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SEMrush Review, Pricing, Features, Free Trial

SEMrush Review, Pricing, Features & Free Trial

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SEMrush Review:

Complete breakdown of Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons & Free Trial.

Are you looking to purchase SEMrush or even find out if SEMrush is the best keyword research tool or competition analysis tool in the market? Then, you’re in the right place as today we’re going to breakdown everything – SEMrush Review, Pricing, Feature, Free Trial, Training, Academy, Affiliate Program & more.

About SEMrush.

SEMrush Review - Homepage
SEMrush Review - Homepage

SEMrush is the best all-in-one search tool for keyword research, competitive analysis, and rank tracking. If that’s what you’re looking for then you must grab SEMrush today. It is the best in the market.

Click the link below to grab your free 7-day trial.

SEMrush Review
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Summary: SEMrush


From $99.95 to $399.95 per month.

Free Trial

Yes, you get 7-day free trial of SEMrush. So you can test it out and see if it’s a right fit for you and your business.


Keyword research tool to discover popular search terms for paid campaigns & high-volume keywords to target with SEO.

Competitive analysis tool to identify your top competitors & spy on their online marketing tactics.

Excellent keyword rank tracking tool to monitor how well your site is ranking on Google over time.


DeepCrawl and Screaming Frog are superior for on-page SEO auditing.

Ahrefs is slightly better for backlink analysis.

More expensive than free tools like Google’s Ads Keyword Planner.

Ease of use






Value for money




SEMrush Review: Pricing, Features & Free Trial.

SEMrush is an extremely popular, best-in-class solution for any blogger, digital marketer or content creator that wants to do paid or organic search to build their website or company. It was founded in the year 2008, and from then on the company has grown to more than 4 million users and it has over 650 employees supporting this misson.

SEMrush Pricing & Cost.

SEMrush pricing starts at $99.95 per month. You can choose any plan you like or the ones that suit your needs but here’s how much SEMrush costs for one user:

Pro Plan: $99.95 per month
Guru Plan: $199.95 per month
Business Plan: $399.95 per month

If you choose to pay annually you’ll receive a 16% discount on the SEMrush monthly pricing plan. SEMrush also offers two add-on services such as: listing management for only $20/month, and competitive intelligence for $200/month.

SEMrush Review - Pricing Plans

SEMrush's Newest Feature.

SEMrush also released a new feature called the Agency Growth Kit. With the help of this kit, you’ll be able to grow your agency, basically it’s a new toolset to boost your agency results.

Thousands of marketing and SEO agencies already use SEMrush to deliver outstanding results to their clients.

Here’s what you get within the Agency Growth Kit:

  1. New lead-generation opportunities with the Agency Partners Platform. Demonstrate your proficiency in SEMrush tools and get listed among agencies with proven marketing expertise.
  2. Advanced reporting options in My Reports tools. Make your report unique with branding, white-label and additional customization features.
  3. Unlimited Client Manager access. This brand-new SEMrush tool will help to keep all the important client data, projects and reports in one place.

Click here to learn more about the Agency Growth Kit.

SEMrush Plan Comparison & Free Trials.

Let me share with you the SEMrush plan comparisons along with links to free trials of each. Since I’ve partnered with SEMrush, you can get a free 7-day Pro Plan trial.

SEMrush Plan

Plan is Best For

Key Differences

SEMrush Pro Plan

Smaller websites & freelancers

  • 500 keyword limit for keyword rank tracking.
  • No historical data – you can’t see competitors’ historical search activity.
  • No multitargeting – you need separate projects for each device

SEMrush Guru Plan

SMBs & smaller marketing agencies

  • Can track up to 1,500 keywords.
  • Includes historical competitor data since 2012.
  • No Product Listing Ads feature that is included in Business Plan.

SEMrush Business Plan

Large companies & agencies

  • Can track up to 5,000 keywords.
  • Access to the Product Listing Ads feature.
  • Includes SEMrush API access.
  • Integrates with Google Data Studio for data analysis.

Why Use SEMrush?

SEMrush is the best all-in-one search software tool that you can use to conduct keyword research, competitive analysis, position tracking, and so much more. It will save you hours finding new high-volume keywords so that you can target them in paid and organic search, eventually giving you visibility into your competitors’ online marketing tactics, strategies that will help you monitor your website’s SEO performance in search engines so that you can beat them.

SEMrush Features.

Every SEMrush plan comes with over 28 different tools that will help your website generate more search traffic. Here’s an overview of SEMrush features listed below for you:



Keyword Research

  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Keyword Overview Tool
  • Content Gap Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive positioning map
  • Competitor keywords
  • Competitor search & display ads

Keyword Position Tracking

  • Visibility Score
  • Filter by device and geography
  • Keyword tagging

Advertising Research

  • Search ads
  • Product listing ads
  • Display ads

Content Marketing

  • SEO content template
  • Brand monitoring
  • Post tracking

Backlink Audit

  • Toxicity score
  • Backlink & linking domain discovery
  • Link type and anchor text

Site Audit

  • Prioritized SEO Issues
  • Site health score
  • Compare crawls over time

On Page SEO Checker

  • On page SEO ideas
  • Featured snippet advice
  • Competitor benchmarking

Let’s take a look at the top features on why you must use try SEMrush today.

Top Feature #1: Keyword Research

SEMrush is actually a super effective keyword research tool. If you’re doing paid search, then this tool will help you identify the most popular search terms that you can use for your campaigns and create your cost-per-click bid strategy. If you’re going for organic search, then this tool will help you identify high-volume keywords that you can use to rank well than your competitors.

