Living The Digital Lifestyle

Do you dream of that lifestyle where you don’t have to go to work every day and where you can make money on the internet right from the comfort of your home by owning a business and living the life of freedom?

Are you tired and frustrated with working at your day job that you hate? I know I am!

You probably might not like the situation you are in right now. You hate your bosses and the work you do because you don’t like the job or you are underpaid for all the efforts you put at work.

I’m sure you wish for that lifestyle of freedom to work from anywhere and live the life you want.

No bosses, no one to control you, freedom to do what you want for life. And earn more money!

I’m sure that you too want to live a life where you can have control over your finances and make more money so you can own a home, travel to different places around the world, do fun things in life, and whatever you name it and truly live the life you want.

So if you wish for a life of freedom, being your own boss and earning more money I want to invite you to join me on this journey of changing your life by building an online business and living the life of your dreams.

I call it Living the Digital Lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Jehoyakim Jena. I’m the creator and founder of My Digital Yard – A site for aspiring entrepreneurs live the life of freedom and choice.  I love to help people like you build an online business that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, have a business on the internet and earn as much as you want.

I started this blog to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you build the life of your dreams and truly live the digital lifestyle.

Here’s my story: So I completed my Mechanical Engineering way back in 2013 and went looking for work, and I couldn’t get the right fit job right way as the market was down. But then finally found some work and bounced jobs here and there only to realize that there was no real satisfaction there.

I thought if I did my MBA, It would get me a high paying job, but due to some reasons, things didn’t work out.

Then I went researching online to find out what is the most lucrative evergreen skill that I need to learn so I can earn more money.

I found that it was digital marketing. People pay you so that you can help them run their digital marketing campaigns and the income is really really good.

So I did deep research to confirm and learn more about it. I wanted to be able to learn this skillset and I knew that It would benefit me in the long run. I also found that many people didn’t know much about it. And you can learn as you go and do work and get paid.

I spent money on different digital marketing courses. Even though I got the basics right I was only able to implement them partially. I get to work with clients and they pay me decent money when I help them with their digital marketing activities.

I truly wanted to build my own platform, that’s when I started this blog to help you also so that you don’t waste time searching for information all over the internet. There is a lot of information out there and it can confuse you or even overwhelm you.

Join in below and start exploring digital marketing and blogging to build your dream business and earn more from the internet.

What’s It about Online Businesses?

Starting your Online Business gives you freedom, flexibility, and power to impact lives, but ultimately makes you real money to grow and live your life without much worry over your finances.

Do you get frustrated with how people succeed online? Most of them out there will tell you to buy into their system that they are selling. 

Most of them are not worthwhile investing your time and money.

Are you tired, confused about this whole online business thing?

Here I help you start and build your online business by blogging. Your content is going to get the right audience you need for your products and services.

You are also going to learn digital marketing to earn more money from your blog as well as helping clients with their digital marketing activities.

“If you Learn to leverage the power of online marketing skills, you can build and grow your online business easily”

Let the power of digital marketing transform your life

Digital Marketing has taken over the world, and businesses online should be able to leverage it to their maximum advantage to gain more brand reach, increase awareness, gather potential leads and build a raving fan of customers for their products and services.

What can you learn from this blog?

I’ll cover everything in digital marketing, online business, sales funnels, product creation and marketing to customer retention.

I will also share with you actionable techniques and strategies to grow and scale your blog business.

I love online marketing, entrepreneurship and everything in there is in starting an Online Business.

My Passion for Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship has led me to start this blog/website to help you start your online business and learn to market your products or services to your ideal customers.



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