revenue. Because these products are a bundled item, you’ll have a high profit margin.

To create a bundle, you’ll have to install and use the premium WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.

Sales Promotions Ideas & How To Implement Them Using Advanced Coupons

Also, take note that you’ll have to use the Advanced coupons plugin and make sure the cart conditions for coupons restrictions should work. What this means is that when you have products in your cart, the coupon will only get applied if they’re within a certain category.

The next type of offer is:

Free or Discounted Shipping.

Since most people prefer shopping online, than going to the store and shopping in-person, you can think of the free or the discounted shipping offer.

Because of COVID restriction, you’ll do well if you offer Free shipping coupons. Make sure to capture that in the product price or adjust those costs somewhere along the customer journey.

Advanced Coupons plugin allows you to offer free shipping over a certain amount that you specify on the backend. So if you want a particular product to be purchased more, make sure to push people to order above a certain amount to avail the free shipping feature.

If you don’t want to offer free shipping, atleast offer a discounted rate drop in the product price on your store when people checkout. This causes them to purchase more.

I hope these 3 types of offers were handy.

3. Other Additional Planning and Promotion Tips You Can Implement.

Even though the core focus is around sales promotions ideas, there were a lot of strategies being discussed above. You can pick one and implement them in your promotions so that you can keep on offering promotions for your sales to happen throughout the year.

Here are some best practices that will help.

Keep A Content Calendar.

A content calendar will help you keep a track of all the important dates, holidays that are going to come throughout this year. You can then plan your promotions during those days. Because of this you can plan accordingly and execute on time. Most of the work has to be done on the backend and run social media promotions to get the word out.

Pick Special Sales Dates Strategically.

As I said earlier, you don’t have to run a sales promotion every holiday but when you do pick some special ones where you’re trying to generate sales,  pick them with a careful business consideration on the backend. Meaning each of them should strategically help you generate sales and that promotion should become successful.

Start Planning Early.

Planning out when to take on a promotion is going to be essential to your sales promotions success. Once you know what to do when you can procure the necessary items to make sure that promotion is a success. All these promotions require a ton of backend coupon creation and cart checkout restriction cases that needs to be worked upon. Do them in advance and make sure your advertisements start to build a buzz before the sale early on to drive more customers.

Sales Promotions Ideas & How To Implement Them Using Advanced Coupons
Sales Promotions Ideas & How To Implement Them Using Advanced Coupons


Therefore if you’re running a WooCommerce store and you want to start thinking of some sales promotions ideas it’s best if you pick the dates you want to happen, come up with the ideas, strategies and how you’re going to drive sales.

You could be picking any types of offers mentioned above or even any other new type of offer you can create.

All in all you need to use the Advanced Coupons plugin to pull off any coupon based sales promotions on your WooCommerce store. Grab your plugin here today!

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