This is one of the must-have keyword research tool because it offers so much within it’s Keyword Magic Tool. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to enter any keyword and therefore SEMrush will spit out a huge list of related search terms with the corresponding search volume, search trends, target market’s cost-per-click, ranking difficulty, organic search competitiveness and other SERP features. SEMrush can  organize the keywords into categories so that it becomes easier to focus on your research so that you can prepare for your campaign. You can also filter by broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords, so you can target keywords accordingly.

After you’ve found the keywords you want to target, you can add them to a list and export them for further analysis, you can also choose to upload them into Google Ads if you’re doing Paid Google Ads campaign. Let me show you with an example using the Keyword Magic Tool for the keyword search “hello fresh”:

SEMrush Review: Keyword Analysis
SEMrush Review: Keyword Research

Now that you can see the power of this tool, you should consider getting SEMrush.

Top Feature #2: Competitive Analysis

We all want to find out competitors to beat them, right? It’s easy to do that with the help of SEMrush, we can easily discover the websites we want to compete against with online using the search feature, then identify the keywords where they outrank us, and then spy on their online advertising tactics to find the white space to beat them.

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll be able to see SEMrush’s competitive positioning map for the website TechCrunch. It takes all the competitors and plots then by number of keywords and traffic, so you know where you fall or how tough it is to rank them. This alone can be a big deal to you as it is a quick and effective method to identify your online competitors and see where you can outrank them.

SEMrush Review: Organic Research

As you can see from this report, you can click on them to compare your website’s top performing keywords against your competitors’ top performing keywords. I would say that the most valuable benefit of doing this analysis is you can find high-volume keywords where competitors rank well and where you do not rank and take up those search traffic.

Take a look at the Keyword Gap report below, you’ll be able to see that TechCrunch does not rank for the “amd news” keyword. So, this report also shows that one of the company’s top competitors, The Verge, ranks 1st overall, so this is good. This keyword has about 27,100 searches per month, and is one that TechCrunch should be targeting with its SEO efforts.

So you can understand the gaps in the targeting with your competitors.

SEMrush Review: Keyword Gap Analysis
SEMrush Review: Keyword Gap Analysis

You’ll be able to gain organic search intelligence, using SEMrush will provide insight into the paid search tactics that your competitors websites are using. Take an  example, TechCrunch can get competitive intelligence based on the keywords that The Verge is targeting, how much they are paying for it, and see the ad copy that The Verge is using. Now this Advertising Research report also shows Google search ads that The Verge has actually used.

Using data like this will help you find the spots your competitors are not using and where you can squeeze in to grab your customers.

SEMrush Review: Advertising Search Report
SEMrush Review: Advertising Search Report

Top Feature #3: Keyword Position Tracking for SEO

After you’ve identified the top keywords that you want to target, you’ll need a way to track how your well your website is ranking for them on the search results, SEMrush can help you with that as well.

SEMrush’s Position Tracking tool actually tells you how well your pages on your site rank over time for specific keywords that you’ve chosen to target. The Position Tracking tool also makes it easy to spot any big positive or negative shifts in the overall organic search rankings.

That’s why you must use SEMrush for your SEO Campaigns.

Here’s how it works: Based on your subscription level plan, you’ll be able to upload a certain number of keywords that SEMrush will automatically search on your behalf on Google every day. Then, SEMrush will record your SERP ranking for each keyword and summarizes the data in the reports section of your account.

To get the most out of the tool, I recommend that you upload a mix of keywords. Take a look at the list below:

  • Branded keywords.
  • Short-tail keywords.
  • Middle-tail keywords.
  • Long-tail keywords.
  • Keywords for different product or service categories.

The best sources to find these kinds of keywords are your Google Analytics, your Google Search Console and your Ads. Basically, SEMrush allows you to tag each keyword you’ve uploaded and then filter them in the reports section by category. Example: You can tag and monitor the performance of branded keywords, if that’s what you’re going for.

Take a look at the SEMrush Position Tracking report below, you’ll be able to see a Visibility Score for the keywords you’ve selected. So this visibility score is actually a summary of how your keywords are ranking every day. What this means is that – 100% means you are in the first organic position for all of your keywords, 0% means none of your keywords are in the first 100 results. In addition to the Visibility Score, you can also see average position of your keywords, and rankings distribution.

If your articles and blogs are not on the search results, you’re in grave danger. Use SEMrush to track everything so you know whatever effort you’re putting in is paying off.

SEMrush Review: Keyword Tracking Tool

What’s good about this feature of this report is that SEMrush records any known changes when it happens to Google’s search algorithm. Then you can see the Google logos on the report, every day is recorded on the date of the algorithm change with a description of specifically what change happened.

Hope you got the point!


SEMrush Training.

You may need more training on how to make the best of SEMrush. So, the following links will take you to SEMrush trainings to help you getting better with all things SEO, SEM, SMM, etc.

SEMrush SEO Links.

SEMrush PPC Links.

The following link will take you to the PPC section of the SEMrush website. That’s where you can plan out your PPC Campaigns.

SEMrush Free Trial.

Luck for you that SEMrush gives you a 7-day Free Trial so you can test out their tool and take maximum advantage of it whether it is to find keywords for your SEO Campaigns, PPC Campaigns or SEM or SMM Campaigns.

Click here to try SEMrush for 7-Days FREE Trial.


SEMrush Affiliate Program.

SEMrush also has an affiliate program that allows you to earn upto 30% in recurring affiliate commissions.

So, if you decide to buy it or choose to promote it you can make your money back with their recurring commission model.

Click here to signup to the SEMrush Affiliate Program.

Conclusion: SEMrush Review.

Overall, SEMrush is going to help you dominate online whether it’s for SEO, PPC, SEM, or SMM purposes.

You’ll have to go through their trainings to learn how to use the tool.

Once you get a good hang of it, you’ll be able to dominate with finding out what is working at the moment, so you can succeed with your business and your campaigns.

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