First of all, I’d like to say “The Blog Startup” by Meera Kothand – is one of the best blog investments I’ve ever made.

A little background before why I say this is the course I highly recommend taking before you start a blog because I am a person who will always audit a person to see if they are legit, I will watch their work, follow their content and see if they are consistent with their message.

And I should tell you, man I wasn’t disappointed at all. And if their work solves people’s problems and has an edge to solving my problem I will totally take it up.

Let me tell you, I’ve followed Meera’s work over 2 years when she started her blog and now she’s built her business to over 6 Figures.

I’ve completed Digital Marketing Certifications but I’ve never built a blog. I knew I needed to build a blog because I believe in the power of building assets that can produce income over time.

So I went looking for resources online for what it takes to start a blog.

There is a lot of resources online but there was nothing that gave me the complete A-Z steps of starting a blog, the parts of a blog, what it takes to start a blog, the investments you need, the resources you can tap into, the purpose of email lists, the power of building a brand, positioning yourself as an expert, etc.

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I had invested in many other courses earlier. But most of them were pretty much basic. Some courses started off with a great launch, had fantastic information but the instructor took ages to complete it – which made me lose momentum.

Finally, I discovered Meera Kothand’s blog. I don’t know how I happened to land on her blog but I’m glad I did.

Then I got onto her email list.

Her content was amazing I mean it was so relevant that I’d open all her emails.

Exciting headlines do have the power to get you to tap open.

That’s what I did.

In one of her emails, she had asked to enroll in her course – The Blog Startup“.

At that moment I didn’t enroll, because I wasn’t ready at that moment to hop in.

Sometime later after a few months again around Black Friday, she did the sale.

This time it came with bonuses.

I realized all this while I didn’t believe in myself enough.

When the sale happened around Black Friday I said let me get in and check her course out.

Finally, I opted for her course “The Blog Startup“, bought it. I went through it completely and I can say the information was way more worth than the price.



Aren’t you seeing what you’re getting in the course?

You will not only be able to learn how to start a blog but also learn about picking the perfect Niche, positioning your blog, finding your ideal reader and crafting a persona for them.

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You will also learn about your brand in the online space.

This course also covers how to create content, think about content categories and how to bring your unique point of view, create content that captures attention.

Then turn them into email subscribers.

Most bloggers struggle with traffic. They don’t know which comes first – SEO or Pinterest Traffic.

Finally, you will learn about how you monetize all that information into digital products.

The biggest bonus is one of the biggest things that will help you take all that information you learned in this course and turn it into actionable things.

Bonus: 90 Day Action Plan which will help and tell you what to do each day in your 90 days to hit your first $1000 with your blog.


At the time I bought this course it was around $30, but now she’s added some more high-value bonuses to the course to help you scale up your efforts with your blog.

Check out the course price here.


Now you can see that I’ve set up my website/blog.

I have been able to decide on my niche, create amazing articles.

I’m set up on getting traffic, growing my email list, and on my way to making a good income from my blog this year.

I also understood how to make affiliate marketing work for your business.

My blog’s focus is to help people like you who want to build an online business to grow into a six-figure business in less than 1 or 2 years.

Even though I keep my focus audience on millennials, even if you are not one you’ll be able to learn and grow an online business with your blog.

Now what I want you to do is take ACTION. Click the link below.



So if you are thinking if you want to build a blog and make money, then I highly recommend you take this course as it is going to give you the foundations to build your blog from the ground up.

You don’t find all this highly valuable information anywhere else, I’m telling you this.

I’ve taken dozens of courses from lots of people but the work from Meera, you won’t be disappointed.

You are getting how to start a blog with proven strategies to grow your audience, build your brand and make your income in the first 90 days.

If you are consistent for the first 90 days and do as she guides you in the training you will be able to make your first income – $1000 in the first 90 Days.

Everything depends on your effort.

Click the link below to enroll now. You won’t be disappointed – Guarantee you that!